When it comes to anything that involves bettering yourself in the world through high education, the price tag to achieve such things will be high. People who are taking the GRE are likely students headed toward graduate school and need a good score on this test to be accepted. A large portion of universities require a completed GRE to enter graduate school, and candidates with a high score are more likely to be accepted. But why is the GRE so expensive?

It is important to remember that it isn’t just the GRE that is expensive. Every single major standardized test that is offered for various career fields or college acceptances have a hefty price tag. Believe it or not, there is a reason for that high cost. In this brief article, we will explain the reasons why the fee of taking the GRE is so high.

GRE fee

GRE Prep Guides

One thing that contributes to the GRE costs is the study guides. GRE prep books are written by different authors, and of course, they need to get paid for their services. Then there is the cost of printing, or digital marketing, and distribution. Free resources are provided by this testing service to help those that don’t have additional funding. There are 2 free practice tests available online to take and study. Magoos GRE prep course offers some free resources but the course itself costs a fee.

One other thing you can use as an advantage is the sample questions that are given in the explanation of each question. The actual GRE has 82 computer-based questions and you want to be well prepared to answer them. If you choose to get a different GRE study guide from the ETS website that further details about the GRE, you can expect to have to pay the cost for those materials as well.

Test Centers

The test center that ETS uses to administer the GRE is not free. Fees apply in other areas too that many students might not think about. For example, if you are taking your exam at a university, you can expect to pay a fee for parking. So in preparation for the actual exam day, stash a little extra cash in your pocket for any additional cost that may occur.

GRE Scores

Your GRE score will be reported to the portal in which you scheduled your email. Students may experience the need to pay a fee to have their results mailed to different places. However, getting a verbal result over the phone is also an option at no additional cost. Overall, it should come as no surprise that having these tests scored requires the cost of the people working, scoring machines and computer programming, and more.

The Bottom Line

A student can expect to pay (currently) $205.00 for their GRE within the United States. According to the ETS website, the cost of the GRE can be different depending on where in the world it is being taken. However, for those who financially cannot afford this exam, there is a waiver program to assist with the cost. Students who are receiving financial aid for college may be eligible for a fee waiver.

Some GRE prep materials and practice tests can cost upwards of $70. If you need scores sent to multiple places or mailed, expect for there to be additional fees. This test is delivered in so many different places by proctors and testing centers that require payment.

Thinking about exam creating, paying for the software, creating preparatory materials, and more all adds to the overall price of this exam and explains the reason why the GRE is so expensive. Lastly, remember that this is also a business, and businesses are around for profit. However, the business of the testing industry is important and therefore a necessity.