Studying Abroad Checklist – What You Need to Do Before You Leave

Going to university is a significant step in anyone’s life, but there’s always plenty to consider before making the decision. You’ll undoubtedly be quite busy in the weeks leading up to the day you move in, from arranging housing to studying for your programs.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a studying abroad checklist that you must complete to avoid any last-minute headaches.

Our Checklist for Study Abroad

Obtain All Essential Medical Examinations and Immunisations

Your doctor may suggest that you go to a vacation clinic to understand precisely what you’ll have to keep healthy while traveling.

Inform your health insurance provider where and when you’ll be going, and make a claim for your medicines ahead of time. You may also get fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before flying to your university.

Speak With Your Bank

Consult your bank to learn how your card payments function in other countries. Some institutions will have convenient ATMs in your region, while others may have regional partners who don’t charge extra for cash withdrawals.

Plan ahead if you work with a local bank that doesn’t have worldwide exposure.

Students Visa for Studying Abroad

student visas for studying abroad

A visa is usually required when studying overseas. EU students who study in other EU nations are the only exception.

Brief linguistic courses may be studied on a travel visa, but most programs lasting more than three months demand a student visa. Always examine the visa requirements for the nation where you wish to study. Your educational ambition will be ended prematurely at the airport if you do not have the proper visa.

Before you may apply for a student visa, you must normally be admitted to a school. The university should give you the paperwork you have to apply for a student visa once you’ve enlisted and paid the costs and expenses incurred.

Student Housing

Finding a decent location to reside is essential if you want to enjoy your education abroad. Many universities have their own lodging, which you may reserve via them. Suppose you want to organize your own student housing in Manchester or Oxford.

In that case, the best option is to reserve some temporary accommodation by using a VPN service first and then locate a more permanent fix after you get to the destination and can inspect it in person.

Study Abroad Packing List

Another beneficial exercise for university preparations for individuals traveling overseas is to consider what they will need.

Students who are ecstatic about their international trip may not always be acting as realistically as they may be. It’s a smart option for students to look over their housing (if they’ve picked it) before starting their checklist.

Many student housing options will include at least some of the necessities; for example, some student housings in Nottingham provide kitchen utensils at no extra cost.

In any event, students should aim to keep their belongings to a minimum. It seems reasonable to buy goods when they reach, given luggage limits, various electrical outlets, and the sheer volume of items they’ll require.

Putting Together a Financial Plan for University

One of the most challenging transitions that students experience as they move to live independently is handling their own funds to a far greater extent than before.

Some students may not have previously been in charge of weekly shopping for groceries, vital amenities, or cleaning supplies. They could have also had firmer voices telling them not to eat out every evening or buy another pair of sneakers every week.

Planning for all of the many expenditures and incentives they may face while attending university abroad builds a useful framework for them to have a meaningful and beneficial experience.

Make a Conscious Effort to Safeguard Your Assets

You’ll very certainly be carrying a couple of your most valuable items, such as your laptops, tablets or smartphones, music player, passport, expensive clothing, or cash.

It is critical that you make a concerted effort to maintain account of your valuables. While stealing isn’t inherently more often overseas than at home, you’ll be more preoccupied while at college.

Keep your money in a money belt or anti-theft laptop backpack before leaving your hostel, apartment, or homestay. Any belongings you leave there should be locked up!


Who knew that preparing for an overseas study could be so entertaining? We’re sure you received a lot of aid and encouragement throughout the process, so make sure to express your gratitude to your loved ones.

Your study abroad checklist is no longer relevant and has played its part. It’s time to get down to college and learn something new.

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