Lesson planning allows teachers to organize creative ideas and bring knowledge, the curriculum requirements and learning goals together. Writing lesson plans is essential for teachers to be organized and to deliver quality teaching. There are several benefits to writing a lesson plan.

Lesson plans give the teacher the chance to think about the lesson objectives, time, class activities, the material they need for those activities, and whether the lesson content will meet the learning goals.

We have found the ten best teacher planners for the school year 2022-2023. To help you get started, the best teacher planner we found this year is the Blue Sky Teacher Planners. You can find a detailed review below.

10 Best Teacher Planners at a Glance

You will find both basic teacher planners and some with all the bells and whistles on the following list. Let’s start with the top 10 available this year:

  1. Blue Sky Academic PlannerOur Choice
  2. Bloom Daily PlannersPerfect Teacher Planner for Any Year
  3. Eureka Blue Harmony Record and PlanbookIncludes Grading Sheets
  4. Carson-Dellosa Celebrate LearningIncludes Stickers
  5. Erin Condren PlannerWith Sheet Protector
  6. Schoolgirl Hello Sunshine Planner –  Great for Elementary School Teacher
  7. Scholastic Teacher Coloring PlannerExtra Space to Express Creativity
  8. Peter Pauper Teacher’s PlannerSuitable for Homeschooling Parents
  9. Rockridge Flexible Lesson PlanAny Academic Year
  10. The Big Happy Planner TeachersHorizontal Layout

Best Inserts and Digital Planner

Best Paper Planners for Teachers Reviewed

Below, you will find detailed reviews of our favorite teacher planners for this school year. Should you still be unsure which one to get, our guide may help you to find the best planner that fits your needs. We start with our overall favorite:

1. Blue Sky Teacher Lesson Planner 2021-2022

Blue Sky Lesson Planner

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Here is our favorite of the best teacher planners this year. Blue Sky Teacher Planners are great to note the weekly activity schedule and yearly overview. It is dated from July 2021 to June 2022. It offers quality covers and twin-wire binding, which will keep it safe for a long time.

Our Take

Some reasons why we think these are the best planners:

Blue Sky upped their game with this new style of lesson plans. While other planners offer a front pocket cover for extra storage or personalization, this one comes without. However, we like the simplicity of this planbook.

The weekly planning pages can help teachers keep an outline of the day with Monday-Friday sections and nine subject sections, which work well for special education teachers or even small group instructors.  The preprinted dates are very beneficial, as it won’t take any time to use them. There is no need to write in all the dates with a chance of miscounting and having to start over. The preprinted dates also make it easier to add important dates like school holidays, days off, and important events.

One of our favorite parts is the thickness of each page. Whether you use PaperMate Flair Pens, Ball Point Pens, or pencil, the paper’s quality is excellent. You can use any pen you find with no chance of bleeding through to the next page.

2. Bloom Academic Year Teacher Planner

bloom daily planners

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Bloom has to be on the list of the best teacher planners every year. The Bloom Undated Academic Planner has twelve sections over more than 160 pages is what this planbook has to offer. It offers 60 undated vertical weekly pages for planning, which allow teachers to plan daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly.

Other sections include a personal info page, substitute page, student info pages, contact logs, website logins page, field trip activities, graph paper pages, student checklist/gradebook pages, important dates, birthday pages, and year in the review page. There is a back pocket perfect for important papers or the free printable resources you gain access to when you get this binder.

Our Take

First things first, Bloom is a very empowering company. Their mission is to empower women by writing down dreams and goals. The design encourages teachers to do the same in their professional lives. Bloom takes customer reviews and suggestions into account and redesigns their products. You will find a new back pocket folder now because of customer suggestions. This is a great company to support. This academic planner is popular for teachers and for many college students.

Inspiring and organized are just two words that describe this academic planner. Your coworkers will get jealous. We love the inspirational quotes that are on the divider pages. The spiral, metal binding, and clear plastic cover are durable and last.

We also love the graph paper pages for creating seating charts and the link to free additional printables. Unlike the Blue Sky, this one is undated, meaning teachers must fill in all dates. The Blue Sky has thicker pages for more durability. The paper is the same thickness as normal printer paper (100 gsm).

