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20 Thank You Notes for Teachers

There is nothing better in the entire world than for teachers to receive thank you notes. Over the years, I have kept every teacher appreciation note I have ever received, and I am happy to say there are many. As a teacher, I still like to write notes and encourage my oldest to write notes to her teachers, thanking them for their kindness and support. Here are some very personal and beautiful examples of teacher appreciation notes you can write at any time of the year!

20 Awesome Teacher Notes

My Personal Notes Received

#1 Thank You for Your Positivity

Dear Mrs. ____,

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to educating me and others. Also, for putting up with our rude attitudes and continuing to keep a positive attitude. I wanted to thank you for making the classroom a fun environment but being serious when necessary to keep us on task. I have learned so much this year, and I am so blessed to have you as my teacher.

#2 A Wonderful Teacher Provides

Dear Mrs. ____

I’ve never thanked you enough for helping me through some rough times while you were teaching. I don’t know if you remember, but I didn’t get meals when I went home from school, and you filled up your closet at school with snacks and things so I would have food to eat. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you; and you definitely impacted my life and helped me feel optimistic about people in general. You taught me that being a teacher doesn’t mean that you teach generations of kids, but you help provide and care for their needs as well.

#3 Saying Goodbye

Dear Mrs. ____,

I am sad to hear that you are leaving us to muddle through the rest of our high school careers not only sans one of the greatest teachers to walk our halls but one of the best mentors and greatest motivators. You have been an incredible inspiration to me. There are very few adults in my life who I look at and say, “Oh, I want to be like them.” For a very long time, I have had no role model or hero, but now, I can honestly say that person is you.

You always gave 110% to us, and we absolutely felt it every day. I am incredibly grateful that you have permanently and positively impacted my life. I am smarter, kinder, and genuinely a better person to have had you around.

General Thank You Notes for an Amazing Teacher

#4 End of the Year

Hello Mr. ____!

This past school year was rough! I have to say; you were my favorite teacher of all time! You have had such an impact on my life and education. I always knew walking into your class that I would learn something great. Thank you for putting up with us!

#5 Thank you for being such a supportive teacher

Dear Mrs. ____,

Thank you for being such a great listener and supportive when needed. Being an amazing person made you the absolute best teacher I have had. I am sad I won’t be in your class again, but I know you will make a difference in other students’ lives.

#6 You’re Such a Fantastic Teacher!

What’s Up, Mr. ____!

First, I must thank you for such a wonderful school year. While math is not my favorite subject, you created a positive learning environment that made me want to try harder! So, I just wanted to write you a small thank you note for being such an amazing teacher.

#7 Thanks for Being Such an Awesome Teacher

Hey Ms. ____!

I appreciate so much that you made your English lessons enjoyable! I imagine that sometimes teaching can feel like a thankless job, but teachers like you help make a bright future for the rest of us. You did such a fantastic job making subjects like Shakespeare come to life! You made your lessons interesting, and the learning process way more fun.

#8 For Child’s Teacher Appreciation

Dear Mr. ____,

From our whole family, thank you for being the greatest teacher. From the first day of school, with all of your beautiful classroom decorations, we knew that you would be caring and pay attention to detail. My child loved your class and is sad to be moving on, but great teachers like you leave us forever grateful for your presence.

#9 Teacher Appreciation Week Note

Dear Mrs. ____,

Thank you so much for being my daughter’s teacher this year! She has so much fun in your class and has grown so much. I know you wait all year long for appreciation, and we are writing this note to tell you how much we appreciate you.

*I like to give a little gift too! 🙂

#10 Growing in Confidence

Thank you so much, Mr. ____, for being such an exceptional teacher to my child. Your positivity has helped my child grow in self-confidence; they love doing so much more and learning. Have a wonderful summer!

#11 Inspiration

Dear Ms. ____,

Not only were you such a wonderful teacher, but you were also such an inspiration to us all. You taught us that it is just as important to be kind and patient as it is to learn English. That school is not just about learning stuff, but also how to be a good person.

#12 For the Preschool Teacher

Dear Mrs. ____,

Thank you so much for being not only a wonderful person but also a wonderful teacher. You went above and beyond and made extra efforts to ensure my child’s safety and learning in your class. I know myself and other parents alike appreciated your positive energy. Because of you, my child loves school and will go into kindergarten with a great perspective.

#13 Fun Projects!

What’s up, Mr. ____!

You were the best drama class teacher ever! You went the extra mile to encourage participation from me, even if it made you look silly. You made everything into a fun project and always had a creative way of delivering lessons. A million thanks for a great school year!

#14 Fond Memories

Dear Ms. ____,

When other teachers just gave lessons, your unique teaching style taught us about more than just history. This past year I have learned so much in your class, and you were the perfect teacher for teaching all about how to get through difficult life situations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

#15 Algebra is hard

Hey Mr. ____,

I can’t say it was so much fun to be in Algebra class; however, where many teachers have failed to teach me those complicated math concepts, you made it easy to understand. Thank you for working with me to be a better student. You made it possible for me to have academic success in all my classes, which makes you one of the best teachers ever!

#16 Such a Wonderful person

Dear Mrs. ____,

First of all, I have to say that you weren’t just a good teacher, you were the best teacher! I remember going and doing community service, and I thought about how you weren’t just a teacher but also someone who cared about everyone. When Mr. ____ said we needed to write thank-you notes as part of our humanities project, you were the first person that came to mind.

#17 Thanks for putting up with me

Dear Mr. ____,

I know I wasn’t always the easiest kid to deal with in class, but you always worked with me, even when I didn’t understand stuff. Thank you for being such a great teacher and never giving up on me, even when I interrupted you. Even if it didn’t seem like it, you were my favorite teacher this year!

#18 Co-Taught Class

Thank you both so much for being such wonderful teachers to my child. You both impacted my child’s life this year and came home every day telling me what was learned that day. I know both of you awesome teachers will be in her heart forever.

#19 The Brilliant Teacher

Dear Ms. ____,

You are by far one of the best science teachers ever! The way you would deliver lessons made learning so much fun, and I always couldn’t wait for our next experiment. These exciting lessons made all the difference in my understanding of science! Thank you for being a great teacher and making science so much fun!

#20 From Mentee to Mentor

Dear ____,

Thank you so much for being my mentor this year to help me become a school teacher. I have learned so much from you, and I appreciate you letting me be in your class this school year. Without a doubt, I know I will be a better teacher and be prepared to go into my first “real year” as a real teacher with my classroom prepared and ready to go.

Final Thoughts on Thank You Notes for Teachers

I would strongly encourage the act of writing thank you notes to teachers. Giving this little bit of effort makes all the difference in the world to those who give all the extra effort each and every day. In summation, I have just a few tips for writing thank you notes:

  1. Guide your child and help them write something that isn’t generic.
  2. Don’t be afraid to put some emotion and real feeling into your letter.
  3. Encourage your child to write thank-you notes to teachers (or anyone else) all throughout the school year. This teaches them to be grateful and the importance of showing that appreciation to others.
  4. When you are able, give a little gift to show your thankfulness for them. When I get a $5 gift card to coffee it literally makes my entire week!

Overall, our teachers need to be shown that they are still loved and appreciated by our society. Much of that no longer exists and it is important to now instill in our children that our teachers are important and we love them.

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