When it comes to learning a new language and all of the new rules that come with that, things can quickly get hazy, causing the masses to give up. For example, those learning English for the first time will quickly realize there are more rules than there are words; it seems. Figuring out how many lessons it will take when deciding to learn a language can be hard. iTalki has a myriad of different options when it comes to language learning. There is no need to fear. But how many iTalki lessons a week should you take to become fluent in a new language? Read below for the scoop on lessons and learning.

how many iTalki lessons per week

How Many iTalki Lessons a Week Should I Take?

When you are just starting to learn a new language, we recommend at least 2 hours of iTalki lessons per week. But it also depends on your learning style and how much you are willing to spend.

Your Learning Style

Some people process and learn quickly on their own or with a teacher, while others can take quite more time. Either way, attaining language skills that are anything other than what is native to you can be difficult. This is where using iTalki with experienced language teachers can be useful. Native speakers can expect to need at least one or two classes per week. Of course, even if you have never used Italki for language learning before, you can rest assured that regardless of their learning styles, there are teachers who can help you reach your goals.

Can’t Afford the Lessons?

iTalki has one of the coolest features on its learning platform that you can not fin in other places. With the language exchange option, the price of learning a language will never be an issue again. This online language platform makes learning languages easier and more attainable than ever before. Offer to teach your dialect to learn a different one in return. How easy is that? If you can and are comfortable teaching your native tongue, this could be the option for you if cash is short, but you want to broaden your horizons.

What Is the Difference Between Teachers?

iTalki has several different types of teachers to choose from. How much a lesson cost on iTalki per hour depends on the teacher. For example, community tutors are not certified teachers and are often cheaper per lesson. However, a certified language teacher will often cost more and be more knowledgeable in the mechanics of learning a new language. Not sure which one to choose? Do a trial with a tutor, then make your next lesson with a certified teacher and see which suits you best. With the trial options and prices through iTalki, students can sample many different teachers/tutors without having to commit or spend a lot of money.

Final Thoughts

With learning platforms such as iTalki, there are no longer valid excuses for not learning a new dialect. Classes can be scheduled at whatever time is most convenient for you, and you can even get classes for free with the different options this website has to offer. Start with 2 hours per week, listen to PodCasts and music, watch movies and get a feeling for the language. Then, book that trip to Italy and learn to speak Italian, because nothing is holding you back.