The Importance of Translation in School

Starting school is a nerve-wracking and anxious time for any student and their parents. Imagine the pressure of learning a new language alongside your education. According to the Comprehensive Centre Network, many educational institutions have more than 100 languages represented in their student population.

So, how can schools help multilingual students integrate into their learning community? Translating educational documents and lessons can relieve the stress and worry felt by students whose native language differs from their school peers. Educational resources including lesson plans, textbooks, and presentations should be translated to assist the student with their learning.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why translation in school is so important to students, parents, and educators.

Why Do We Need Translation in Schools?

Strong communication between students, parents, and teachers is crucial. Technical translation services ensure that teachers and students can understand each other and communicate on all levels. Although bilingual staff are helpful, they cannot be with their students around the clock to explain all the learning materials and resources.

Improving Communication Skills

Translation services can open up communication channels for parents and teachers who previously could not connect. Many parents take an active approach to their child’s learning and wish to be involved in the process. Translation services can be used to notify parents of school closures, appointments, and other important events.

Parents often feel frustrated when they cannot assist their children with their learning. Involving translation in schools can help bridge the gap for parents who speak another language.

Future Opportunities and Prospects

Non-English speaking students may have difficulty understanding particular concepts during their lessons because they do not understand their teachers. Their lack of understanding can prevent them from reaching their potential and accessing opportunities in the future. Translation services can be a lifeline for students and parents and enable them to understand classroom concepts.

Equally, teachers should understand the questions asked by their students. Translating lesson plans and providing teachers with additional resources can improve understanding between students and teachers.

Equality and Accessibility

In the USA, schools are required by law to translate materials for multilingual students and non-English speakers. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that educational institutes should not exclude students on the grounds of race, color, or national origin. Therefore, to comply with legislation, schools should utilize translation services to improve the lives of international students.

Schools are diverse environments with students and teachers from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Translation services allow students to access and engage with school activities regardless of their proficiency in the primary language.

Which Translation Services are Needed in Schools?

There are so many ways that translation services can positively affect schools. Translation plays a crucial role in facilitating communication between students and staff who may not speak multiple languages. Although machine translation and digital tools can be somewhat helpful, they do not provide the support that real-time translation can provide.

Important Documents

From report cards to consent forms, schools use various important documents within their institution to support their students’ learning journeys. A professional translation service will ensure that important documents are communicated effectively and precisely so that every piece of information is communicated.

Learning Materials

Students receive a wide variety of learning materials from their teachers including homework documents, in-class presentations, exam papers, and textbooks. With translated learning materials, students can focus on their education and learn at the same speed as their classmates.

Marketing and Branding

A school or college website communicates vital information to prospective students and parents. Your ethos, methods, and overall message are lost if they cannot be understood in multiple languages. Translating digital content requires an experienced translator to make sure your school image remains professional and relevant to your students.  Providing brochures and student handbooks in other languages will let prospective students know that you provide a high standard of education to international students.

In Summary

The bottom line is that no student should be excluded from education because they speak another language. Translation services are a lifeline for children and parents who want to access educational resources and participate in their community without barriers. Overall, translation services should be at the forefront of school services to promote effective communication and support the academic success of all students.

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