17 Classroom Stools for Flexible Seating Options

Stools are such a fantastic option for a class with active children. Because of the educational movement for more seating flexibility in the classroom, stools designed for students and teachers are more versatile than ever. Stools and the movement they provide make learning spaces more fluid and adaptable for real learning to occur.

Best Classroom Stools at a Glance

  1. ACE Active Core Engagement Wobble Stool for Kids
  2. Yaheetech Plastic Stack Nesting Stools
  3. FDP SoftScape Butterfly StoolOur Choice
  4. Bentwood Stacking Stools for Kids
  5. Storex Wiggle Stool
  6. School Outfitters Plastic Stack Stools
  7. Safco Ball Chair
  8. Foam Seating Set Accent Ottoman for Kids
  9. Flash Furniture Tractor Seat and Chrome Stool
  10. Norwood Plastic Stack Stool
  11. QiCheng&LYS Round Stool Chair Adjustable Height
  12. Creative Folding Stool Chair
  13. Wobble Chair Balance Swivel Stool
  14. WALIKI Chair Ball Seat
  15. CANDO Donut 
  16. ECR4Kids Cozy Cubes
  17. National Public Heavy Duty Steel Stool

Before we will dive deeper into the detailed review of each product, let’s take a quick look at Greg Smedley-Warren’s classroom video tour. Greg will show us how we can set up our classrooms with different flexible seating options for individual and group learning:

Best Stools for School Furniture Reviewed

1. ACE Active Core Engagement Wobble Stools for Kids

The ACT Active Core Wobble Stool is a fantastic option for both kids and adults! Sitting in class is way more fun with one of these stools. These stools come in twelve different colors that will be sure to fit any classroom design. Further, this school furniture allows students to use their core muscles and mentally engage longer to wobble in their chairs.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Height is 18″ tall
  • The base is 13″ wide
  • The stool has a 5-degree range of circular motion
  • Weighs only 5 lbs.
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Rubber base for no slipping
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2. Yaheetech Plastic Stack Nesting Stools

Nesting Stools

These cute and brightly colored stools come in a pack of five and are the perfect addition to your classroom for flexible seating. I love these stools because they are stackable, allowing easy storage in any corner of the school. Plus, once they arrive, there is ZERO assembly required!

Because there is no porous material on these seats, they are effortless to clean and sanitize. These stools are on the heavier side, but they are very sturdy and are great for all ages.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Metal and plastic
  • 17.3″ high
  • 12.1″ seat width
  • 18.96 lbs in weight
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3. FDP SoftScape Butterfly Stool

Butterfly Stools

I absolutely love these modular butterfly stools. These come in an array of various color schemes to fit any style and brighten up your classroom space. Tall enough for students to work comfortably at a small table or desk, your child will be excited to get seated and get to learning!

The broad base and textured non-slip bottom of these seats ensure safety that your kids will not simply tip or slip over onto the floor. Children can easily lift this item and move it from one place to another because it is light! Lastly, the shape of these seats is a unique butterfly shape that will bring interest to the look of your classroom.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • It weighs only 3 lbs!
  • Choose either 10″ or 12″ in height
  • It is 17.75″ wide and about 12″ in width
  • 10″ tall seat ideal for 2-5-year-olds
  • 12″ tall seat ideal for 5-7-year-olds
  • It comes in a 4 or 6 piece set
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4. Bentwood Stacking Stools for Kids

Stacking Stools

Bright and colorful, these seats are the perfect option for a classroom of small children. Coming in a pack of six, these stools are light enough for kids to move around from place to place quickly. Take your seats with you for an outdoor lesson, or move around to different classrooms if needed.

One space saver bonus to these seats is that they are stackable. Unfortunately, this stool will not accommodate adults and is designed for kids no more than seven.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • 12″ in height
  • 10.6″ in width
  • Only 3 lbs.
  • The seats are over 15″ in diameter.
  • Seats come in six colors (blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple)
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5. Storex Wiggle Stool

wiggle stool

Looking back at my years in the classroom, I truly wish that these stools were a thing when I was a kid! These wiggle stools make the learning environment fun and are a great option to help your very active children stay focused on learning.

These seats have an adjustable height option for different stages of students and can be used from Pre-K age through high school. Also, the top of these seats has a cushioned top cover and a non-slip bottom, making this suitable for any floors you might have.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Weight capacity for up to 250 lbs.
  • Adjustable height (12″, 14″, 16″, or 18″)
  • Tamper-proof adjustable height
  • It comes in several different bright colors
  • Great for any room
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6. School Outfitters Plastic Stack Stools

Plastic Stack Stools

Children will be more than happy to sit at their tables on these awesomely modern-looking stools with a small lip for back support and promoting good posture.

