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CBD Oil for Teachers

CBD Oil for Teachers

More and more teachers suffer from mental illness and are threatened with burnout.
Every day, teachers are exposed to many stresses which can lead to early retirements, burnouts and depression and the number of affected teachers with mental disorders is increasing.  Many factors are responsible for this and every teacher complains about different stresses. Some feel stressed because of unmotivated and behaviourally conspicuous pupils, some talk about unintelligent parents. Even social media can create stress and depression. CBD oil is the latest trend against stress. But when is it OK for teachers to use it? At first we should talk about understanding the difference between positive and negative …

Writers Work Review July 2020: Legit or Not?

Writers Work Review July 2020: Legit or Not?

Important Update July 2020
The reason why you came across my article may be that you want to know whether is legit or not. 
To give you a quick answer: Yes, is legit and NOT a scam.
There are some websites out there which are smashing with bad reviews to make themselves sound more legit.

5th Grade Reading Comprehension

5th Grade Reading Comprehension

Strategies to Improve 5th Grade Reading Comprehension

You might not have signed up for chalk stains on your pants or recess duty, but if you want to improve and advance 5th-grade reading comprehension skills of your child, its time to start thinking like a teacher. I mean, it is essential for the parent and educate themselves on the skills and strategies that teachers employ when preparing students to read and make sense out of what they have just read. And though reading comprehension strategies come naturally to most parents, some of these are not as intuitive. Here are a few strategies to get started.

Which Reading Comprehension Skills Should a 5th Grade Student Have?

Well, when students reach 5th grade, most reading comprehension skills go beyond recognizing words to understanding them and making sense out of a story passage or text. I mean, 5th-grade reading comprehension is all about understanding what the writer says and also comprehend how the words in a passage of text contribute to this. This includes the story’s plot, main events, characters, climax, conflict, resolution, and falling action. They should not only be able to identify these aspects of the story but also identify the themes and patterns that emerge from the text. Moreover, they should also be able to identify other comprehension skills such as figurative language, metaphors, similes personifications, and idioms. To achieve this, the following strategies should be employed.

Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension

Don’t Discard Their Favorite Books

Never be too quick to discard or store away books that your 5th grader enjoys reading. Though they might have outgrown them, keep them around so that they can visit them frequently. It will significantly help them develop reading comprehension skills since learning is a gradual and systematic process.

Encourage Them to Visit the Library

Libraries are the repositories of knowledge. Therefore, encourage your 5th grader to sign up for one, and if they are not interested, stress on the importance. You can even visit the library together and choose appropriate read materials. Set a target of the books or storybooks that they should read within a year, and don’t forget to reward them if they reach and exceed the target.

Encourage Reading a Wide Range of Materials in Different Formats

Though it is important to let children read the books that they love, encourage them to read other books in a variety of formats. It can include materials such as magazines, comics, textbooks, eBooks, and animated textbooks. If you don’t know their reading level, consult the teacher so that you can be in a better position to suggest the right materials. If that’s not practical, talk to the librarian, and you can rest assured that are lots of materials out there that can help your child become a pro reader.

Read Aloud Together

Yes! If your 5th grader still enjoys you reading books aloud for them, keep doing it. At this stage, reading aloud should be more of a collaborative activity, unlike when they were younger, and you just read for them with no input from their end. Take turns reading chapters or paragraphs, but be sure to let them do most of the part. The thing is, studies indicate that reading aloud continues to build and develop reading comprehension skills and vocabulary even for older children. And this should not be limited to just your reading. Look for audiobooks that you can listen together when at home or cruising the highway with your child.

Discuss When Reading

It is very imperative to talk to your 5th grader while they are reading. It gives you the chance to ask them questions about the main characters, the setting of the story, and the themes that emerge from the story. Create a pleasant atmosphere with a reading chair and encouraging them to talk when reading prompts them to probe and analyze the passage or text.

Discuss Different Points of View

Emphasize how various points of view can shape and influence perceptions. Do this by helping them to develop the concept when at home or when doing fun activities such as shopping and cooking. Encourage them to explain to you what happened during such activities, and this will help them develop critical thinking skills that will come in handy when teaching them to make sense out of text and passages.

Look Up for Answers

When family or reading conversation leads to questions that need to be answered, challenge your 5th grader to use materials and resources available to get an answer to the question. This will eventually encourage them to be interested and curious skills that are very important when it comes to developing reading and comprehension skills.

Spot Similes and Metaphors

In 5th grade, your child will start to encounter the intricate use of language. This includes similes and metaphors. As they begin learning these new things, it is important to help them understand what they mean. Therefore, whenever you spot you spot a simile or metaphor in a story or text, pick it out and ask them what they think it means. If they have no idea, go ahead and explain it to them. Don’t just stop there, after the explanation, ask them to form a sentence using them. And you don’t just have to wait for them to pop up in stories and passages. You can use frequently use them at home and don’t forget to explain what they mean.

Find Fun Writing Projects for Your Child

Be on the lookout for fun writing activities that your child can engage themselves in. For instance, if they created family trees when they were younger, challenge them to write short biographies about a few of the people in the tree.

Use Social Media Platforms such as Facebook to Practice Writing.

We are in the age of the internet, and this can be used to improve the 5th-grade reading comprehension skills of your child. If you use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, encourage them to write status updates and to comment on what other people are saying. Writing short notes or paragraphs about family social events will also help them develop reading comprehension skills and even writing skills.

4th Grade Reading Comprehension

4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Indeed, 4th grade is a big transition for students as they begin moving from just learning to read and understand. In fourth grade, students begin to read more challenging texts. For this reason, it is a natural thing for teachers and parents to want to help their children and students avoid the so-called “4th-grade slump” when 4th-grade reading comprehension seems to go down the drain.
Though reading comprehension is the simple act of understanding and making sense out of the text, it is also more of an interactive skill necessary before, during, and after reading a text, …

Best Laminator for Teachers 2020

Best Laminator for Teachers 2020

We are living in a time of transformation accentuated by digital media. Our modern-day teaching in schools and classrooms has been redefined by the implementation of technological modernization that encourages students to connect and collaborate with others on a global scale.
However, we do well not to ignore the basic fact of our age – Paper remains the gold standard that cannot be replaced entirely by digital media. Where there is paper, there also lies the need to protect it. Each paper document used by a …

The 6 Best Ergonomic Desk Chairs 2020

The 6 Best Ergonomic Desk Chairs 2020

Do you lack concentration when working or studying at your desk? Well, if so, your study posture could be the culprit. Your sitting position while reading plays a crucial role in how well you can concentrate. Studying is an indispensable and imperative part of everyone’s life. You need to cultivate a healthy studying environment to bolster your concentration levels.

The first step to cultivating a perfect studying atmosphere should be getting an ergonomic desk chair. The chair should not only improve your study posture but also help you concentrate. The market is full of different models. In this guide and review, we have tested a wide array of chairs and selected the 10 of best chairs economic desk chairs plus a definitive guide on how to make a choice.

Top 6 Ergonomic Reading Chairs at a glance

  1. AmazonBasics Low-Back chair
  2. Steelcase Gesture Chair
  3. Ergonomic mesh desk chair
  4. CLATINA Ergonomic desk chair
  5. Our top choice: Flash Furniture Mid-Back ergonomic chair
  6. Ergonomic gaming chair from GTRacing

Top 6 Ergonomic Reading Chairs Reviewed

1. AmazonBasics Low-Back, Upholstered Mesh, Adjustable, Swivel Computer Office Desk Chair

If you are looking for an affordable chair but can’t compromise on comfort and quality, this AmazonBasics Low-Back chair comes with a lot to desired and admired. The design comes with a tilt system which offers excellent support on your back.

The backrest is soft and allows the back to rest comfortably on any sitting position. Besides, the chair is swivel, which means that it turns 360 degrees. With this feature, you have the freedom of movement. Also, you can adjust its height as in most office chairs. It gives you the freedom to adjust it to your convenience for your comfort. The seat is soft and slightly round at the front to facilitate blood circulation in your legs while offering you optimal comfort. The fixed armrests are also soft and round to relieve your shoulders and forearms off stress, especially when typing.
If you have a deep regard for style and colors, you will be impressed to learn that it comes with a stylish and classic design plus several colors. Also, this chair is covered with imitation leather, very pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. The fabric is also an antiperspirant, meaning that you can sit comfortably throughout the day, even during unpleasant temperatures in summer.

