While the highest MCAT score possible is 528, the Princeton Review defines a good MCAT score just above 510 for all four sections with a percentile of just above 80th. With a score of 500, you only in the 50th percentile. A score of 508 is acceptable by most medical schools. A score of 516 is necessary to get into the Ivy League. 68% of students are within one standard deviation of 500, with only 16.1% of students placing higher.

mcat score

The MCAT’s difficulty ensures that only the smartest and most diligent students become the pioneer of public health.

The MCAT Sections

The 2020 MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) exam has four sections with 230 questions in total. The score of each section is on a scale between 118 and 132.

The first three sections comprise 59 multiple-choice questions and a 95-minute passage-based section. While the last section is slightly shorter, with 53 multiple-choice questions and a 90-minute passage-based section.

Ultimately, achieving a good score on the MCAT depends on more than an empirical knowledge of the scientific subject matter. Thorough study with MCAT preparation books is important. The exam has new questions every year, and while existing questions are altered or removed. Changing questions ensure that the exam follows the most current and cutting-edge medical curricula. It’s important to pace yourself appropriately to ensure you complete all four sections.