The downfalls are that it claims to be versatile for any teacher, regardless of the grade or subject they teach. However, with no lines to distinguish subjects/lessons, it is not ideal for upper grades or departmentalized subjects. The paper doesn’t allow for anything other than a pencil or basic pen; it is too thin. If you write with either of those, then you won’t see this as a downfall.

3. Eureka Blue Harmony Record and Lesson Planbook

Eureka Blue Harmony

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The Eureka Blue Harmony Record and Planbook are available in 14 cover designs. Eureka has created lesson plans and a gradebook in one. This means you only need to get one book. This Blue Harmony design includes 40 weeks of pages to plan your lesson and several other sections.

Those sections include a note section, an emergency lesson plans section, substitute teacher info, and a place for class birthdays. You will be able to keep track of all records during the year. It is held together by a comb binder with simple, thick white paper. The seven subject boxes are lined and simple as well. The days are written across the top of a dual-week layout, and can you can use it any year.

Our Take

If you seek to get a basic planbook that makes keeping track of records easy, you will want this one. It is much simpler than Blue Sky and Bloom. We love the combination of a full gradebook and planner. Convenience was thought out when creating this book. There are not a ton of extras in this book. There are no pockets and no monthly pages. This planner is undated like Bloom. It is suitable for all grades, as there are seven different subjects or block boxes.

This lesson plan book is good for homeschooling, or even tutoring as each subject box could be a different student. Eureka offers other classroom decor and supplies in this same Blue Harmony print. Another aspect of this Eureka planbook that we enjoy is that there are designs for the male teacher. Not all of the designs are feminine, unlike Bloom.

We can not find any downfalls. It is fundamental, but it will help teachers to keep track of their lessons.

4. Carson-Dellosa Teacher Planners

Carson-Dellosa planner

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The Carson-Dellosa Celebrate Planner comes with seven different sections. It has 128 pages made from thick paper. The pages are organized with the days down the left side and the top seven subjects. The sections include a welcome page, communication logs, pages for notes, graph pages, a substitute information page, checklist pages, and contacts and volunteers.

Our Take

It is simple, undated, and well organized. The slim design encourages easy transportation. We love the practical features and sections. Our favorite component is the stickers that come with it. So, no need to get them separately. The stickers include tab names, accents, and to-do list stickers.

This will keep your lessons organized. It is very similar to the Eureka Blue Harmony; however, one difference is the organization lesson pages. The days are down the left instead of along the top. Much like Eureka, Carson-Dellosa offers other classroom decor and supplies to match the planner to make a more cohesive classroom theme.

5. Erin Condren Teacher Planners

Erin Condren

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Erin Condren planners are popular for a good reason. The Erin Condren Undated Planner is a 12-month undated planner. This binder comes with a colorful cover, and the monthly view pages include major holidays, note sections, and motivational quotes. It also offers ample lined note-taking spaces to structure the lesson. Teachers can keep track of important meetings and is suitable for any grade level.

Our Take

Erin Condren’s planners are high-quality. They are very functional and are periodically redesigned based on customer feedback and allow customization and personalization. These planners do not come with stickers, but you can easily add them to each page if you want them.

The paper can be written on with a dry erase marker, which is good for teachers during staff meetings. You will find enough room to write a to-do list or important things to get and to remember.

6. Schoolgirl Teacher Planners

schoolgirl lesson planner

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The Schoolgirl Style-Hello Sunshine is another slim design with 128 pages. It is well divided into five sections. The weekdays are along the left side of the planning pages, with the seven subjects at the top. It is undated, has overview calendars of each month, and is spiral binding. There are checklists as well as substitute note pages.

Our Take

This type is probably our least favorite planner because it lacks so many components the others on our list. However, it is still not a bad choice. The cover is colorful and offers 46 stickers, reminders, and tabs. We enjoy the goal-setting section and the steps to complete those goals in the weekly sections.

It is beneficial not only to set goals but also to have an action plan to complete them. Much like the Eureka Blue Harmony and the Carson-Dellosa Celebrate Planner, it is undated. It is ideal for elementary grade teachers to help to keep track of everything this school year and stay organized and the lessons flowing.

7. Scholastic Teacher Coloring Planner

Scholastic coloring planner

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This one is a little bit different and is designed for the creative teachers under us. It looks like a coloring book for adults. With a plastic coil binding, the Scholastic Teacher Coloring Planner offers eight sections to stay organized. These sections include all about me, student information, birthday, holidays and special dates, weekly planning pages, monthly calendar, and coloring pages.