2. Steelcase Gesture Chair

We all would love a chair that will seamlessly adapt to our morphology to provide a comfortable sitting experience while studying. If that’s what you are looking for, this Steelcase Gesture Chair is the best option for you. It is uniquely designed to adapt to your sitting posture regardless of your height or weight, making it an ideally studying chair. To be precise, it is designed with Live Back technology, which imitates the movement of your spine and neck to adjust to the posture of your body. Its armrests are also very adjustable to suit the various positions that you would like to place your hands.

Besides this, the height of the chair can be adjusted according to your height and that of the desk you are using. It is also a swivel chair meaning that it rotates 360 degrees. With such freedom, you can turn freely and effortlessly in any direction.

3. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in Black

Struggling to concentrate because the chair you have is sloppy? If so, treat yourself and improve your studies with this affordable yet very functional ergonomic mesh desk chair. It comes with lots of features and functionalities optimized to bolster your comfort. To be precise, this chair comes with five dual wheels that glide seamlessly and smoothly on all floor types, may it be carpet, tiles, or wood. It has highly breathable fabrics more so the back mesh to ensure that you don’t overheat when you need your chair most. The sitting section has cushion pads, which are sturdy yet soft enough to guarantee comfort. Depending on your needs and preferences, you choose between a mesh and vinyl fabric, and if you have a favorite color, you will be impressed to know that it comes in a wide array of colors and designs.

Besides that, the Articulate is built on a sturdy steel frame that withstands up to 312 pounds. It comes with a plethora of features that allow you to adjust the height and incline according to your needs and preferences. It is designed with an adjustable headrest, one-touch chair adjustments and also features a 360-degree swivel that allows you to turn and move in any direction. The armrests are also flexible, meaning that you can position accordingly. Altering the seat depth and back height allows the chair to adapt according to the morphology of your body, further bolstering your comfort. If that’s not good enough, the lock and tilt system gives you the leverage to recline comfortably on the chair for those moments when you need to relax.

4. CATINA Ergonomic Big & Tall Executive Office Chair with Upholstered Swivel

As a student, I can bet that you spend most of your time on your PC or laptop. For this reason, you should be looking for a seat that not only looks good but also with the features to ensure that you can sit and study for long periods without getting fatigued and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, that’s where CLATINA Ergonomic desk chair comes in. It is soft to the touch and also designed with enough padding to guarantee your comfort even when studying for long.

For the sake of your comfort, it is designed with an adjustable tilt system that allows you to recline for extra comfort. The chair is also 360 degrees swivel to enable you to move and rotate in all directions. However, the armrests are not adjustable, but this doesn’t diminish the service that the chair brings on the table.

It comes with a 5-year manufacturing warranty.

5. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair

The Flash Furniture Mid-Back ergonomic chair guarantees unrivaled comfort when you most need it. It is designed with a curved mesh back, which offers lumbar support for extra comfort, and the fabrics are very breathable to allow free circulation of air. It prevents the chair from overheating even on hot summer days, giving you the freedom to study for a long time comfortably. Moreover, it is available in a wide variety of designs, depending on your needs and preferences. You can choose from a mid-back, high back, and mid-back drafting designs to satisfy your comfort cravings accordingly. The high back trim is designed to relieve tension on your lower back, while the mid-back designs are tailored to relieve stress from your upper back section.

The unique drafting design is designed for students who use high table surfaces more so those dealing with designs and architecture. All of these designs come with a waterfall sitting posture, which relieves pressure and tension from your legs to improve blood circulation, which in turn improves your concentration. They also include flip armrests, which are ideal for those who don’t like chairs with armrests but use them one time or another. Other features include tilt tension, which allows you to tilt the chair and height adjustments so that you can select your best sitting position.

6. GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Game Chair Ergonomic

For about 150 dollars, you can have this comfortable ergonomic gaming chair from GTRacing. It is fully optimized to provide you with unrivaled comfort. It has a tilting system while its height is adjustable thanks to a lever located under the seat. Its armrests are soft and foldable, so you can slide your seat under the desk to save space. Its high back design seamlessly adapts to the shape of your spine, which prevents you from having back problems. Moreover, the soft headrest allows the neck to comfortable rest during your entire sitting period.

The tilting system offers the ability to change the sitting position frequently, allowing numb muscles to recover faster and also delay the onset of fatigue, discomfort, and stress. For extra comfort, the height of the seat is adjustable thanks to a lever located under the seat. The armrests are also soft and adjustable to relieve your shoulders and forearms from stress and also give you the ability to slide the seat easily under the desk.

The five wheels roll seamlessly on any floor. And that’s not all; they are quiet and adapt to almost all floors types, including tiling, wood flooring, PVC flooring, and carpets. With this, you do not risk damaging your floor.

How to Choose the Perfect Ergonomic Desk Chair

Evaluate the chair’s adjustment capabilities

Look at the ability to adjust the height of the chair. The height of an ergonomic chair must be fully adjustable. The seat of the chair should be easy to move up or down. This adjustment will allow people of different heights to sit comfortably on it. Therefore, make sure you can adjust the seat height before buying it since most chairs offer only a small range of adjustment. A person between 1.52 and 1.93 meters (5 feet to 6 feet) will sit comfortably on a seat of 38 or 55 centimeters (15or 22 inches) in height. Moreover, your feet should be able to rest flat on the ground while you can flex your knees at a ninety-degree angle.

Consider who will use the chair and how it will be used

Before choosing an ergonomic desk chair, you should think about who will be using it. The chair will have to comfortably accommodate anyone who sits on it or adjust it for a seamless fit. In other words, the chair that interests you should comfortably accommodate the person intended to use it. Luckily, most ergonomic chairs in our review are very adjustable such that they can comfortably accommodate anyone who sits on it.

Make sure you can adjust the elements of the chair individually

An ideal ergonomic chair should allow you to adjust each part individually. I mean, you should be able to move the armrest, seat, and backrest independently. A high level of customization will give you the freedom to make the chair suitable for anyone who ends up using it. In general, you should choose chairs that have a large number of adjustable features.

Evaluate the backrest of the chair

The appropriate ergonomic chair offers a superior and half-full backing. If you sit for an extended period, supporting your back in its natural shape will be essential to prevent injury or tension. Make sure the ergonomic chair you have in mind has an excellent top and middle backing before buying it. The backing should be between 30 and 48 centimeters (12 and 19 inches) wide. While the backrest of the chair should support the natural curve and the shape of your back.

Examine the lumbar support of the chair

Chairs without proper back support will have a damaging and flattening effect on the lower back. And since the lower back has a natural inward curve, poorly designed chairs will cause it to flatten. Make sure your chair helps you maintain the normal curvature of your lower back to help you stay strong and healthy. The lumbar support can be adjusted by raising or lowering the backrest pad of the chair. Chairs that have a non-adjustable backrest will not be ideal for everyone.

Ensure that the backrest can be adjusted and reclined

Being able to recline or adjust the backrest of the chair will affect the amount of weight placed on your lower back. If you spend a lot of time reading, reclining the backrest can help relieve the pressure on your intervertebral discs and the muscles of your lower back. Therefore, avoid buying an ergonomic chair that can not recline. People with lower back injuries can benefit more from reclining

Evaluate the size of the seat

Seats that are very large or very small can affect your comfort and health when you use them for a long time. When you are looking for a good ergonomic chair, you should make sure that the seat is the right size for you or the person who will use it. Have some of these criteria in mind when judging the size of the seat of an ergonomic chair:

  • The seat should be about three centimeters wider than the hips.
  • It should be located just behind the knees.

The seat cushioning and padding

Most probably, you will be spending a lot of time sitting on your ergonomic chair. Therefore, you must ensure that the chair has appropriately and adequately pads to ensure comfort and ergonomic support. Make sure that the chair seat is high-quality foam before buying it. Inferior quality foam can deteriorate quickly, which causes the chair to become uncomfortable, which can cause hip misalignments and back problems.

Determine if you can adjust and tilt the seat of the chair

Although the ability to tilt the seat of the chair is optional, you may still want to have this function in your chair. Tilting the seat of the chair can help you maintain an appropriate posture when you sit on it. If you think the ability to tilt the seat would help you sit more comfortably, ensure your ergonomic chair has this ability.

Making a final decision

Try the chairs in person

Although you can learn a lot from a chair by reading its specifications, it is still advisable to try it in person. By sitting on it, you can feel firsthand how comfortable it is and know if you can adjust it appropriately to your needs. As much as possible, try to examine an ergonomic chair in person to make sure it is right for you.

Consider the features of the chair

There are several aspects to consider when looking for an ideal ergonomic chair. To be on the safe side, consider the following features.

