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Printable Weekly Lesson Plan Templates (Blank)

We have created a collection of weekly lesson plan templates for all grades and subjects. All templates on our list are printable PDF documents and are entirely free to download. You can print, use a PDF annotation app, or convert the PDF file to a WORD document to make them editable. Add times, subjects, and notes, and save the weekly lesson plan on your device.

Download Your Free Weekly Lesson Plan

Detailed Lesson Plan

This weekly lesson plan template is suitable for teachers who need more space for details. We added a box called “Don’t forget” for important weekly notes. This lesson plan template also comes with space for the material. This is handy if you need materials and tools for activities that you usually do not need. Another bonus is the space for birth dates. Another handy feature of this lesson plan template is the information box for material that you may need for some projects during the week.

Simple Monday to Saturday Lesson Plan

This weekly lesson plan template is simple and clean. It has an additional day for teachers who also teach on Saturdays. If you do not need this day, you can either edit or use the column for other notes. It has six timeslots. This lesson plan template does not give much room for details and notes. But if you are after something simple to plan your times and subjects, this may be the right one for you.

Lesson Plan Template 5 Time Slots

Do you like pumpkins? Well, this design may be for you. The lesson plan template goes from Monday to Saturday and has five timeslots. It does not give much room for notes and details, but it is clean and straightforward. The boxes of this lesson plan template are quite small. It is only big enough to write down the subjects or short notes, just like a timetable. This lesson plan template brings some fall vibes onto your tablet.

Oil on Canvas 4 Subjects

If you have four or fewer subjects, this is the right template for you. Should you have more subjects, you can edit the columns of the lesson plan template with Canva. This lesson plan template has a little different structure from the other ones. The days are on the side, and the subjects are at the top. We added one row for notes at the bottom.

How to Use Your Lesson Plans in PDF

To write into a PDF document, you will need to make sure you have a compatible app such as Goodnotes, Notability, or Notes Writer. You will find other note-taking apps in the app store. Once you have downloaded the lesson plan template that you like, open the lesson plan template in your folder.

Open the lesson plan template, open the Planner file, click the (…) icon, and select “open in.” You will now see all applications that you can use to open your planner. Choose the app that you want to copy your template to. Now, select the app to open your file. Your lesson plan template should now open in your app. Depending on the app you choose to use, you can either fill out the template with a note pen or use your keyboard to type.

Lesson plan template numbers 1, 5, 6, and 7 have extra space for notes. The subjects may not change weekly material for different projects, birthdays of the week, and other notes. Using PDF writing apps, you can add, change and delete notes from your lesson plan template so that your lesson plan is always up to date. If you need more space on some days, add a daily lesson plan to one of the weekly lesson plans. Some days need a few more notes.

Lesson planning is so much more fun when you find a free lesson plan that suits your needs and style. There are so many more lesson plan templates on Canva that you can create and download for free. If you are creative and have some spare time, why don’t you design your own weekly lesson plan template or daily lesson plan and share your colleagues’ free lesson plans? You will also find preschool lesson plan templates that you can print out and hang on your classroom wall. Some preschool lesson plan templates are super cute and will make your daily lesson planning so much easier.

We hope that our weekly lesson plans can help you with planning your lessons.

Happy planning!

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