The student information section gives teachers a place to write communication logs, students’ and parents’ addresses, phone and emails, and to make some notes. It is an undated teacher lesson planner made from thinner paper. The pages are formatted with the dates down the left and seven subjects across the top. The back cover includes a built-in pocket folder and is made of laminated cardstock.

Our Take

This lesson planner is in the middle between basic and having all the bells and whistles. This type offers pages to organize daily lessons and monthly calendars, as well as pages to color.

If you want something to do during professional development sessions or staff meetings, this one would be perfect because you can color as you learn the newest education trends. We love the holidays and special dates sections because your major holidays are already filled with room to write on important dates.

One downfall is that it comes with thin pages, and markers can bleed through. To color, you need to get colored pencils. A normal ballpoint pen would not bleed through to the pages, but anything heavier could.

We wished it was formatted a little differently with the monthly layout right before four weeks of planning to prevent flipping between the two sections. Another aspect we love is the “All About Me” section. It contains spaces for the name of the teachers and passwords for websites and is perfect for elementary teachers.

8. Peter Pauper Teacher’s Planner

Peter Pauper Teacher's Planner

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If you have this lesson planner, you do not need anything else to stay organized. It is like having your teaching assistant. It is the most straightforward and neat-looking planner on our list. Softback flex cover and wire-o binding allow the planner to lay flat, which makes writing easy. It has weekly planning pages for 45 weeks and 7 classes with 35 students per class.

Our Take

This teacher lesson planner is perfect for school and homeschool use. It has a blank calendar section, which is perfect for classes and weekly activities outside the normal curriculum. We like the size and the softback flex cover. It makes it easy to carry in any bag without getting damaged. We like this type of lesson planner because it has all you need as a teacher and not more. Many planners come with extra pages and cover designs, which is good for some, but others want it to be simple.

9. Rockridge Flexible Lesson Planning for Any Year

Rockridge lesson planning

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As it says on the cover, this Flexible Lesson Plan can be used for Any Year and brings order to your classroom chaos. It comes with a student roster, parent contact information, and weekly and monthly lesson plans. This type is perfect for teachers at school and home; it gives space for about six subjects. One less than the Teacher’s Planner on our list before. It includes a teacher’s pet, making it easy to carry in your bag with you anywhere.

Our Take

This planner has tons of room for putting down ideas, notes, and comments. Once you get familiar with the structure, it will help organize your student activities and lesson plans. If you want to plan well in detail, you will like to give teachers a whole month of calendar to plan each week. It comes with a student information page at the beginning, which helps teachers with many students. It even includes their birthday dates.

10 . The Happy Planner Big Sized

the big happy planner

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You will never lose track of your week with your new Happy Planner to start the school year. They are designed to help teachers keep track of their day, assignments, student grade checks, and lesson plans. Because the Happy Planner is customizable, no matter which design you choose, you cannot go wrong!

We love the versatility that this binder provides and want you to have a great space to put down your different thoughts and ideas. Because of its versatility to the user, this is certainly one of the best teacher planners available.

Our Take

The Happy Planner is good for the teacher who needs something that provides the flexibility needed to create a functional and easy-to-use plan. This is that item. With twelve different dividers, teachers can organize the binder in any way they want. Not only does this planning book provide all that was listed, but there are also various spreads. For example, monthly, weekly, and daily spreads allow any teacher to create a plan that they can actually use.

Without taking up too much space, this planner comes in a traditional size of 8.75″ x 9.75″, making these items easily accessible at any point in the day. Not sure if you like the color of the planner here, no problem! It comes in tons of different choices to spark new ideas and creativity in each and every person. Even on the cover is a little sign that says, “me & my big ideas.”

At the end of the day, the last thing a teacher wants to do is wonder where to find what the next day will bring. Overall, the Happy Planners provide all of the items a teacher needs.


Planning your lessons in advance is crucial for many reasons. No matter which planner you get, purchasing one is important as it could set the tone for your whole school year. Being organized will help all teachers to stay on top of the tasks. Finding good teacher lesson planners for teachers or homeschoolers seemed like a daunting task; however, it looks like we have found the best planners for you this year.