  • The base of the chair must have five legs.
  • Wheels of the chair should move seamlessly and freely.
  • If the chair comes with a headrest, ensure it is appropriate for your body type and shape.
  • You may need a footrest if the height of the chair is too high and can not be adjusted.
  • You should consider the lining of the chair. Vinyl can be easy to clean, but it is not breathable, and though fabric covers may allow free air circulation, they are difficult to clean.

Chair styles

Ergonomic reading chairs come in a wide variety. These chairs will differ from the traditional chair style, and each will have its unique benefit and its purpose. Look at some unique styles of ergonomic chairs to identify the best for your needs and preferences.

  • Knee chairs do not have back support and can help you improve posture and back health.
  • Saddle-shaped stools are good options for working on a laptop or desk. The design is the shape of a horse saddle and can help make your back luckier and healthier.
  • If you have back problems, reclining chairs with footrests may be the most comfortable option.

How to use and adjust your reading chair for optimum comfort

Look for the adjustment levers.

Most office chairs have adjusters located under the seat and attached to their base. There may be several levers to control, for instance, the height or inclination of the seat. You can change the pitch by pulling on the right lever if you are already sitting on it. On some models, you have to turn a knob and not pull a lever. If you do not know which lever controls height, you can either read the chair’s instruction manual or pull all the levers until you find the right one.

Raise and lower the seat until you find the correct position

On most chairs, once you pull the right lever, the seat will move up and down as you please. Look for the height that suits you. To achieve this, slowly raise and lower the seat a few inches at a time. When you’re done, just put the controller back to its original position. On some models, you need to pull a lever to raise the seat and press down to lower it. Pneumatic models allow you to pump the lever (you push it several times to raise or lower the seat).

Adjust the height of the seat while standing

Get up in front of the chair and push the right controller. Lower or lift the seat until its top is just below your knees. You should now be able to sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground.

Choosing a seat height suited to your task

Place your monitor at eye level.

If you work on a computer, the monitor should ideally be just below the level of your eyes and the keyboard at your elbows. If you can not raise or lower your monitor, adjust the height of your chair.

Keep your elbows at the same level as your desk.

This applies when reading a book or a piece of paper, writing, drawing, etc. Lower or lift your chair until your elbows and arms rest comfortably on the desk.

Put your feet flat on the floor.

If you have to sit for a while, such as during a meeting, it is very important to sit properly. Adjust the height of your chair until your feet are flat on the floor to avoid a bad sitting position.

Safety and comfort

Adjust the height of the armrests

If you are typing on a desk or a similar task, raise the armrests until they allow you to position your arms at the same height as the desk. If you do not need to rest your arms, you can remove these accessories or simply lower them so that they do not interfere with your movements. Lower or raise the armrests if they prevent you from comfortably sliding your knees under your desk.

Change position every 15 minutes

This prevents fatigue and other problems, such as discomfort. If you do not need to adjust the height of your seat because of your work, you can always try to change position. For example, lean forward briefly and then return to a fully seated position. You can also lean slightly from side to side of the chair.

Use a footrest if your chair is too high.

If there is no way to lower your chair to rest your feet comfortably on the floor, keeping your arms at a comfortable working height. If so, put a footrest under your desk and put your feet on it. Find footrests in office supply stores.

Determining the right sitting posture

It might seem that the ideal position is to sit upright. But in fact, the amount of pressure is on the disks of the back can be significantly reduced if there is a slight inclination. A backrest is likely to be more comfortable if one can tile it back approximately 15 to 20 degrees (105 to 110 degrees from a position parallel to the ground), perhaps up to 30 degrees. While a slight tilt exerts less pressure on the discs, you should not lean too far back. While reclining in excess could be better for the discs, it also changes your neck position, extending it slightly.

It can often cause the muscles to shorten and, in the long run, muscle aches and tension headaches. Following the subject of the posture, you should bend your knees at a right angle (90 degrees) when you are sitting. Your hip should be at an angle just a little beyond a right angle so that it can adapt to the slight inclination of the back position. Therefore, take your time and choose the best reading chairs to bolster your academic efforts.

Best Desks for College Students 2020

Best Desks for College Students 2020

As a college student, a work station should be the centerpiece of your room or apartment. The best and most effective reading can only happen in a dedicated workplace, and to complete it, you need a desk or table that fulfills your needs and preferences. It could imply a simple location to place your laptop and documents or a fully functioning workstation with drawers to store your files and enough space to place desktop monitors. Regardless of your needs and preferences, one is for sure. A desk is a piece of furniture at that you will be spending a lot of time.
The problem is, with so many options to choose from, it can be a daunting and intimidating task to make an informed decision. Luckily for you…

Best Laptop for Teachers

Best Laptop for Teachers

Computer technology is revolutionizing the way we learn and teach. We are living in exciting times, where lack of technology is a reason for fear, and online tutoring jobs become more popular. Computers and laptops do what you tell them to do – and skilled teachers can harness their power for the betterment of their profession.
Whether it is for recording grades, managing attendance, or online tutoring, technology has personalized teachers in classrooms to handle the way education. Laptops and servers have become…

Best Backpacks for College Students with Laptops

Best Backpacks for College Students with Laptops

A laptop allows you to enjoy its features anywhere and anytime. However, transporting it from one place to another is always a delicate matter. Be very careful when you choose the best backpack for college. You must, at all costs, focus on quality, size, and safety and not dwell too much on the aesthetic details. And even if you don’t have the time, there is no reason to panic. We have done most of the work for you.

Best backpacks for college students at a glance

  1. Bellroy Transit Backpack
  2. Our number 1 pick: Water Resistant College School Computer Bag
  3. Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday
  4. Stranger Things Students Daily Backpack
  5. Laptop Backpack 17 Inch Travel Anti-Theft Waterproof College School Backpack
  6. Case Logic VNB217
  7. Ruigor RG6187: Waterproof Laptop Bag
  8. Timbuk2 Spire: Waterproof Laptop Bag
  9. Evecase: Laptop Waterproof Case
  10. Case Logic DLBP114G
  11. Targus CN600 Notebook Backpack
  12. HP Value Backpack 15.6
  13. Kensington K62591EU
  14. Belkin Active Pro
  15. Samsonite Guardit Laptop Backpack M

This guide and product review gives you the best backpacks for college students with laptops. We inform you about important factors you need to take into consideration when making a choice and also advice on how to use and take care of your laptop backpack to ensure that it serves your optimally and for a long time.

1. Bellroy Transit Backpack

The Bellroy Transit Backpack is one of the first Bellroy items which was made out of recycled water bottles.

As an environmentally conscientious person, I feel good about using a bag that is taking plastic out of the environment.

This Bellroy Transit Backpack is a perfect size for everyone, who commutes between college and home. It fits all their needs. It has a separate compartment in the back that can provide a 15″ laptop plus documents.

The main compartment takes books, four days worth of clothes, headphones, and more. It even comes with side zip pockets. And the best, all these pockets are invisible from the outside.

Get Your Bellroy Transit Backpack here

2. Water Resistant College School Computer Bag


This affordable Anti-Theft backpack’s material is a durable. The water-resistant material protects your belongings from water and theft.

This college backpack is robust and comes with thick and great bones and many anti-theft pockets. If you need a reliable backpack with room for books and a laptop, this backpack is the one. It is very well designed and sturdy. It is comfortable to wear with pads on straps and back: stylish look and excellent price. Because of the external USB connection, you can connect a battery charger inside the bag.

Separate Laptop Compartment: Fits 17 15. 6 15 14 13 Inch Laptops and Macbook.

3. Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday

May we introduce you to the timeless Fjällräven’s Kånken and official VSCO girl backpack. One of the most trending and backpacks for college students in 2019 and 2020.

VSCO is a fashion trend that became popular last summer, and it certainly still is.

The term VSCO refers to the photography app VSCO.


  • stands for relaxed and easygoing, and so is this backpack.
  • has a 16 L storage and measures 15 x 10.6 x 5.1 inches (L x W x D).
  • can hold a lot!
  • Is also very light – about 12 ounces.
  • Fits a small laptop or notepad. My 15″ Macbook would not fit, I’m sure 13″ could.

This ICONIC backpack is a must-have for everyone who wants to follow the VSCO trend.

It comes with a two-way zipper with rain flap for protection.

4. Stranger Things Students Daily Backpack


Material: Canvas
Size:43 x 29 x 13.5cm

Who loves stranger things as much as we do? It’s nerdy, it’s clever and so is this Stranger Things Backpack for college students. It’s the perfect size to fit a laptop and books, and it is an eye-catcher on your first day back at college.

