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Erin Condren Planner Reviews

Erin Condren planners are designed in the U.S.A., made of high-quality materials, have unique layouts, and are highly customizable. You won’t go wrong or be upset about spending your money on this fabulous planner. There are so many different kinds of planners and additional planning pages that you need to know what is available. Also, being familiar with what they offer will help you precisely determine what you need and don’t, saving you time and money!

Our Erin Condren Planner Reviews

Teacher Planner

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To begin, the Erin Condren teacher planner is the Cadillac of teacher planners! This planner makes all other teacher planners cry a little bit on the inside. Anything you could need to organize your school year and personal life is available in this planner.

Every teacher knows that lesson plans are crucial to success in the classroom. This particular Erin Condren teacher lesson planner is specifically for lessons. You will see a monthly layout for each month of the year. Here is a great place to put the main events or student birthdays that you need to remember. You will see weekly pages to plan out each week of lessons from here. The weekly planner pages allow you space to write out more detailed lesson planning.

In my lesson planner, I put not only my lesson and teaching instruction but also significant events and field trips for the school year. This way, I am prepared ahead of time regarding what I teach and how much time I will need.

Teaching with one of these lesson planners is excellent to leave at school just when you need a substitute to take over the classroom.

This coiled teacher lesson planner comes in three beautiful cover designs and three different interior designs. Some Erin Condren teacher lesson planners have inspirational quotes on the covers and within the pages to keep you feeling inspired.

You can also grab the teacher record book to match your Condren teacher lesson planner. This book has a focused design on attendance, grade keeping, and behavior records.

Life Planner

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This coiled planner is the perfect addition to your teacher planner (or all in one!). There are several different binder options to choose from with this life planner and tons of great designs.

Out of all the potential planners, the 7″x9″ LifePlanner one is probably my favorite: 1. There are better and more universal design options, and 2. you can choose your col and cover colors.

Also, this planner has stickers included with a folder and a snap-in ruler! Happy planning has never been happier!


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Looking for a few extra lined pages? Then maybe a simple notebook would be an excellent option for outlining your planner. These coiled notebooks come with different layout designs: graph paper, dot grid, sketchbook, and lined paper.

The possibilities for this Erin Condren notebook can act as communication logs for your students, would work great as a teacher lesson planner, and allows you the freedom for brainstorming or planning.

One other thing that I like about this notebook is the vegan leather cover option. It is sleek and stylish, and, most importantly, durable. Plus, you get a free sticker sheet with this Erin Condren notebook.

Kids Planner

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As a teacher and a mom, I like my children to learn valuable skills early in life. One of those skills is using time wisely. Luckily for me, my kids LOVE the Erin Condren planners for kids. These planners are sturdy, have a simplified layout, have a chore chart (score!), have goal planning, and tons more features. Pair this planner with some cool planner stickers as a great way to start the school year.

The Parent Planner

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Parents, you need your planner to organize all of the many things going on in your life and your children! I love the college parent planner. I have pictures of my children all over my wall at work; why not have pictures of them on the front of my planner?

One thing that this planner has that some of the others do not is that there are pages designated for important child information. For example, school information, the child’s name, physician, allergies, medications, and important phone numbers. All things that would be necessary in case of an emergency.

Also, there are monthly productivity and note pages. Also, you don’t have to purchase additional stickers if you don’t want to because this planner comes with metallic date dots and adhesive tabs to make the organization even more effortless.

The Focused Collection

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A focused collection is an excellent option for teachers or anyone who needs to organize their stuff. Named for its ease of use, the Focused Collection has lots of different features to choose from. You can choose between three different binding options, monogrammed vegan leather covers, different layouts, and more.

Academic Planner

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While this is not necessarily an Erin Condren teacher lesson planner, this book can certainly serve as a teacher lesson planner for those attending school. These coiled planners will help teachers stay organized and on track, no matter the planning style! Complete with note pages, a monthly calendar, lined pages, and goals and events checklist pages.

This planner section is perfect for writing down specific class projects and the due date. Further, there are specific pages for detailed notes for projects and exams. One other thing I love about this particular planner is that there are a ton of different cover styles to choose from! This Erin Condren planner has interchangeable covers, covers with quotes, and colors; you can even pick a vegan leather cover!


What Is an EC Insider?

Teachers, we all love rewards. Am I right? The EC Insider Reward Program is a great way to earn discounts, annual gifts, and early access to sales promotions. Any time I can get something for an item I am already going to need, go ahead and sign me up! What’s best is there is no additional cost for teachers to be on the EC Insiders list! There are three different tiers of this program:

  • EC Insider: This entry-level level allows you to be in the club when you spend anything up to $199. You get 2 insider points for every dollar spent! Plus, you still get early access to all the best sales.
  • Turquoise: You automatically become a Turquoise EC Insider when spending between $200 and $499 in a year. Doing this gets you all of the perks of the first level, except you get 3 points per dollar spent instead of 2.
  • Rose Gold: Here, you have the top dog of the club. The rose gold column is for those who spend over $500 annually on any Erin Condren items. In this category, you get 4 points for every dollar spent (instead of 2 or 3), an annual gift (for free!), and invitations to exclusive events!

How Can I Use My EC Insider Points?

This is a magical question because every teacher I know likes a good discount. Otherwise, why keep track of your points? The point values get you the following discounts:

  • 500 points = $5
  • 1000 points = $10
  • 2500 points = $25
  • 5000 points = $50

Further, buying things is not the only way to earn more points! You can earn points by signing up for newsletters, sharing or following EC on social media, referring friends, and more!

What Extras Can I Get With My Erin Condren Teacher Planner?

There are so many different and cool accessories you can get to go along with these teacher planners. There are all sorts of different planner stickers, holiday stickers, sticker sheets, graph pages, additional checklist pages, and even a communication log that can be added to these Erin Condren planners.

Final Thoughts on the Erin Condren Planners

Overall, Erin Condren’s planners have everything a teacher planner should have to help organize your life. Whether you are needing a teacher planner or your own planner for life, everything you need is on their website and on Amazon.

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