10 Anti Bullying Posters for Classroom Walls

Bullying behavior in schools has become so easy for not only physical, in-person bullying to occur but also cyberbullying. Having anti-bullying posters in classrooms can add color and life to the room while constantly reminding students to be kind to one another.

Raising awareness of a severe issue begins with it being visible to students. Amazon has some fantastic options for classroom walls that can get to you quickly and efficiently for a reasonable price.

Top 10 Anti-Bullying Posters

1. 4 Types of Bullying Poster

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This poster is colorful and eye-catching but explains the four most common types of bullying: verbal, physical, social, and cyber. Kids across the classroom can easily see the large print on this anti-bullying poster. I also like this anti-bullying poster because it is already laminated and is easily cleaned.

2. Chalkboard No Bullying Allowed Posters

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Let your students’ eyes explore all of these different posters to receive inspiration on positive behavior. This six-pack of colorful and helpful messages is an excellent addition to your classroom. These anti-bullying posters address the concept of not being a bully and say things like, “A kind word is never wasted,” and, “Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it…”.

My favorite anti-bullying poster among these is the one that will remind kids that once words are spoken, they cannot ever be erased. As teachers, it is our job to educate kids on how to learn and be kind and caring individuals.

3. Be a Buddy, Not a Bully

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While some posters (such as the ones above) are better served in higher-level classes, more minor children might need more of a visual to get the concept of being nice. What better way to do this than through cute images of little puppies?

This anti-bullying poster shows two cute little bulldog pups with the message “Be a buddy, not a bully.” The anti-bullying poster shows a friendship between the two pups to support a positive message of being kind to one another.

4. THINK Poster

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T- Is it true, H- is it helpful, I – is it inspiring, N- is it necessary, K- is it kind?

Of the many posters that send out positive messages and ideas, the concept of this one is to address online activity. The poster states, “Think before you post!” followed by an acronym for the word “think.”

This particular poster would serve itself well to be posted in any part of the school building and within the classroom. Further, this anti-bullying poster allows students to reflect on their online activity and words to others inadvertently.

5. Anti-Bullying Poster Stops Bullies

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This anti-bullying poster shares a strong message either in school or anywhere kids are present. These messages promote ideas and values in standing up for one another, not just the concept of not being a bully.

This anti-bullying poster states, “Strong people stand up for themselves. Stronger people stand up for others.”

6. No Bullying ALLOWED

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Bullies will surely see this bright red and white sign when they hit the school doors. This anti-bullying poster is an excellent option for teachers because it is simple and straight to the point. In big, bold letters, kids see “No Bullying ALLOWED.”

When you hang this up in your school or classroom, you create an environment with clear behavior expectations. Further, teachers can communicate this in the realm of cyberbullying online and physical or verbal bullying within the school walls.

7. Chalkboard Style Motivational Classroom Posters

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I love chalkboard posters, and these send all the right messages! This set of ten lamented anti-bullying posters is an excellent addition to any classroom. These posters come laminated and ready to hang up in your school’s hallway or within your classroom.

Students will see a positive message on each poster: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and “Be the reason someone smiles today.”

8. How You Would Feel – Anti-bullying School Poster

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This anti-bullying poster will grab any child’s attention as it displays a child on the poster. The bright neon green sign shows a child in black and white with the phrase, “…stop and think” in bold white letters. However, the powerful message this message sends about bullying is to stop and check yourself before talking to someone and doing damage.

9. Work Hard and Be Nice to People Poster

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Sometimes, a simple word is the best way to make good things happen. In this case, this poster gives the most basic concept of all, “Work Hard and Be Nice to People.” If we can sum up what we expect students to do when they are inside and outside of the school to just this one phrase, and they do it, we have done our jobs.

10. Canva Free Ideas and Templates!

Just like all teachers, I love free stuff! If your school can print posters or large color copies, why not create your FREE anti-bullying posters? You must go to Canva, create an account, and search for templates.

Why Do I Need a Poster About Bullying Behavior?

While the term “bully” has become a joke to many students, it is a real thing that will continue to need to be addressed. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 22% of students between the ages of 12 and 18 reported being bullied in a 2019 survey.

More alarming is that students of two or more races were reported as being 37% of that overall number. Because zero-tolerance policies have proven to be ineffective, educators and schools need to have constant reminders for kids and the expectations for how they treat one another.

Final Thoughts

Anti-bullying posters are most certainly an absolute necessity in schools today. Sending positive messages to students each day and encouraging inspiration to do kind things is invaluable. There is so much bullying that happens both in the online realm and within the walls of schools. So, what poster will you choose to inspire kindness?

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