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Amazon Prime for Teachers – 7 Ways to Save Money

The benefits of Amazon Prime for teachers are endless. While just about everyone can find something beneficial in the Prime membership offering, there are some fantastic benefits for teachers to make the most out of Amazon Prime with a 30-day free trial. Here are 7 fantastic perks that teachers can take advantage of to make the most of their Amazon Prime memberships!

1. Ebooks for Education

Amazon ebooks for education is a program where you can buy books electronically instead of in hardcopy format. The Amazon ebook program can be accessed online on Ebooks for Education.

Amazon offers popular textbooks, exam prep, and classic literature. Instead of purchasing 30 copies of a textbook, waiting for delivery, and handing them out to students, Amazon textbook rental offers ebooks for education to provide teachers with a much smoother process.

Once the user purchases and downloaded the books, the user has access to all textbooks through the Kindle app. Besides, students can notate important information, identify areas where they need more help, and keep class notes organized and all in one place. Best of all, the information can be accessed anywhere – at home on a desktop computer, or while on the go using a phone or tablet.

2. Amazon Prime Student

The cost for Amazon Prime Student is $6.49/month after a six-month free trial period, but Amazon offers additional services at a lower price to students, such as their upgraded Prime Music Unlimited Service. Once the teacher signed up for the Amazon Prime Student program, the first six months are a free trial period. You can use the Amazon Prime membership for shopping, TV, movie, music streaming, photo storage, or any other Prime service.

3. Amazon Education Publishing and Amazon Ignite

With Amazon Education, teachers can see their creations available for students everywhere. Both the Publishing and Amazon Ignite give educators an excellent opportunity to create and distribute their original educational materials for use by students & learners on both a large and small scale.

Amazon Education Publishing

With Amazon Education Publishing, teachers will have access to a direct publishing service with which they can create print-on-demand textbooks, workbooks, test preps, and worksheets, as well as ebooks and e-textbooks.

Because the author will own the copyright for their materials, it allows them total creative control and the ability to make adjustments and updates for future releases. It is a great way to ensure that amazing creations by educators are available to students all over the world. And best of all, it can even create a new income stream. Along with book format, it also allows educators to publish original work in other forms, audiobooks, and educational videos.

Amazon Ignite

A similar program is Amazon Ignite, which allows teachers to get even more creative!

It is for teachers of K-12th grade and provides a platform to share and sell original classroom creations such as vocabulary crossword puzzles, worksheets, classroom games,  and test prep sheets. The Ignite store is full of all kinds of fun and educational tools made by educators and other educators.

4. AWS Educate

AWS is Amazon’s cloud-based platform for businesses. It allows companies to utilize the cloud for data storage. AWS Educate runs proprietary programs for business. It also allows connecting with customers and managing their business without physical data centers.

Because cloud computing is a growing field, Amazon has created AWS Educate. It connects educators and students and provides resources to teach students about cloud careers. Teachers, who join this program, have free access to the AWS Educators Collaboration Portal and AWS essentials learning.

5. AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile is a great way for teachers, parents, and administrators to help support their school. When shopping through the amazon smile program,  .5% of all eligible purchases are a donation back to the charity or school the shopper selects. The prices and availability of items using AmazonSmile are the same as when using a traditional Amazon Prime account.

The user simply goes to smile amazon. Once on the AmazonSmile site, the user will need to specify their charity of choice. Enter the school or school district name, and the decision will remain on the AmazonSmile account for all future purchases. The user can change the charity/school at any time, and any item eligible for the cashback donation will be notated with “eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on the product detail page.

Additionally, teachers and administrators can work with their school’s PTA/PTO to encourage parents to set up their AmazonSmile account for purchases.  If a particular school or district is not registered for AmazonSmiles, they can go to to complete registration.

6. Amazon Associates

For teachers who use social media to support educational endeavors, the Amazon affiliate program is a great way to connect with students and other educators. It monetizes its site at the same time. The Amazon affiliate program is called Amazon Associates. For teachers, who have a personal website, a blog, or a YouTube channel dedicated to education, it is easy to sign up as an affiliate. Teachers will register with the Amazon Associate program and once the user signed up, it is straightforward.

As teachers create their content, they can recommend specific products to their students. Then, simply provide a link for users that takes them directly to the products on Amazon. Anytime someone purchased a product through the link provided, the Amazon affiliate program will receive a commission. It is a great way to reach out to students and other educators.

7. Amazon Business for Education

With Amazon Business for Education, teachers and administrators can cut costs and streamline the purchasing process within their school or school district. Amazon Business for Education is not only a great purchasing system set up, it is also a user-friendly way for teachers to receive the supplies they need for their classroom. Its design is for easy review and approval within the school’s chain of command. Because this program is designed with education in mind, it helps teachers get the necessary supplies into their classrooms as quickly and efficiently as possible

Summary of Amazon Prime for Teachers

Amazon takes education very seriously. Hence, Amazon supports schools, educators, and students through its various program. Amazon strives to make education available through its digital programs and products to students anywhere in the world. If you are interested in reading more about the various educational support programs from Amazon, go to Amazon Education and click on any of the program links available to learn more.

For teachers and other educators, who have not yet taken advantage of everything that Amazon Prime offers, Amazon offers a 30 day free trial period for new users.

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