Easy Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

April 20, 2020

Easy Volunteer Appreciation Gifts


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Your volunteer´s work can not be taken for granted. They spend their free time helping their fellow human beings, and for that, they deserve appreciation gifts more than ever. Volunteers help to keep organizations running, many communities would not be running, and many services could not work without their help.

An honest Thank-you is therefore the least we can do to show our appreciation.  We know how vital their work and commitment is, and their work must be recognized.

The little word “thank you” is powerful and can do a lot, and the best, it is for free and can be said at any time.

By saying thank you, we convey respect and show that the achievements of our volunteer´s work, which we cannot take for granted. A Thank-you gives others a valuable feeling of appreciation and motivates them to continue the great work. The balance between giving and taking is essential for a healthy work relationship.

We have put together a list of easy and quick volunteer appreciation gifts ideas.

Sweet Thank-you

Sweets with the motive THANKS as a Thank-you are especially popular. Sweets with a thank you print: chocolate, cookies, and baskets. A sweet “thank you,” warms the heart. And even if the actual word “thank-you” itself is missing – it does something to us, humans. It triggers a form of happiness and a deep sense of belonging within us.

Personalized Gifts

Flowers, wine, and chocolate are the classic gifts to express your gratitude. But there are so many more options to say Thank-you and to show your appreciation.  The more you have thought about a gift, the happier makes it the person you give it. The gift could be a honey jar with a personalized Than-you sticker “Thank you for BEEing awesome,” a customized wine glass in addition to a good bottle of wine, or personalized appreciation jewelry.

Easy and Quick Gifts

When you give a gift to a child, Thank-you comes out like out of a shooting gun, because we teach our kids to say it, if they get something. For adults, saying Thank-you is often quite tricky. It is a personal and often even emotional matter, and many people are afraid to say something wrong or not enough. Saying Thank-you with a small appreciation gift makes it often much more manageable and takes away the pressure.

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