5. Laptop Backpack 17 Inch Travel Anti-Theft Waterproof College School Backpack

The NUBILY Laptop Backpack has a capacity of 45 L, is waterproof, and comes with a reflective tags design. The reflective tag is on the front of the backpack. It allows other pedestrians and vehicles to notice you. It makes it safe to walk or ride at night. Great for bicycle riders.
I like the elastic strap, which fits to a standard laptop size and keeps all electronic devices tidy and anti-shock.

6. Case Logic VNB217

The Case Logic backpack keeps your computer equipment safe from shock and weather elements. The Case Logic VNB217 college student backpack is one of the most popular on the market. It has nylon fabrics that are highly tear-resistant and water-resistant, preventing water from infiltrating inside and also dries quickly. Its weight of just over 500 grams makes it also an ideal backpack for those looking for minimum weight. It is perfect for college students, who have to carry not only a laptop but also books on their back every day.

Two adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable and a layer of foam for strengthening. It protects your shoulders from stress.

In terms of storage capacity, it is capable of holding a 17-inch laptop and all of its accessories. The largest compartment can accommodate the computer, while the other two can hold documents without creasing or other accessories such as (USB sticks, notebooks, external batteries, and external hard drives.

7. Ruigor RG6187: Waterproof Laptop Bag

Durability is what many of us crave, and for a laptop back, that is especially true. To be precise, the material is ecological. It is durability, water-repellent, its true color, and its absence of folds.

The Ruigor RG6187 is a very comfortable backpack to wear. Padded epaulets with a high-density foam system provide great shoulder relief.

Whatever the use of it, the fabric is high-quality polyester that gives it excellent water resistance and protects you against unpleasant outcomes such as rain and falling.

This backpack has in all three compartments for storing several types of devices and accessories. In addition to the main compartment for storing a laptop, there are two pockets at the front that offers plenty of storage space. The main compartment is also spacious and accommodates a 15-inch laptop seamlessly.

The smallest compartment has storage pockets, including one with a zipper. A ring that allows you to hang your keys is another very astute element of the backpack. It is, therefore, possible to store, apart from the laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or a reader. The backpack closure system is strong thanks to the SBS zipper. The SBS system ensures a flexible and durable closure. On each side of the bag, there is a good size water bottle holder. Overall, the materials used for the bag seem of very high quality.

A five-year warranty covers the Ruigor RG6187.

8. Timbuk2 Spire: Waterproof Laptop Bag

With space for storage and a ventilated back panel that allows free air circulation, the Timbuk2 Spire is an excellent choice for any student looking for a waterproof, reliable, and durable backpack. It is popular with college students who want to move without the risk of damaging their laptops. Made of polyester, it is perfectly waterproof and tear-resistant. Carry with a maximum comfort while protecting all the devices that are stored there. Its back system close to the body ensures this comfort.

The quilted interior of the Timbuk2 Spire protects the laptop and relieves pressure off your back. It comes with a chest strap and fastening loops, which prevent vibration and maintain excellent stability. A practical helmet holder and an LED light holder come with a waterproof bag.

Its polyester lining is proof of this. Its main compartment is particularly spacious. In addition to the waterproof compartment for the laptop, the Timbuk2 Spire includes different types of sections: glasses, documents, and tablets. It is therefore easy to transport all the equipment you need. There is a safe place for everyone.

There are three pockets inside the bag. As for its exterior, the Timbuk2 Spire is no loser.

It has several pockets, such as a bottle holder pocket, and here is a slip pocket on the side of the bag. Access to the laptop is quick and easy, and you don’t have to open the bag to empty it. Its Velcro closure is impermeable, meaning that water is not likely to infiltrate.

9. Evecase: Laptop Waterproof Case

The Evecase bag is a convenient laptop backpack because it is waterproof and can safely carry your laptop. This lightweight bag contains enough space to house your computer comfortably. You can walk in the rain without hesitation: its waterproof fabric and padding will keep it dry and immune to sudden shocks. It is also very versatile to carry any laptop, PC, laptop, tablet of any brand, whether it is Mac, Apple, or Sony, for example.

The bag is not bulky and does not compromise your comfort since it comes with a shoulder strap that allows you to move without worrying about the devices you are carrying. It is detachable and adjustable according to your needs, meaning that you can adjust the spaces of the compartments to accommodate different types of accessories.

With its very durable synthetic leather exterior, you can count for it to serve you for your entire school life. The interior of the bag has neoprene- shaped bubbles, known for its effectiveness in countering shock in case of sudden impact. It will also prevent scratches. It comes with a front pocket for storing your favorite and essential accessories such as cables, chargers, keys, ID cards, pens, passports, and airline tickets.

10. Case Logic DLBP114G

This compact backpack allows you to safely transport laptops up to 14 inches, which makes it an excellent alternative to carry your Ultrabook, Notebook, or 2-in-1 convertible laptops in style. It is a compact and lightweight laptop backpack that only weighs 450 grams and has a capacity of 12.6 liters. Inside you will find an integrated compartment for laptops up to 14.1 inches, but due to its compact size, you can also carry 13 and 15 inch MacBook’s. On the outside, it has a front pocket that has several compartments for cables, chargers, etc., as well as a second internal security pocket in which you can store your passport, airline tickets, or more essential objects.

The Case Logic DLBP114G also includes an outer pocket fully covered in felt to protect more delicate objects such as sunglasses or your mobile phone, preventing them from scratching even when they are not inside their case. On the sides, it also has some quick access pockets where you can store cables, keys, or objects that you need to access easily. As far as comfort is concerned, the back and its straps are soft to offer maximum comfort and with a fabric that facilitates seamless perspiration and air circulation to avoid overheating.

11. Targus CN600 Notebook Backpack

Targus is another prestigious manufacturer that has some of the best laptop backpacks for college students you can buy. One of them is the Targus CN600 Classic, which a classical-style backpack that stands out for its breadth and strength.

In this backpack, you can carry laptops up to 16 inches and still have plenty of space to put a tablet, accessories, cables, and chargers of your devices, keeping them all protected even from adverse weather since the backpack has water-resistant fabrics. The protection of your laptop and accessories is ensured by a double internal pocket that acts as a cover and holds the computer inside the backpack, keeping it isolated from other objects that you can also carry inside, such as books, notebooks, folders. The design of this laptop compartment offers double protection against water and dust.

In the outer pockets, you will find enough space to store all of your accessories, cables, and other items in well-organized compartments. The Targus CN600 Classic also has a pocket on both sides, as well as open spaces where you can carry a bottle of water. Therefore you don’t have to continually open the backpack when you need a sip of water.

12. HP Value Backpack 15.6

HP, in addition to making computers and computer accessories, also manufactures bags for them. The HP Value Backpack 15.6 is probably one of the cheapest and most compact laptop backpacks you’ll find in the market. For just a few dollars, you can get this backpack and enjoy the space to accommodate up to a 15.6-inch laptop. Pack your computer in an independent compartment. Fasten it by a Velcro strap in the main pocket to protect it from the rest of the objects in your bags. Inside, there are extra compartments for pens and other accessories.

On the outside, you will find a second vertical pocket with a zipper and space to store the charger and other cables and accessories for your laptop. HP also focused on comfort when designing this backpack. Both the back of the backpack and the straps are soft to offer greater comfort to the user and facilitate perspiration and air circulation.

Without a doubt, backpacks you can buy to carry your laptop with you always with the most incredible comfort and security.

13. Kensington K62591EU

If you are one of those who prefer to travel light but do not want to give up a good design, the Kensington proposal will be an ideal choice for you. Kensington K62591EU backpack allows you to carry your laptop with you comfortably and safely due to extreme resistance ballistic nylon.

It is a compact and lightweight solution to carry your Ultrabook of up to 14 inches as it only weighs 270 grams. However, inside, you have all the space you need. The central space has three separate zones. The first is the lockable compartment where the laptop is stored and secured, while a second compartment is for the protection of a tablet or notebooks. The central space that remains between both sections is what is available for your belongings.

Outside you will find a pocket to store and organize cables and other accessories of your laptop, while at the top, you get a second pocket with a headphone output where you can keep your smartphone or an mp3 player. The back and straps come with pads to relieve the weight of the shoulders, and their zippers are reflective to provide better visibility at night.

14. Belkin Active Pro

Belkin Active Pro is a compact solution to carry laptops up to 17 inches, betting on a modern and functional design that optimizes up to the last millimeter of its capacity. It has a slim design in which the central space is dedicated to the protection of the laptop, accessing its interior through a large zipper that allows easy access to what’s in the bag. The laptop compartment for the computer is with a plush lining that prevents the case of the laptop.

