ATAS Practice Test – Tips for Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants are crucial to a well-functioning, effective learning environment. But to become a certified teaching assistant, you need to pass an assessment of teaching assistant skills (ATAS) test. Below you will find our favorite ATAS practice test study guide and online course that can help you prepare to take the New York State teacher certification exam.

The Importance of Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants do not only report to a lead New York teacher. They have a much more valuable role in the classroom, from monitoring students’ behavior in the classroom and hallways and safety on the playground to grading papers and tests and keeping class records, teaching assistants to provide much-needed support to their lead teachers.

A good teaching assistant can also aid with math and instructional support.

They help small group work and students with special needs or students who may be struggling.

Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills ATAS

New York State teaching assistants must pass the New York State teacher certification test before entering the classroom and providing instruction. The teaching assistant skills (ATAS) test is a comprehensive examination of the candidate’s strengths and teaching assistant skills in several areas. The areas include reading, writing, math, and instructional skills.

Potential teaching assistants need high-quality instruction, detailed study materials, and realistic ATAS 095 practice tests to ensure exceptional test results. So, how can a prospective teaching assistant receive the needed training to pass the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills (ATAS) (095) Test?

Future teaching assistants need to look no further than Mometrix University’s online NYSTCE ATAS Practice Test course. This course prepares candidates for the exam by teaching the exam format with various types of exam questions. It also advises on how to study for it effectively.

Nuts and Bolts of the ATAS Test

The NYSTCE ATAS test assesses the candidate’s skills and strengths in many areas. This computer-based test contains 100 questions in instruction related to Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Instructional Support. Future teaching assistants need to pass the ATAS test with a score of 220 or higher. The exam costs $71 and is three hours in length. The initial certification is valid for five years. To most appropriately prepare for the exam, Mometrix University provides an in-depth, online training course so candidates can tackle the exam head-on.

Full Preparation—Online!

Mometrix University offers an all-encompassing online preparation course. The course provides all of the information a candidate needs to pass the New York State teacher certificate. Besides, the course helps candidates to build teaching assistant skills. It comes with 46 lessons covering all test topics.

The lessons include 140 video tutorials, over 500 NYSTCE ATAS test practice questions, more than 400 electronic flashcards, and much more. It offers full online access and has a money-back guarantee. Even tech-wary users can take advantage and reap the benefits of this online course. Since so many educational classes are currently online, now is the perfect opportunity to begin training for the NYSTCE ATAS (095) exam. Some benefits of online learning include:

  • Learning that is flexible for a candidate’s busy schedule.
  • Easy-to-access course materials.
  • The opportunity to learn and retain new skills.
  • With more online opportunities-with within the current educational climate, students can experience the great benefits and previously unknown advantages of online or distance learning.

The course teaches candidates how to prepare for the four topics covered:


The Mometrix course covers the crucial skills required for reading. This includes interpreting information, idea sequences in passages, and decoding information included in reading passages. Synonyms and antonyms, vocabulary and meaning of words, homophones, and how they are misused are also part f the course. Besides, students get an idea of the sequencing in a reading passage.

They also learn how to interpret information in text and graphs and how to recognize cause-and-effect relationships. Reading and writing are crucial skills for students to master and affect all subject areas, so the Mometrix course provides test-taking skills helpful for users.


The writing portion provides information to help candidates prepare and understand subject-verb agreement. Students learn verb tenses, capitalization and spelling, sentence structure, and spelling are just a few of the areas covered in the course’s writing section.

The proper use of pronouns and modifiers is part of this area. Pronouns and modifiers, and sentence structure tend to be areas that students, especially English language learners, struggle with and find difficult to understand. Candidates will complete the course with a greater understanding of how to assist students with their writing skills.


Candidates will study the basics of number concepts, addition, and subtraction, important number concepts including rounding and weights and measurement, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, and other necessary math skills. These skills are all crucial in helping students solve problems in day-to-day life. Fractions, decimals, and percents are frequently used in life outside of the classroom. They are important skills that the ATAS practice test helps candidates review using practice questions.

Instructional Support

This main content shows how a teaching assistant can help students by introducing instruction on assisting students with writing, reading, and mathematics. It covers subjects including using resources in reading–sharpening grammar skills, drafting and proofreading writing, and math skills like using math in everyday life and utilizing math resources. Mometrix also offers an  ATAS test preparation book to supplement the course.


This course is suitable for every type of learner. Visual learners benefit from watching the videos, which contain graphs, images, and more. For reading learners, content in the highly regarded study guide is a wonderful supplement.

Therefore, all learners can benefit by learning through practice and repetition. Candidates can redo a more difficult lesson as often as necessary and take practice tests and quizzes after lessons to build confidence. Candidates can also track their progress on a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. Keeping track is easy with reading through lessons, marking them complete when done with each section.

Test Preparation Study Guide Available

The NYSTCE Secrets Study Guide manual provides valuable resources to future teaching assistants. The prep study guide will help you prepare to sit for assessing the teaching assistant skills test. It does not only contain practice test questions but also testing tips and strategies. It also reviews the reading, writing, math–including addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, and instructional support sections at length, with examples and explanations.

This written guide is key to passing the NYSTCE ATAS (095) exam. It explains all sections of the test, logically breaking down topics and expounding on them in an organized and logical way. Valuable practice questions with detailed, in-depth explanations help candidates understand concepts and principles and the reasoning behind them simply and straightforwardly.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

When readying for the assessment of the teaching assistant test, candidates should prepare themselves in many ways. At test time, don’t walk in on test day without preparing! Studying regularly, reviewing all areas and questions, taking ATAS practice tests, using the included flashcards, and watching the helpful instructional videos will help achieve a high score. It will also increase the chances of developing quality teaching assistant skills. These are all included in the coursework.

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