What Backpack Should I Get for College

9. Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying a Backpack for College

1. What size is my laptop?

All laptop bags have a compartment for the computer. You should check the dimensions of your device to see if it can fit, although the best advice is to check if it is compatible before buying. The pockets where the laptops go are usually a little more oversized than the labels indicate. So, if you have a 16-inch computer, you may be able to store it in a bag that you can theoretically only use for laptops up to 15 inches.

2. How much protection do I need?

The protection offered by laptop bags varies according to the bag. Some manufacturers add an extra layer of filler and another one on the bottom to avoid shock. If you are looking for one that will offer the most protection, ensure that the model you have is heavily padded.

3. What will I keep in the bag?

Apart from the laptop, you surely need space to transport the charger, other accessories for the computer, and other items that you usually carry with you for college, be it the wallet, the house keys, the mobile, a bottle of water, or a lunch box. Most bags with a standard size have several pockets where you can store everything in an organized way. Those with larger dimensions will even allow you to store more bulky items such as shoes. We recommend checking the capacity in liters that you will find on the product label or in its description if you buy it online. Remember, yes, the more capacity you have, the heavier the bag will be.

4. What other features do I need in a bag?

If you are one of those who always carry a tablet or a smartphone, you will like a bag that has a compartment dedicated to this type of device and even has a hole for headphones. It is also useful to buy a bag with closeable pockets, a zipper, and those you can access independently, without having to open the large pocket first. This will also help keep thieves away more so when traveling in crowded areas. On the other hand, if you are thinking about acquiring a backpack, look for one that has padded straps or even a padded back for extra comfort if you will need to carry your college backpack for a long time.

5. Do I need it to be water-resistant?

The material of many laptop bags is water-resistant fabric, inside or outside. If this is your priority, make sure that the bag you are going to buy says it explicitly. Others will not protect your laptop from water. Of course, not all will offer the same degree of impermeability. When you see that it is raining, and especially if you do not have an umbrella, make sure you cover the backpack with an extra layer of protection, such as a plastic bag or a rain jacket.

6. How many pockets do I need?

Quality backpacks should have resistant and soft zippers at the same time. It ensures the life of the backpack. When it comes to design and functionality, pockets and zippers play a fundamental role. Some have compartments in the front to store small electronic items, as well as pencils or pens.

7. How much am I willing to spend?

The price of laptop bags varies enormously. Even so, the most expensive bag is not necessarily the best. Therefore, don’t worry about the price. Go the extra mile and ensure that it has all the features you are looking for in a bag.

8. When else will I use the backpack?

If you take your time and evaluate your decision, you will be in a better position to make the right choice. Ensure your new backpack for college students has all your needs and preferences. Therefore, consider the size of the device you want to carry. The accessories and peripherals that come with it are also important.

It would help if you also established how often you will be using your backpack. If your bag is for occasional use, you settle for a less durable material. Nevertheless, if you are the type that travels very often with your PC, there is a need to focus on the robustness of the bag. For traveling in the rain or the wind, you should opt for a model with a waterproof material. Besides, it avoids damaging your PC if you find yourself in rainy conditions.

9. How important is the quality of the backpack to me?

No one wants to buy a college backpack only for it to disintegrate in a matter of months or worse weeks. To avoid this, look at the materials to craft the backpack you have in mind. The majority of these bags are nylon. However, other materials incorporate it to strengthen it. Neoprene is also one of the elements that ensure the stability and strength of bags due to nylon fabrics. Such bags are light and water-resistant. Ballistic nylon is also in bulletproof vests, which gives it a high resistance to puncture, abrasion, and rubbing. Another benefit of their materials is the impermeability. The covers of the backpacks protect the electronic devices from rain and splashes.

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