Besides, it has a second compartment overlapped by the laptop where you can carry a tablet. Inside this central space, there are also special compartments to hold other accessories such as Chargers, cables, and anything else you usually take with your laptop. In terms of comfort, the back of the Belkin Active Pro backpack is fully padded, and a mesh has been added to the straps to provide further support and make it breathable.

15. Samsonite Guardit Laptop Backpack M

Samsonite has specialized in the design and manufacture of travel bags and suitcases since 1910. With this model, you don’t get less of this experience and expertise.

Since it is very comfortable and robust, the Samsonite Guardit Laptop Backpack M is ideal for daily use offering up to 22 liters of storage capacity distributed in three main compartments. The largest compartment accommodates a laptop up to 16 inches. It includes a soft surface to protect your computer from small impacts and scratches. This space also allows you to store a tablet of up to 10 inches. The central compartment can carry books, notebooks, and other materials. In this way, you can keep the laptop separate from the rest of the contents of the backpack with easy access.

The external pocket is to store cables and small accessories. Inside, it includes various bags and organizers so that you can pack and organize everything. It also has a small dedicated front pocket where you can store items you frequently need and a pocket in which you can keep your keys or sunglasses. It has a flap to attach to the handle of the suitcase. That way, it will be fixed on the bag, and you will not have to carry it on your back.

What to take into consideration when buying a laptop backpack

The size of your laptop

All laptop bags have a compartment for the computer. You should check the dimensions of your device to see if it can fit, although the best advice is to check if it is compatible before buying. The pockets where the laptops go are usually a little more oversized than the labels indicate. So, if you have a 16-inch computer, you may be able to store it in a bag that you can theoretically only use for laptops up to 15 inches.

How much protection do you need?

The protection offered by laptop bags varies according to the bag. Some manufacturers add an extra layer of filler and another one on the bottom to avoid shock if you are looking for one that will offer the most protection, ensure that the model you have is heavily padded.

What will you keep in the bag?

Apart from the laptop, you surely need space to transport the charger, other accessories for the computer and other items that you usually carry with you, be it the wallet, the house keys, the mobile, or a bottle of water. Most bags with a standard size have several pockets where you can store everything in an organized way. Those with larger dimensions will even allow you to store more bulky items such as shoes. We recommend checking the capacity in liters that you will find on the product label or in its description if you buy it online. Remember, yes, the more capacity you have, the heavier the bag will be.

What other features do you need in a bag?

If you are one of those who always carry a tablet or a smartphone, you will like a bag that has a compartment dedicated to this type of device and even has a hole for headphones. It is also useful to buy a bag with closeable pockets, a zipper and those you can access independently, without having to open the large pocket first. This will also help keep thieves away more so when traveling in crowded areas. On the other hand, if you are thinking about acquiring a backpack, look for one that has padded straps or even a padded back for extra comfort if you will need to carry your backpack for a long time.

Do you need it to be water-resistant?

The material of many laptop bags is water-resistant fabric, inside or outside. If this is your priority, make sure that the bag you are going to buy says it explicitly. Others will not protect your laptop from water. Of course, not all will offer the same degree of impermeability. When you see that it is raining, and especially if you do not have an umbrella, make sure you cover the backpack with an extra layer of protection, such as a plastic bag or a rain jacket.

Pockets and zippers

Quality backpacks should have resistant and soft zippers at the same time. It ensures the life of the backpack. When it comes to design and functionality, pockets and zippers play a fundamental role. Some have compartments in the front to store small electronic items, as well as pencils or pens.

How much are you willing to spend?

The price of laptop bags varies enormously. Even so, the most expensive bag is not necessarily the best. Therefore, don’t worry about the price. Go the extra mile and ensure that it has all the features you are looking for in a bag.

The intended use

If you take your time and evaluate your decision, you will be in a better position to make the right choice. Ensure your new backpack for college students has all your needs and preferences. Therefore, consider the size of the device you want to carry. The accessories and peripherals that come with it are also important.

You also need to establish how often you will be using your backpack. If your bag is for occasional use, you settle for a less durable material. Nevertheless, if you are the type that travels very often with your PC, there is a need to focus on the robustness of the bag. For traveling in the rain or the wind, you should opt for a model with a waterproof material. Besides, it avoids damaging your PC if you find yourself in rainy conditions.

The quality

None wants to buy a laptop backpack only for it to disintegrate in a matter of months or worse weeks. To avoid this, look at the materials to craft the backpack you have in mind. The majority of these bags are nylon. However, other materials incorporate it to strengthen it. Neoprene is also one of the elements that ensure the stability and strength of bags due to nylon fabrics. Such bags are light and water-resistant. Ballistic nylon is also in bulletproof vests, which gives it a high resistance to puncture, abrasion, and rubbing. Another benefit of their materials is the impermeability. The covers of the backpacks protect the electronic devices from rain and splashes.

Best Shoes for Teachers

Best Shoes for Teachers

Hudson Bleecker once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a good pair of shoes.”
As the early years of the 20th century saw many parts of America reeling under the effects of Hookworm infection, the impact of the disease is in the economic and financial landscape of the country. One of the main reasons for the spread of this infection was the lack of proper footwear. Therefore, even walking around in the backyard without footwear made people susceptible to the condition.
Since these days are gone, where deadly infections rule people’s lives, we are here to write about the best shoes for teachers.
While we are self-sufficient in matters of health, the …

Best Tablets for College Students

Best Tablets for College Students

More comfortable than smartphones and more convenient than laptops, tablets have transformed the way we read, surf the internet, play, watch movies and have fun. Whether for fun, school, work, or any other activity, tablets can be very handy. Even so, it is not always easy to make an informed decision on the best tablet for college students because markets are flooded to brim. Luckily, we are here to take the guesses out of the game.
In this review and guide, we have picked the most popular and most effective tablets to make sure that you make the right decision for your studying needs.
Best tablets for college students at a glance…

Best Printers for College Students 2020

Best Printers for College Students 2020

Are you a student contemplating buying a new printer? Well, that’s a smart decision. You can rest assured that with a good printer, you can conveniently and affordably print your school projects, flyers, photos, and even make some extra cash doing it for your fellow students.

To make that critical decision on which model to buy can be not only daunting and intimidating but also tedious and unnerving. Several technical things need to be taken into consideration to ensure that you choose a printer that will adequately address your study needs and preferences. This can be tiring and overwhelming. So, if you don’t have the time to understand all the complex, dull and intricate jargon of printers but still want to make an informed decision, this buyers guide and review is made for you.

Best printers for college students at a glance

  1. Brother HL-L2340DW
  2. Hewlett-Packard ENVY
  3. Samsung SL-M2026W
  4. Epson Expression Home XP-32
  5. HP Laser Multifunction Printer
  6. Epson EcoTank refillable 3-in-1 inkjet printer
  7. Our top pick: HP OfficeJet
  8. Epson 4-in-1 printer
  9. Canon PIXMA

We reviewed the most popular, affordable, efficient, and yet cutting edge printers every student should consider when looking for a printer. Chances are, one of these benchmark models is tailor-made to satisfy all your needs and preferences.

1. Brother HL-L2340DW

If you are looking for an affordable but fast printer and are content with a black and white print result, the Brother HL-L2340DW might be the one for you. It is a monochrome laser printer designed and manufactured by Brother, a company that has stood the test of time and passed.

On the table, it brings an impressive print speed of 26 / pages per minute and clean and excellent print quality. For extra dollars, you can get the identical model but with a faster print speed of 30 pages/minute. However, this is not ideal for students but is quite interesting for professional use, mainly because of the large paper cassette, which holds 250 sheets.

You will be impressed by its automatic duplex printing capability, which allows even large quantities of documents to be processed on both sides and quickly. This not only saves paper but also significantly reduces the load when printing documents with many pages in terms of weight and volume. Since the device can print only black and white, it is particularly suitable for use as a document printer in the office or home use, as well as for students.

With a resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi, even prints with many shades of gray are clean and easily recognizable, and even the conversion of color graphics produces acceptable black and white results. The printer can be put into operation via USB or WLAN, which means that it can be controlled easily via various channels iPrint, AirPrint, and Cloud Print.

2. Hewlett-Packard ENVY 4520

If you love printing photos as much as you like storing them on your smartphone or laptop, this artistic piece of engineering is ideal for you. Moreover, the Hewlett-Packard ENVY will come in handy if your line of study involves a lot of photos, pictures, and images. In other words, it is optimized for photo printing. I mean, besides other cutting edge features, it comes with an impressive 5.5cm mono display perfect for processing photos.

