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Vibe Board Pro Review for Teachers

When it comes to a smartboard, the Vibe Interactive Whiteboard is a complete game-changer. Coming in an impressive 75″ size screen, this whiteboard is equipped with a 4k UHD touch screen, video conferencing in real-time, ten different digital touchpoints, and an insanely fast response time. Even more awesome is the fact that the hardware capabilities of this whiteboard allow you to work with the most common and popular software available to schools and offices.

Another great feature of the Vibe Smartboard Pro is the advanced security management feature. The fleet management feature enables teachers to securely manage students’ devices to an upper level.

This smart board will take your lessons to a new level of productivity.

How Does Vibe Smartboard Pro Work?

The Vibe digital whiteboard is an interactive tool that allows you to conference and work in real time simultaneously. Vibe Board requires an internet connection, just like any other smart device, to access all of your favorite task apps, such as Google Drive, Zoom, Trello, Dropbox, and hundreds more. This whiteboard allows you to brainstorm by putting your ideas into writing or pictures right on the board.

Further, using Vibe smart board, import documents and images to the digital whiteboard to be projected onto the screen for everyone in the room to see. Also, mirror your image to those on your conference call so that they can see exactly what is on the board. This digital whiteboard allows you to edit documents with those on your team in real-time without skipping a beat.

The Vibe Smartboard Pro comes with come with a wall-mount and an optional stand which is not included.

Does Vibe Board Have a Camera?

The new Vibe Smart Board Pro does not come with an integrated camera. However, to work with the many different video software programs Vibe provides. It is a high-resolution camera that allows for crystal clear video and pictures.

Does Vibe Board Work With Zoom?

Yes! We all know how essential Zoom (and other video conferencing apps) is for online classes has become. Now, these things that once were not important are a staple in both schools and businesses, which is exactly why Vibe made their whiteboard compatible with Zoom and other like apps.

Using Zoom with the Vibe is super easy and requires no extra learning time to get it going. Download the Zoom app to your whiteboard and begin using just like you would on your personal computer. You can mirror what your screen shows to those you are conferencing with or use the massive board to Zoom and continue to work simultaneously.

What Other Apps Can I Use With the Vibe SmartBoard?

You will love the ability to use all of your favorite apps on this one board! The Vibe is compatible with hundreds of useful apps that you are already familiar with, making zero wasted time learning how to do much new stuff.

Picture Apps

Pictures are an integral part of any presentation. The Vibe Board allows you to use an app such as Canva, Adobe Draw, Adobe XD, and Creative Cloud to ensure that your presentations and lessons are absolutely the best ones you have ever created.

Document Apps

Just like your computer, this digital whiteboard has the ability to use many of the document apps that you already know and love. Software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint will help you move along easily with your projects. Also, other great apps that allow for more interactive movement in presentations include Prezi, Lucidchart, and so many others!

Streaming Apps

Now, if you have a 75″ screen and a little downtime, why not stream your favorite shows with your new Vibe Board? The screens are great to use for showing movie clips or other educational videos in the classroom. Watch anything from Netflix to Hulu, YouTube videos, Disney+, and several others.

Apps for Schools and Students

With the versatility of this vibe board, it comes as no surprise that it has a ton of useful apps for schools and students. Certain apps used all across the United States, such as Schoology, Duolingo, Edmodo, flip grid, and remind, are just a few of the different software that can be used with the vibe board.

Why This Is AWESOME for the Classroom!

As a teacher, I can think of about a million reasons why this digital whiteboard is perfect for any classroom setting. This whiteboard’s amount of capability would take away from the need for all the other electronic items in the classroom, such as projectors, TVs, regular whiteboards, and chalkboards.

Make Your Lessons More Interesting

This Vibe smartboard makes teaching a lesson way more interesting. Because you can draw on this board, show video or youtube clips, and project a PPT presentation all in the span of one lesson, your students will never zone out!

Annotate on the Screen

Gone are the days of using a boring document camera to teach students how to annotate a text. Have your students follow right along with you in the process as they watch you on the screen.

Watch Movies

Don’t want to watch a movie, show a TedTalk to give light to a powerful lesson! Because there is a movie for just about every subject, there are ways to incorporate film in the classroom to enhance almost any kind of lesson.

Let Your Students Be the Teacher

This smartboard is so easy to use that even your students can present from it. With that said, have your students be the teacher for the day! Create groups within your class and teach a lesson using one of the many different software the Vibe has to offer.

Virtual Classes

Allow students who are learning virtually to be part of a class still! With some schools and classes either being entirely virtual or part virtual, you still want your students to feel like they are part of a classroom unit. Certain apps like Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype allow you to be teaching a lesson on your Vibe board while your virtual kids can still interact and participate just as though they were sitting right in front of you.

Last Words

Overall, this interactive whiteboard allows you to teach from one source with every capability that you may need to create a fun and exciting lesson. It is easy to clean and comes with great features. Easy to say that the Vibe board is one of the most popular interactive whiteboards for schools.

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