These chairs are comfortable for sitting and sturdy enough for an adult. Each chair only weighs five pounds and is easy for students to move. This furniture is great for sanitizing effectively as there is no fabric, so don’t worry about spills that could mess up other types of seating.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Made of durable polypropylene material
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Chairs have a one-year limited warranty
  • 18″ tall
  • About 16″ inches wide
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7. Safco Ball Chairs

ball chair

Using stability balls as a chair, which challenges core strength, can be challenging to use as seating in the classroom. However, this particular set-up to be able to use stability balls as chairs is innovative and functional. This chair comes in either a vinyl or mesh material and also comes in many different colors.

The Zenergy Ball chairs are strong enough to support both children and adults in the classroom. Sturdy and dependable, these chairs are bound to support learning by increasing concentration. Lastly, these chairs are adjustable in height to accommodate students to sit at their desks.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Legs are made of durable alloy steel
  • Adjustable height (23″ or 20″)
  • Adjustable width (22.5″ or 17.5″)
  • Mesh or vinyl material in several colors (black, blue, light blue, orange, red, pink, etc.)
  • 250 lb weight capacity
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8. Foam Seating Set Accent Ottoman for Kids

foam seating set

Made of a soft and comfortable material, these classroom chairs are an excellent seating solution for storytime on the floor to sitting at the horseshoe table. Children can quickly move their seats to where they need them to be with ease.

This set of the chair comes in four to a pack and require no assembly. Further, this seating option will accommodate small children up to the age of about seven years old. However, these chairs are not easily stored and are not stackable to save space.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • One year limited warranty
  • It weighs only 2.5 lbs
  • No assembly required
  • 15″ in diameter seating
  • 75 lb weight limit
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9. Flash Furniture Tractor Seat and Chrome Stools

rolling chair tractor seat

Roll into style with these vibrant colored classroom chairs. Some teachers love for their students to have rolling chairs, or others may consider this a distraction to the learning environment. However, these chairs do serve to allow students to move from one place to the next quickly.

I love that the seating option comes with the potential for back support (should that choose to be added) and comes in many different colors to suit any classroom decor. The only downside I can see to this seat is the fact that assembly is required.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Made of durable plastic material
  • Has a weight limit of 250 lbs.
  • Weighs only 9 lbs
  • Seat height adjustment lever
  • 5.5″ height adjustment range
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10. Norwood Plastic Stack Stools

stackable stools

While some may not see the need for a stackable stool, teachers who want a lot more versatility in their classroom space or an easy storage option will find this as a necessity. These chairs come in several bright colors to suit any classroom style.

The style of these chairs feature three legs in a modern design but are still a very sturdy stool that can accommodate the weight of an adult or child. Plus, the more extended than the standard warranty on this classroom furniture allows you to feel even better about your purchase.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • 16.5″ in height
  • Can accommodate up to 220 lbs
  • Durable plastic material
  • It comes in a pack of four different colors
  • 2-year warranty!
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11. QiCheng&LYS Round Stool Chair Adjustable Height

round stool chair

When it comes to versatile seating in the classroom, these stools create the ability to sit comfortably through any lesson length. This stool has a pleasant thick foam material for ultimate comfort, a leaver to adjust the height, and a swivel seat to turn quickly to other classmates.

With stools of this style, you can modify your learning material to utilize this flexibility to the max. For example, activities such as think, pair, share, and seating allow students to turn to their partner quickly to talk about the lesson. These seats can accommodate both children and adults and can be used and transported with ease between classrooms.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Adjustable height allows for seating at desks.
  • Made of durable material (high-density foam & metal)
  • Height ranges from 15″-21.”
  • Weighs a little over 6 lbs
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Modern and sleek design
  • 13″ wide seat
  • 360-degree turn radius
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12. Creative Folding Stool Chairs

Folding Stool Chairs

When it comes to finding the absolute cutest chairs for your classroom or school, these take the winning spot! These stools will make sitting way more fun with the cute bear face back. Each seat is collapsible and has a detachable back. The collapsible function makes these seats great for storage within the classroom. These seats are a fire engine red, which is sure to brighten up any room.