Overall, the slim design is as appealing as the well-functioning Randlos photo printing function. Compared to models in a similar price range, the ENVY 4520 inkjet printer prints up to 6 pages per minute in color (depending on the resolution) which is relatively fast while it processes black and white prints at 9.5 pages per minute, still a quite decent speed for an inkjet printer. The printer has a display panel and can, therefore, be easily operated without a PC for scans or copies. The ability to print photos with a resolution of up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi will also impress students who are into photos.

The wireless control works very reliably and fast. This makes it possible for you to send and print photos and documents directly to the printer without wire connections.

3. Samsung SL-M2026W / SEE XPRESS

If you swear by the brand Samsung, this particular model has a lot to offer. The Samsung SL-M2026W distinguishes itself from the competition with a good price-performance ratio, a good print quality, and a fast speed. I mean, with 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, and a speed of 20 pages per minute, it is ideal for any student looking for a simple printer without having to compromise on print quality and speed.

The laser printer also has a 150-sheet capacity paper cassette, making it easy to use in your apartment or room. Duplex printing is also on board, but only manually, meaning that each page must be inserted twice. Besides, the software is simple and clear to understand and use, while mobile printing options are also crisp and easy to connect. At only 4 kilograms, the printer is very light and compactly built, which makes it ideal for placing on your desk and still saving space.

Overall, the SL-M2026W from Samsung is a cheap compact black and white laser printer with good print resolution and value for money.

4. Epson Expression Home XP-332

If you can’t sacrifice functionality but don’t have the money to spend on an expensive multifunctional printer, why not consider the Epson Expression Home XP-32? Besides being affordable, it comes with most of the features in high-end printers. To be precise, this inkjet multifunction printer prints with a decent resolution of 5,760 x 1,440 dpi at an impressive speed of 15 pages in color and 33 pages in black and white per minute.

The LCD-Touch-Display also makes it easy and effortless to operate the printer. This makes it possible to print photos, documents, and photocopy without having a laptop or desktop.

If you are looking for a cheap multifunctional model, the Epson XP-332 is certainly a worthy contender.

5. HP Color LaserJet Pro M281FDW Laser Printer

Looking for high performance? Well, the HP Laser Multifunction Printer is a powerful 4-in-1 color printer with JetIntelligence technology. It also supports a wide array of wireless functions, including duplexing, Google Cloudprint, Apple AirPrint, and HP ePrint.

With the 250-sheet drawer, the multifunction printer offers a large volume of sheets. Its printing speeds of 21 pages per minute for black-and-white and color also speaks volume for this high-performance printer from HP. Duplex printing is also no problem for the color laser printer. The results that the printer delivers are of high quality, and the memory is perfectly fine at 256 megabytes, which allows fast and quality print results.

Operating the printer is also very easy via the intuitive touchscreen. All the functions of the printer can be controlled via the display. The monthly recommended print volume of the HP laser printer is between 150 and 2,500 pages, with a maximum printable volume of 40,000 pages per month.

Another advantage that the color laser printer brings is the four individual LaserJet toner cartridges: Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. These are already preinstalled when the printer is shipped. In terms of price, HP’s multifunctional printer is one of the more expensive printers in our comparison but worth every penny if your heart melts for performance.

It is also equipped with HP’s ePrint feature. This means you can print your photos and documents remotely. And with it, you do not need to connect your computer or smartphone via a cable to the printer, but simply issue commands via e-mail or an app. The free ePrint app helps you print from your phone.

6. Epson EcoTank Inkjet Printer with Refill Function

Looking for a multifunctional printer with all the new features and capabilities? If so, this model has a lot to be desired and admired. The Epson EcoTank refillable 3-in-1 inkjet printer gives you a very special advantage that sets this printer apart from other competitors.

The printer is equipped with a large, refillable ink tank. A special container collects the remaining ink and can be replaced if necessary. When the ink runs out, you do not need to replace ink cartridges, just refill the appropriate container.

What exactly is the Epson ink tank technology? This system is an interesting alternative to traditional ink cartridges. Unlike traditional printers, it has four built-in tanks that you fill with ink. The advantage lies in a higher capacity of the tanks compared to conventional cartridges. Thanks to this design, you not only save money but also protect the environment. Also, it comes with ink for three years, which means printing up to 14,000 pages in black and white and about 11,200 pages in color.

The refillable ink tank means that the printing costs are extremely low. According to the manufacturer, you can reduce printing costs by 74 percent. The paper tray holds up to 150 sheets, while the print feeder is designed for 35 sheets. Epson gives 12 months warranty on this printer. As a 3-in-1 printer, the Epson can print, copy and scan – this device does not have a fax function.

Duplex printing and borderless printing also feature that the Epson inkjet printer brings. Thanks to the Ethernet interface, you can integrate the printer into the network. Nevertheless, WiFi and WiFi Direct offer faster printing with your smartphone or tablet.

7. The HP OfficeJet 3831 All-in-One Printer

The HP OfficeJet is a multifunction printer that provides printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities. This inkjet printer can, therefore, be used in a multifunctional manner and can serve well for study and office purposes.

With HP Wireless Direct technology, it is possible to print directly from your smartphone or tablet. The touch display allows a user-friendly operation and impresses with a clear menu control.

With HP Instant Ink, you can save up to 70 percent on ink costs and eliminate ink bottlenecks. The printer automatically orders the necessary ink cartridges once they are worn-out and are delivered directly to your home. This functionality is available free of charge for the first three months after purchasing the multifunction printer.

With HP Instant Ink, you do not have to pay an annual fee, and you can change or cancel your service plan at any time at no additional charge. A clear advantage of this system is the ability to print up to 15 pages per month for free.
The print speed is 8.5 pages per minute for black and white printing and six pages per minute for color printing. Thus, this multifunction printer is not quite as powerful as the previous laser printer from HP. But the HP OfficeJet is reasonably priced and one of the cheapest printers in our comparison.

8. Epson WorkForce WF-2630WF Inkjet Printer

The Epson 4-in-1 printer is a device for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. With a print speed of 18 pages per minute in color and 34 pages in black and white, the printer is quite fast and powerful.

According to the manufacturer, this model qualifies for the company’s program, ReadyInk. The inkjet cartridge ReadyInk delivery system is one of many printer-client loyalty programs.

After a one-time registration, you will report your average estimated need for ink cartridges and automatically receive a new shipment. The subscription can be canceled at any time.

The print volume recommended by Epson is 3,000 pages per month. The ink cartridges are individually interchangeable, so the printing costs are low.

Connectivity options such as WiFi and WiFi Direct make the Epson printer a wireless printer that does not need a router. The automatic document feeder, for example, for copying, scanning, or faxing of printed matter or images, is designed for 30 pages. At the same time, the printer is operated via the 5.6-centimeter LC backlit display for easy operation.

9. Canon PIXMA G3400 Printer

The Canon PIXMA is a convenient multifunctional device that combines a printer, scanner, and copier. The small size and strict design make the device suitable for a student since it consumes very little space.

A distinctive feature of the model is the front panel with transparent “windows” through which ink containers are visible. Continuous feed technology saves ink consumption. Besides, this printer is designed for multi-color and black-and-white printing large volumes.

The Fine printing system ensures an even distribution of colored pigment on paper. Thanks to the built-in WiFi module, the printer supports wireless printing. With the help of cloud services PIXMA Cloud Link and Google Cloud Print, you can print photos directly from Facebook and Instagram.

An essential feature of the model is the ability to connect with smartphones and tablets. Printing one photo from the network takes no more than 1 min. Copier and scanner work at the same speed.

What to Take Into Consideration When Buying a Printer

best printers for college students
To make a wise and informed decision, there are factors that you need to take into consideration. I mean, there is no printer for all. Therefore, take time and think of what you are looking for and why to ensure that the one you buy meets your needs and preferences. This section will help you out and also suggest the best printer according to why you are purchasing the printer in the first and place and for what reason. Have a look!


The most important thing is to determine precisely how much and what exactly will have to be printed. The biggest problem is that at the beginning, no one usually knows what he wants from the printer. As a rule, an average student in 2 years uses one or two packs of paper.

This is somewhere 500-1000 sheets. You also need to determine if you are looking for color or black and white printer. After establishing the need, you can then go ahead and consider the following technical factors.

Printing Technology

Inkjet printers

These are compact and inexpensive devices that print well both in black and white and in color. If you are going to print mostly photos, then it is better to take an inkjet printer. The printing technology consists of spraying drops of paint through the nozzles of the printer heads.

