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What is ESL? Everything You Need to Know

Approximately 6,500 languages are spoken in the world today. And out of the hundreds of countries available worldwide, only about 50 of them use English as their official language. That means people from the remaining countries cannot speak English, and if you’re one of them, you’ve probably come across or heard the term ESL, especially if you want to learn the language.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know, from what ESL is, its benefits and how to find the best ESL near me program. Keep reading to discover more about English as a second language.

What is ESL?

ESL is a short form of English as a second language. Students or individuals whose primary language isn’t English usually enrol in ESL programs with the aim of enhancing their speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. So what makes an individual learn English as a second language? Here are the reasons why study ESL:


Do you know that learning a second language can significantly improve your brain? It has been proven that individuals speaking more languages can multi-task and solve complex problems.

A person who combines these skills and can speak two or more languages is believed to have a higher executive function. Learning a second language can also protect your brain against Alzheimer’s, keeping it healthy.


Learning a second language allows you to communicate effectively with your family members and friends. Everyone likes meeting new people and making new friends. After all, who doesn’t like making new friends?

It’s one of the best things in life and when travelling around the world. Many individuals learn English as a second language to eliminate the language barrier factor. As a result, they can easily and effectively communicate with other people who don’t speak their primary language.

Business, Education and Career Advancement

Many international learning institutions and offices use English as their official language. That means they can easily attract great global talent and learners. Learning English will enable you to study, work and do business in any country across the world. And what this means is a better chance at education, career and business success.


Do you love travelling to different parts of the world? If yes, learning English as a second language is the best way to prepare for all of your next trips abroad. As you already know, many countries across the world use English as an official language. That means you’ll have no problem travelling around the globe since you have what it takes to communicate effectively with local residents of any country.

Is Learning English as a Second Language Difficult?

Learning English as a second language presents several challenges. From finding the best teacher and program to mastering specific noun and verb pairs, irregular plural forms, irregular verbs, and inconsistent pronunciation and spelling, you need to commit yourself to be a fluent English speaker. With excellent teachers, programs and dedication, anyone from any part of the world should improve their spoken and written English language.

How Can You Learn English as a Second Language?

You need to find the best ESL programs and classes to learn English. So what are ESL programs? These are classes or coursework designed to help individuals learn ESL. Not all students learn English as their second language since some of them are learning it as their 3rd, 4th or even 5th language.

Class activities and assignments depend on the ability of a student to learn the language as well as the difficulty of mastering it. While at higher levels, learning activities are structured around gaining fluency, students at lower levels, in most cases, learn how to pronounce words, write and combine them to create readable and meaningful sentences.

How to Find the Best ESL Program

Are you an international student looking for the best ESL program? If you try to search online, Google will present you with thousands of options. While a huge number presents numerous options, the selection process is overwhelming and challenging. If you don’t find the best ESL program, then your chances of mastering this language are very minimal.

Once you have decided between in-person and virtual, dorm and homestay, and the country, you need to consider a few factors to pick the best program. You need to find a program that features qualified and experienced teachers and the best curriculum. If you’re looking for the best ESL institution, consider its location, staff and reputation.

Research to find out what current and existing students have said about the ESL school in question and ensure it has a friendly and dedicated staff. Its location is equally important since you need to find one that is safe and convenient.

You can narrow down your process of finding the best program if you decide to learn through an online platform. The best online ESL platform has numerous expert tutors that allow you to learn English as a second language in the comfort of your home. With the best, reliable, and affordable platform, you can learn English anytime, anywhere!

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