With several non-slip rubber pads, you can ensure that your students’ chairs won’t slip from the floor. Plus, each seat has a convenient handle to transport for storage or different classrooms. Lastly, each center has an impressively surprising weight capacity that can accommodate most adults and just about all children.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Made of a durable plastic material
  • Seat height ranges from 2.56″ to 11.82.”
  • Non-slip base
  • 220 lbs. weight limit
  • Great for storage
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13. Wobble Chair Balance Swivel Stool

Swivel Stool

Conduct your lessons in style with this modern take on a wiggle seat. Coming in several different earth tone colors, this seat is bound to adhere to any type and create a comfortable room to conduct your lessons. Each center has an anti-skid bottom to ensure no slipping and sliding on the floor.

The material of this seat is more than durable and easy to clean with antibacterial wipes or even a disinfectant spray. Because of this seat’s style and ergonomic shape, students can strengthen their core while increasing their attention spans. Also, these seats are so light; they are easy for students to carry anywhere. Take the seat outside and create an outdoor classroom!

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Weighs only 5 lbs
  • Can accommodate weight up to 200 lbs
  • Does not collapse or deflate for storage
  • 17″ seat height
  • 16″ seat base width
  • 13″ seat width (the part you sit on)
  • Made of sturdy plastic material with a padded seat.
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14. WALIKI Chair Ball Seat

Chair Ball Seat

Nothing will challenge your core muscles at school than this chair ball seat. This particular kind of seat has become more popular as the flexible seating movement has hit classrooms all around the United States. This ball seat came in bright orange color and had four bendable legs that extended out when seated on the chair.

These tiny legs keep the ball from rolling, hence, keeps kids from falling to the floor. The rubber material is perfect for the school environment, making this seat extremely easy to disinfect. Make sure that the students follow the flexible seating rules to avoid any accidents when sitting on these balls.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • 150 weight limit
  • Promotes a healthy posture
  • Made of a strong rubber material
  • Comes with the air pump
  • 20″ wide
  • Ideal for children to about age 10
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15. CANDO Donut

donut air chair

Like the balance ball chairs, these air-filled donuts are not the typical seat you would think would be used for medical purposes. I would prefer these over a simple stability ball seat simply because the shape of this is flat on the floor. Students can still use these for exercise and engage their core muscles while in a seated position.

School can sometimes seem mundane for students, especially when you have to cover material that is a must but isn’t the most exciting. This kind of flexible seating lends itself to increasing your student attention because they aren’t just sitting still, like in a standard desk and chair situation.

One other thing I like about these is that they are color-coded to reflect the different sizes. For example, the yellow donut chair is the smallest and is best for kids up to maybe seven, whereas the blue chairs are best for students in a secondary setting.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Rubber non-slip material
  • Donut shape and lies flat on the floor
  • All seats have 300 lbs. weight limit
  • Weighs only 3 lbs.
  • Yellow chair – best for kids under 50.”
  • Orange – best for kids 51″-57.”
  • Green – best for kids 58″-66.”
  • Red – best for kids 67″-73.”
  • Blue – best for kids or adults over 73″ tall
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16. ECR4Kids Cozy Cubes

cube seats

Your students will love these stackable and lightweight cube seats! Each seat is equipped with two handles for easy transportation within the classroom (or anywhere else!) while also boasting a non-slip base. I love the different color styles that these seats come in. Choose between cubes that are laden with your primary colors, or even choose a more contemporary and calming cube seat with various shades of blues and grays.

One other great thing about these seats is that you can easily stack them to conserve space within the classroom. The soft material is water repellent and extremely easy to clean and sanitize to make your classroom space the safest it can be. These cubes are the perfect flexible seating solution for children in pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • Made of a synthetic leather material
  • Various colors to match different styles
  • 9.5″ in height
  • 12″ in width
  • non-slip base
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17. National Public Heavy- Duty Steel Stool

heavy duty stools

When most educators think about seating for the classroom, most go directly to the lightweight or cute flexible seating options. But what about the teachers who need more durable seats that allow for that same seating flexibility. These stools are great for classrooms like woodshop or metalworking, or maybe even athletic or health spaces.

This National Public Seating stool is solid and won’t ever be considered a waste of space or money. Another major plus is National Public Seating truly stands behind its products and offers a ten-year warranty on these stools. Lastly, choose between two different styles by selecting either a black finish or a stainless steel look.

Stool Dimensions & Specs

  • 24″ seat height
  • Made of durable steel material
  • The seat is 15″ wide
  • Each stool weighs 9 lbs.
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Final Thoughts on Classroom Stools

School furniture no longer has to be the old desk and chair combo! Many studies have shown that providing seating that creates flexibility in the learning environment promotes increased attention spans and even increased productivity among students and teachers. Each of these products chosen is durable and made to provide flexible seating in environments that include pre-k children up through senior year of high school.

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