Cons of Inkjet Printers

  • Cost of replacing the cartridge: The main disadvantage you will encounter but only some time is the cost of replacing the cartridge, which can be almost the same as the cost of a new printer. You can cheat this by filling the device with paint yourself, but several manufacturers put special chips on the cartridges that do not allow them to be used again, which means that you have to buy a new cartridge.
  • Drying and blocking of print heads. To avoid this, print something regularly. The cost of printing is not that expensive since most come with as CISS (continuous feed system), which comes in handy for those who print a lot of photos.

Laser Printers

The initial cost is higher than that of inkjets. However, the price of each printed page is very low. You do not have to refill the printer every month and a half since the average toner life is 1,000 pages. Printing is carried out with powder paint, which is contained in the toner. If you need to print a lot of reports, abstracts, and other black and white documents, then a laser printer is the most economical and least problematic solution.

You do not need to clean anything, and the pages are printed very quickly. There are color laser printers, but they are not suitable for photo printing since they transfer basic shades to paper. But with the printing of diagrams, graphs, and other simple illustrations, they will cope with a bang.

best printers for college students

Sublimation Printers

This uses the process of sublimation, the transmission of the ink from solid to gaseous state, which is then printed on the paper. The technology provides very accurate color reproduction but is expensive. This is an option for an enthusiastic photographer who wants to organize an entire studio for photo printing.

Color or Black and White?

Students and office workers usually deal with printing black and white documents. If you are in this category, a laser printer will come in handy. If you are going to print color images often, then it is more cost-effective to choose a color inkjet printer with CISS. Printing color is one of the most important parameters of the printer, so it is very important to think through what you will be printing before making the purchase.

Paper Size

Most non-commercial printers print on A4 paper, and more is not needed in 98% of cases. Therefore, it is not necessary to bother with this parameter unless you need to print large drawings. In this case, it is better to pay attention to printers that can print on A3 paper.

There are professional office printers that also print on A2 and A1 papers. Moreover, paper trays are also different. For a student, one that accommodates a small number of pages is suitable – 50-150, and for an office, it is better to choose a more spacious option.

Print Speed

If you are going to print a lot and constantly, then to save nerves and save time, it is better to take a device whose printing speed (measured in pages/minute) is higher. Even the simplest laser printer will not make you nervous – it prints very quickly. With inkjets, everything is less fast.

Additional Features

The fact that there are multifunction devices that can not only print but also copy and scan. These are such popular devices that when we talk about printers, often, we mean the printer + scanner + copier. Additional features include:

  • Automatic two-sided printing is useful when printing large volumes, and there is no time to turn over the sheets all the time manually. Students, as a rule, need one-sided printing, and if that happens, you can turn the sheet several times and not overpay for this function.
  • Ability to connect wireless networks. This is also a function for offices, although under certain conditions it will be useful for you as a student. Network printers do not connect to one specific computer, but an entire network, and you can print a document from any computer in it. Wireless connection via WiFi is also possible. If the printer and all network devices support this technology, you can print a document and photos, even from your smartphone.
  • Fax is needed in the office, and not always, for students. So do not overpay for this unnecessary feature.
  • Noise level: If the noise level is important, then pay attention to this parameter. As for manufacturers, Canon, HP, Xerox, Epson, and Samsung have long established themselves in the printer market, and their printers are relatively quiet.

Which Printer is Suitable for Whom?

best printers for college students
The best printer for you should always be the model that fits your needs. Before you decide to buy a printer, you should know which models are suitable for whom what features are useful for your desired applications, and how it relates to the follow-up costs. To find out which printer is right for you, ask yourself how you want to use the device for the most part. It will help you determine the most suitable printing method for your purposes that your new printer should work with.

For Occasional Printers

If you do not have a specific purpose, but only occasionally want to print letters, simple graphics or even a photo, a cheap printer is the best choice for you. Here is the recommendation to resort to an inkjet printer in the lower price range, because these devices offer a decent quality for your purpose at a low price.

With regard to the printing speed and the follow-up costs, you also have to put up with a cheap inkjet printer. But this is not problematic at a low print volume. You can get faster results with a low-cost laser printer, which may also be suitable for you if you print very little and do not want to print photos. A simple black and white laser printer is also very cheap.

For Transverse Bed Average Printers

If you want to print regularly but do not want to print large volumes of paper, but occasionally want to print a photo on paper alongside documents, a mid-range inkjet printer is the best choice. Even special foils or CD and DVD labels can be printed well with an inkjet printer. However, you have to keep in mind that the cost of printing a high-quality photo is usually higher than that of images.

On the other hand, you are highly flexible and can bring high-quality prints to paper, textile, or labels. A laser printer is not an alternative for this type of task, especially since it delivers significantly worse results in the field of photo printing.

For Amateur Photographers and Image Printers

If you want to print photos of high quality, you should always resort to a photo printer. Here, high-quality inkjet models, as well as portable photo printers, which usually print by the thermal sublimation process, come in handy. Pay attention to the maximum possible final format, because this usually limits to postcard size, especially for portable photo printers, while full-fledged photo printers allow printouts up to DinA3.

Good inkjet photo printers often offer more than ten individual colors, resulting in better color mixing and better results. A laser printer is out of the question for photo prints, because the resolution is too low, the colors cannot be mixed, and no glossy photos are possible.

For Advanced Printers

The more you print and the more frequently you need to print or copy documents and letters, the sooner you should shift to a laser printer. These are fast printers that deliver durable and sharp results in text and graphics. Thanks to the low initial cost, even the purchase of an entry-level color laser printer is well worth it for a student. Currently, more and more LED printers are coming onto the market that works like laser printers, but are a bit cheaper and are just suit all students as laser printers.

One for All

Multifunction devices are equally suitable for use in the office and at school. They offer scanners, copiers, printers and often faxes in one. This saves you space and has everything in one device. They are very cheap as inkjet and laser models that print in black and white or color. The right choice depends on the number of pages you need to print. For photos, inkjet multifunction devices are generally suitable.

Useful Additional Equipment

  • Suppose you want to print documents from sticks or SD cards. Photo printers with USB or SD card slots often allow the selection of images directly from the storage medium. Sometimes even via an integrated display.
  • If you want to print from several computers, it makes sense to integrate the printer into your network. Depending on where the device is installed, it may be worth buying a WLAN-enabled device, which is not ideal for students.
  • Depending on how much you print, it’s worth taking a look at the paper chutes or cassettes. Some cheap laser printers do not offer a paper cassette.  Therefore printing a lot of documents or large files can be a bit tedious.
  • The larger the data you print, the more likely it is to buy a device with its own processor and the most significant possible memory. It relieves the PC of arithmetic calculations during printing and leads to significantly faster results. Therefore, entry-level devices are not suitable for the frequent and extensive printing of large amounts of data.
  • If you also use a scanner, you should consider whether the purchase of a combo unit is the best choice for you. As a result, you only need one device that you can use to print as well as scan. Also, a printer, including a scanner, makes it easier for you to do photocopying, by pressing a button. With the addition of a fax, you will even have a fully-fledged multifunction device that replaces three full devices.
  • If you tend to buy a very affordable inkjet printer as an all-rounder, make sure that your color cartridge has its cartridge. Some cheap printers mix black with the available colors, so you lose a lot of colors when printing documents.

Bottom Line

Best Printers for College Students
By now, you must be having an idea of the printer that is best to handle all of your printing needs as a student adequately. The most important thing when choosing the best printer for college students is to consider your needs. This is to ensure that you don’t overspend on unnecessary features.

However, if your line of study necessitates a top-notch printer, don’t feel the pinch when spending money on one since it will deliver results beyond your expectations.

After all, there is no need for spending money on a black and white printer when you need to print high definition diagrams, pictures, and images. There is no point wasting your money on a multifunctional printer when all you need is to print reports and assignments. Therefore, take your time, weigh your needs and options, and make a decision on that line.

I hope this guide contains all you need to know to make an informed decision. Happy printing!

Alligator vs Crocodile: What’s the Difference?

Alligator vs Crocodile: What’s the Difference?

