How to Play Classroom Jeopardy

Get ready for Classroom Jeopardy, a super fun game you can play with students at school or online using apps like Zoom. I’m going to show you how to play it using a cool PowerPoint template. This game is not just about having fun, but it’s also great for learning. Teachers love it because it helps review what students have learned in a cool way and it’s perfect for working together at a team.

Basic Rules of Classroom Jeopardy Game

Playing a Classroom Jeopardy review game with this PowerPoint template is super easy and super fun. Here’s what you need to do:

Starting the Game

First, you need to open the Jeopardy PowerPoint file on your computer. Click on “Slide Show” and then select “From Beginning” to start your game.

Making Teams

Get your class together and divide everyone into teams. You can have as many teams as you like!

Choosing Questions

Each team takes turns to pick one of the five categories and a point value for their question. The teacher will then click on the point value that matches the question the team chose.

Answering Questions

The students discuss the correct answer. Sometimes, your teacher might set a time limit to make it more challenging.

Scoring Points

If a team gets the answer right, they win points! The teacher can add points to the team’s score by using the scoreboard in the PowerPoint. You can find the scoreboard on slide 67.

The Daily Double

There’s a special question called the “Daily Double” hidden on slide 21. This question lets you bet points before you see the question. If you get it right, you win the points you bet. But be careful, if you get it wrong, you lose those points!

The Final Question

At the end of the game, there’s one last question – the Final Question. Each team writes down how many points they want to bet and their answer on a piece of paper. If they get it right, they win those points. If not, they lose them. The team with the most points at the end is the winner!

Playing Online

To play Classroom Jeopardy online, like on Zoom, just start a Zoom meeting, share your screen, and choose the PowerPoint screen. Now everyone can see the game!

Customizing the PowerPoint Game Template

Making your own Jeopardy template is super cool because you can choose your own questions and categories.

Changing Categories and Questions

To change the categories, go to slide three and type in your categories.

customizing Jeopardy categories

Edit each question and answer slides by going to slide four for the questions (they’re on yellow background slides) and slide 34 for the answers (on blue background slides).

Don’t forget to customize the Daily Double on slide 21 and the Final Jeopardy question on slide 64, along with its answer on slide 65.

For Scoreboard Version

If you’re using the version with a scoreboard, you can change the names of the teams too! Go to VIEW, then Slide Master, and on the third slide, you can enter the names of your teams. Remember to close Slide Master when you’re done.

That’s it! Now you know how to play and customize your very own game. Have loads of fun playing with your friends and classmates! If you have any questions, just ask. Enjoy your Classroom JEOPARDY!

This video will help you customizing the Jeopardy template:

Why Is Jeopardy Good for Students?

Jeopardy is a great game for students for several reasons:

Learning While Having Fun

Jeopardy makes learning exciting. It turns lessons into a game, which means students can have fun while they’re learning new things. When students enjoy what they’re doing, they’re more likely to remember the information.

Encouraging Teamwork

When students play Jeopardy in teams, they learn to work together. They discuss answers and strategies, which helps them develop teamwork and communication skills.

Building Confidence

Jeopardy gives students a chance to show what they know. When they answer questions correctly, it boosts their confidence. Even when they get an answer wrong, they learn from their mistakes, which is a big part of learning.

Engaging Different Learning Styles

Jeopardy can include questions that appeal to different types of learners. Some students might be good at remembering facts (like history dates), while others might be better at solving problems (like math puzzles). This means all kinds of learners can participate and do well.

Reviewing and Reinforcing Knowledge

Jeopardy is a great way to review what’s been taught in class. It helps reinforce the lessons, making it easier for students to remember important information.

Time Management Skills

Since there’s often a time limit to answer each question, Jeopardy helps students develop quick thinking and time management skills.

Healthy Competition

Jeopardy introduces students to friendly competition. It’s a safe and fun way for them to compete with each other while also cheering for their classmates.

In short, the Jeopardy game is fun for any grade level and subject. It is an interactive learning tool that helps students in many different ways. It makes the classroom more engaging and helps students learn important skills while they’re having a great time!

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