How to Design a Tutoring Flyer

June 16, 2019

How to Design a Tutoring Flyer


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As the internet becomes more and more integrated with the basic fabrics of modern life, demand for online tutoring services is on the rise creating new opportunities for those with the expertise and skills. Last year, “Smart Money” revealed that the tutoring industry had grown ten times since 2001, making it a lucrative business for anyone looking for a new career or a way to supplement their income. Therefore, if you are contemplating getting into this industry, assure that you are on the right path. The problem is, getting the right people to know about your services can be a challenging and intimidating endeavor. Luckily, if you want to expand your presence in this $10 billion worth industry, design your tutoring flyer well. Here’s how to create an effective one.



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Determine Effective Format

Any flyer begins as a blank canvas, which you then should transform into an effective tool to market your services. It should include and convey your qualifications, offerings, and also a little bit of your personality in an uncluttered and easy to read format.  The central role of the flyer is to evoke interest in the reader in a bid to entice them to check out your site or contact you—this call for divulging the most important details such as your services and qualifications. If the flyer contains a lot of information and jargon, the readers might find it hard to read through and lose interest. Therefore, go for a format that allows you to highlight key information in short statements and bullet points. This way, you will present most of your data attractively and concisely.

List your Services – Online lessons and lessons in person.

Tutoring is a broad subject. Therefore, don’t get potential clients guessing whether you have the skills and expertise to help them out. If people have to give you a call to establish basic information about your services, there is a high likelihood that your flyer will end up buried under a pile of junk mail or in a waste paper basket. Therefore, list all the services on offer, and don’t forget to include a brief overview of the subjects and the level of students you deal with. Offer online lessons via webcam and offline lessons in person.

Build and Establish a Credible Tutoring Flyer

When hiring a tutor, parents go for people who they can trust with their children, and college students prefer those that can help them get good grades while adult students invest in your skills and expertise to help them advance their careers. Therefore, let the flyer tell the target audience what you bring to the table and also why you are best for that particular job. Dependent on your subject of specialization, some of the items you should highlight include educational degrees, experience, awards, and certifications. For instance, if you are a science tutor, you should list your research experience and also a science degree.

Present your Attributes Conspicuously

There is no point in designing a flyer if it doesn’t help distinguish you from the rest of the competition. For that reason, think of what will make you most attractive to a potential client and conspicuously include it in your flyer. You could include a flexible and accommodative schedule, in-home services, special discounts, and competitive rates.

Display Contact Information Prominently

Regardless of how well you design your tutoring flyer or how meticulously it conveys your information, a tutoring flyer will be useless and void if it doesn’t include your contact information. After all, even if prospective clients are intrigued by your services, how are they going to get hold of you? Therefore, never forget to incorporate in more than one conspicuous place on the flyer. Your phone number, email address, Skype contact, and website if you already have one. One more thing, it is vital to give interested clients more than one way to reach you. People use different communication channels, and you should consider all.

Design Your Flyer with Canva


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