Imagine this, you are canoeing on a river during a sweltering afternoon, and you see what looks like a floating log on murky waters. Without warning, it starts moving closer, and you see eyes poking above the water, and all of a sudden, it is looking at you. And now you know its time to get out of there as fast as you can.
Quickly …

How to Design a Tutoring Flyer

How to Design a Tutoring Flyer

A professional flyer for tutoring will help you to get tutoring jobs. The demand for one-on-one tutoring services is on the rise creating new opportunities for those with the expertise and skills. Last year, “Smart Money” revealed that the tutoring industry had grown ten times since 2001, making it a lucrative business for anyone looking for a new career or a way to supplement their income.
Therefore, if you are contemplating getting into this industry, assure that you are on the right path. The problem is, getting the right people to know about your services can be a challenging and intimidating …

2nd Grade Reading Comprehension

2nd Grade Reading Comprehension

2nd grade is the stage when most young readers begin moving beyond the basics of decoding text into reading fluency and comprehension. 2nd-grade reading comprehension is an essential hallmark in their learning process. It determines whether they will be successful in their subsequent learning activities or not.

For this reason, it is essential to ensure that your child has a strong background. It allows them to seamlessly and effortlessly tackle other learning activities that heavily rely on reading comprehension. And here’s how.

But First and Foremost, What is Reading Comprehension?

Well, in simple terms, we can define this as the connection to reading. Reading comprehension is gaining and decoding meaning from what they read. Though it is an intricate and convoluted process, most children from a very early stage in life can learn and understand what they’ve just read. However, for this to be possible, they have to use their minds and reflect on the meaning of what they hear. It requires teaching, guidance, and, most importantly, practice.

The Goal of 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension

The goal for second graders is to ensure that they comprehend the text. The kids are not only able to answer questions about the story but also pinpoint the evidence. They can do this by perusing the pages to back their answers.  They show that they have understood by retelling the story in their own words. It indicates whether they know the characters, and they can set and import events in the story or text. Reading comprehension for a 2nd grade can be achieved by incorporating a set of activities during the reading process. These include:

Home-based Activities

Reading at Home Everyday

Reading aloud or independently at home for enjoyment is perhaps the most effective daily routine to help your child strengthen their comprehension abilities. Create a warm reading environment. Make a reading corner with a reading chair and some of your child´s favorite books. This reading should be closely monitored, and after every session, the tutor or the parent needs to ask simple questions about the setting and characters in the story. This should also include discussing the most exciting parts of the story with the child to help them make connections of what they have read with real-life situations. Living books are great books to keep your child´s interest in a story

Ask Open-ended Questions

It is not uncommon to get trapped into asking simple and straight forward questions that elicit one word or single phrase answers. Instead, ask them more complex questions to expand their thinking capacity and allow them to express their feelings freely.

For instance, you can ask them if they agree with the characters or let them explain in their own words what the story is all about. This is a trait that could carry over from 1st-grade reading skills and engages high-level critical thinking, which deepens their critical thinking while giving you a window into what they are thinking.

K-W-L charts

KWL charts are very effective tools to grab the attention of second-grade students to get them thinking of the story or text they just read. This method is ideal for non-fiction text, which deals with facts. And you do not have to write everything down. Questions can be posed to the child as they read. Though it is easy and quick, it will help the student delve deeper into the text or story they are reading.

Keep it Light

For a second-grader, animated stories are a great way to make reading fun. And asking for correct answers right after they have finished can suck the fun and joy from the whole experience. Therefore, focus on asking questions from a curious point of view to understand what the child thinks as they read the story or text. By so doing, they will feel that their thoughts and feelings are being appreciated and it will help them understand what they are reading better.

Identify different Ways to Read.

With no doubts, text and storybooks are the most effective tools to expose and introduce your kid to a higher level of thinking and new vocabulary. However, reading by themselves is not the best way to get gain this understanding and build their vocabulary. Audiobooks and Vooks, animated read-aloud stories, will come in handy and also provide the kid with lots of enjoyment.

Print-Friendly and PDFs

Another way of building comprehension skills is by using magazines or books, then asking them questions of what the stories are all about. And it doesn’t have to get complicated. Simple questions such as what happened to a character will go a long way to help your child build strong comprehension skills. Sometimes, worksheets can seem meaningless and potentially take the fun out of the reading. To avoid ruining the allure, design simple and concise worksheets geared towards helping your child understand what they read better. If you are using them and the child seems bored or shows no interest, try injecting some fun into the process and take regular breaks.

Bottom line

2nd-grade reading comprehension is all about helping the child make connections between what they read and real life. This not only sharpens their focus but also deepens their understanding. This will come in hand throughout the entire learning process. Teach them how to establish connections and if they are finding it hard to read. Don’t hesitate to use other methods and reading materials such as audiobooks and read aloud. And since they have already developed some reading comprehension skills in first grade, this process should not be as hard as it seems. Success boils down to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the child. It then capitalizes on them to help them understand and read fluently.

Lesson Plan Outline – Free Template

Lesson Plan Outline – Free Template

Designing a practical and actionable lesson plan demands and necessitates dedication, diligence, and an empathetic understanding of your student’s abilities and goals. Weekly lesson plan templates can help you to organize classes and subjects.
As with all teaching activities, the aim is to encourage and motivate learners to absorb, understand, and retain as much content as possible. To achieve this, the teacher has to conduct the lesson plan outline. The thing is, since there is a lot of what you can …

How to Apply for Online Tutor Jobs

How to Apply for Online Tutor Jobs

Do you want to take charge of your life particularly of how you work?
Well, working as an online tutor gives you the freedom to stay away from the clutter and chaos that comes with normal working schedules. For many years I have been teaching online. I had enough from the inconveniences of trekking to work or getting stuck in traffic while commuting to work. Working from anywhere, as long as there is a steady internet connection, is the greatest feeling.
Teaching online has so many great advantages. It…

Tutoring Contract – Free Template

Tutoring Contract – Free Template

Today, more than ever before, academic performance plays an indispensable role in determining if students qualify to attend their schools of choice and pursue the university degrees of their dreams. As a result, tutoring has become more popular as more and more students strive to better their grades.

During this boom, there is a need for tutoring agencies, and independent tutors need to focus on the legal part of this trade to ensure a seamless operation of their business. I mean, it is vital to have a binding agreement in the form of a contract spelling out the nature of the engagement with your clients.

Tutoring Contract – Agreement Form Template

Below you can find a simple tutoring agreement, which we designed for you to download for free.

Tutoring Agreement – PDF

Service Description

Design your tutoring contract in such a way it provides a detailed description of the services on offer. This description needs to be well and written. Moreover, it should be easily accessible to any client that wants to work with you. All details in the contract are essential since most disputes regarding service agreements are based on the scope of the contract. The more accurate you can make your contract, the less likely that you are going to get in trouble with legal disputes now or in the future.

Terms of Payment/payments

It’s essential to clarify your terms of payments and prices for each service. This way, your clients will be fully aware of what they have to pay if they agree to work with you.

The way you convey this depends on your needs and preferences. For instance, if you would like to receive money before the beginning of a session, specify that in the contract. Moreover, let your clients know what happens if they fail to attend the tuition. For instance, will you or will you not refund their money if they fail to appear for a course or cease attending lessons before the sessions they had paid for are over.


All service providers need to limit their liability as much as they can, as long as they are within the law. Unfortunately, clients always want their service providers to assume most of the responsibility. Your contract should clearly and definitively outline how liability will be limited. For instance, you can let your clients know that you will do all you can to prepare them academically. But you don’t accept any responsibility for their examination performance. By doing so, all of your clients will be aware that if they don’t achieve their desired grade, they cannot hold you accountable.

Child Protection

If you are dealing with minors, it is always good to inform their parents in the contract how they are going to be protected while under your care. It will not only keep you in a right place with the law but also bolster your reputation since clients will rest assured that you have put into place measures to protect their children.

Termination Clause in Tutoring Contract

The contract should also spell out how any of the concerned parties can terminate an agreement. For instance, your contract should introduce clauses to let clients know under what conditions they can terminate the contract. Besides, let them know if they are eligible for refunds after ending the contract.

Bottom line

These are just but a few of the clauses you should have when crafting a tutoring contract. Proofread your agreement with Grammarly to make sure that it is error-free. Always ask your clients to read through the terms of the contract before committing to working with you. This way, you will be able to seamlessly run your business and minimize disputes that could significantly hurt your business.

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Tutoring Business Cards

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1st Grade Reading Comprehension

1st Grade Reading Comprehension

First grade represents an important and exciting transition as kids leave behind most of the fun and games of kindergarten and preschool and begin to learn academic-oriented skills. As your child transitions to a more extensive learning extension, it is not uncommon to get tired and bored, which can result in difficulties focusing and absorbing content. Well, that’s normal! Even so, they need to learn how to read, you should not rush and force it. It does represents a crucial and essential part of their learning process and academic success but if the child get demotivated, the learning process will be even slower. The problem is, 1st-grade reading comprehension can be daunting and intimidating for a first…