It stands to reason that students have different learning styles. But let’s face it:

Whether auditory, kinesthetic, or verbal, all students benefit from the visual representation of materials a teacher shares in the classroom. Most people (65%) are visual learners because that’s how our brain works, processing the information through images we take from the outside.

More than that, visually appealing educational materials become all but the only way to engage students in today’s era of Instagram: Their attention span is super short, and teachers have to look for alternative ways of hooking mentees time and again.

And that’s when tools like Crello come into place. Their goal is to assist teachers and students in properly presenting educational materials and new concepts throughout the learning process.

And now, for more details.

What is Crello?

Crello is a tool for creating beautiful visual content. Available online, it offers a massive library of customizable templates for professional and individual needs. Besides templates, Crello provides users with a drag-and-drop editor to try dozens of features for customizing their designs.

With Crello, users create web and print materials in minutes: infographics, posters, cards, resumes, slides, presentations, schedules, mind maps, and much more. It’s super easy to use:

  1. You sign up for Crello. (It’s free.)
  2. You choose a content type you need for educational purposes and decide on a template by browsing Crello’s library.
  3. You customize the template in Crello’s editor and download it to your computer for further use.

Besides free access to their massive library of templates and editing instruments, Crello allows uploading external visual elements. So if you already have lesson plans, presentations, or any other educational material, feel free to update their look in Crello for even better student engagement.

And for those still doubting how to use such tools in education, here go a few creative ideas:

7 Ways to Use Crello in Education

In Crello, both teachers and students can easily collaborate, communicate, and create all types of visuals they need in the classroom and beyond. Whether it’s a motivational poster to decorate your classroom, a lesson plan, or data visualization for explaining a new topic, Crello’s features allow you to create impressive designs in minutes.

Crello in Education

1) Create Visuals for Bulletin Boards

A bulletin board is a valuable space to share information with students, inspire them, or just make them smile. With tools like Crello, you can design fun pictures, birthday postcards, classroom rules, schedules, news, or any other content you need to place on a board for student reference.

2) Design Educational and Motivational Posters

Every classroom has a brand, don’t you agree? It can be its subject – a math class, a literature class, a chemistry class, you name it – or theme, but one way or another, you may want to design it accordingly to inspire students and facilitate the learning process.

Try Crello to design educational posters or create and print out motivational ones that reflect your course objectives best. Banners and photo collages also look great on classroom walls for students to associate them with specific concepts.

3) Teach Creative and Design Thinking

As an educator, you want students to be creative, innovative, and socially responsible. You teach critical thinking, motivating them to search and experiment with solutions to different problems for creating a better future. That’s a mindset of design thinkers, and Crello can help you bring this aspect to the classroom.

For that, you can take templates specifying environmental or social problems and ask students to customize them with solutions.

4) Craft Lesson Plans

Lesson plan creation is a common task for teachers, and Crello makes it easier, providing templates for outlining and composing efficient lessons. Here you can choose among thousands of layouts and customize them to your needs: upload photos, change text, add elements, remove objects, and so on. As a starting point, you may want to check Crello’s library of infographic templates and craft a plan in the form of a comparison, list, or timeline.

5) Create Data and Task Visualization for Lessons

Besides lesson planning, Crello is perfect for creating lesson materials like slides, charts, graphs, or presentations. Teachers can also use it for designing colorful worksheets and exercises to engage students during lessons.

6) Teach Resume and Portfolio Building

Teachers can encourage students to create learning portfolios in Crello to visualize the goals and results throughout classes. They can later refer to it when deciding on a college major or creating a resume.

Such learning portfolios can help educators involve parents, assess purposes, teach design skills, and make students more aware of their progress. Plus, resume and portfolio templates available in Crello can become excellent visual materials to teach CV creation to students.

7) Make Student Group Work More Appealing

Crello serves as a great collaborative platform for project-based learning. The tool allows creating multiuser accounts, where several students can work on a project: share their drafts, revise, add files, and more. In return, a teacher can leave comments, edit students’ works, and suggest improvements.

Final Thoughts

Online graphic design tools like Crello are worth using in education for data visualization and teaching creative thinking to students. This article covers just a few ways of using it in classrooms. Experimenting with Crello’s countless features, you’ll reveal what works best for fulfilling your instructional needs.