Best Reading Comprehension Books for 4th Grade

In this article, we put together a list of the best reading comprehension books for 4th-grade students to help with fourth-grade reading comprehension success.

The fourth grade is an important and exciting year for kids, teachers, and parents. Parents have to trust their children more and let them explore independently. Especially when it comes to school, but this does not mean that parents can not help when their child needs support with fourth-year reading skills at home.

Creating a reading atmosphere at home with a comfortable reading chair or a bean bag chair and your child’s favorite book will help your child feel more comfortable reading.

Teachers do their best to help students when they struggle with 4th-grade reading comprehension. But the classrooms are often crowded, and the students must continue practicing at home.

You can find many free fourth-grade reading skills fourth-grade worksheets online and some affordable 4th-grade reading comprehension books on Amazon. Rather than having a collection of sheets flying around in my kid’s backpack, I prefer workbooks that guide the children towards a better understanding of texts and more fluency in reading aloud.

1. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension by Scholastic book includes worksheets with activities to practice reading and get on top of the fourth grade. The stories are fun and challenging, but without being frustrating.

The book is highly detailed on about 60 pages and with 27 different letters. Each letter has questions and activities to make the readers think about what they just read.

Short readings help to practice critical thinking and give great topics to talk about afterward. It is the right mix of written stories and information, such as tables and graphs.

Another advantage of this fourth-grade book is that it is thin enough to go through during the holidays.

2. 180 Days of Reading for Fourth Grade

180 Days of Reading is the perfect book for after-school programs. Through quick diagnostic-based activities, students practice their reading regularly.

The stories are fiction and nonfiction and come with a Digital Resource with electronic versions of the practice activities and a DVD with each assignment’s printable pages.

During the school holidays, we find that it would be possible for a child in fourth grade to read about four pages per day without being overwhelmed. The passages are short and not too challenging.

This fourth-grade book is excellent for new homeschoolers who try to avoid an expensive curriculum.

3. Scholastic Success With Reading Tests

Reading Tests includes many short reading passages. Each passage is followed by three questions that practice the student’s understanding of the text.

What we like about this book it comes with synonym vocabulary pages.

The passages are short enough to either do as a warm-up exercise at school or to do as additional homework before bedtime.

The tests are made of short stories with multiple questions. Teachers and parents find the answers at the back of the fourth-grade book.

4. Spectrum | Reading Workbook 

Spectrum Reading is a good holiday purchase. Letters and sounds focus on practicing reading.  On 75 one-page passages, you can find fictional and nonfictional stories which all follow the standard-based learning level for grade 4.

The lessons come with an illustrated story followed by exercises.

With this book, students can use context clues to understand the vocabulary and improve their 4th-grade reading skills.

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