5 Best Academic Planners for College Students

College students live a busy life between exams, friends, family, and attending classes. To avoid getting lost in the chaos, college planners can help students to keep track of assignments, due dates, extra-curricular and social events. In this review, you will find the best academic planners for college students.

The 5 Best Planners for College Students at a Glance:

  1. Overall Best Planner: BooQool Weekly and Monthly Planner
  2. Perfect Planner for HomeschoolFrasukis Planner
  3. With Calendar StickersLemome Weekly and Monthly Planner
  4. Best College Student PlannerTullofa Academic Planner
  5. Best Goals JournalGoGirls Undated Planner

If you are after an academic planner to set new personal goals and increase productivity, take a look at the Erin Condren Academic Planner.

The 5 Best Planners for Students

1. BooQool Weekly & Monthly Planner

BooQool 2022 Planner

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BooQool prides itself on thick pages, a convenient 2-sided picket, and durability. These college student planners offer a monthly calendar followed by weekly layouts with a two-page spread of lined days.


This type of academic planner is the perfect new companion for busy students and teachers on a tight schedule. Its flexible cover and twin-wire binding make for a durable option to switch from bag to bag. The small size of 6.25” x 8.3” also supports its transportability.

The 2-sided pocket is surprisingly useful and comes with inspirational quotes inside the pocket. One side can comfortably hide your phone away while the other holds receipts and business cards. Since this student planner is smaller, you will have to fold most papers to fit them into the pocket. However, this fact limits its contents to only the most important keepsakes.

The daily pages in this planner keep dates, assignments, and appointments and are more organized and easy to read. Additionally, this student planner is ready to use immediately, with no page or design planning necessary. Finally, the white pages of this academic planner are 20% thicker than standard paper. Highlighting important dates with your favorite pens will not be a problem in this paper!

Overall, this is an excellent option for any college student looking for a durable planner that is ready to use and can fit in various backpacks for college!

2. Frasukis Planner

Frasukis 2022 Planner

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Frasukis Planner is banded and compact, keeping it closed as it travels with you all day. The design on the front is sleek, and the book is hard to make extra sturdy.


This is the ultimate student planner. The hardcover provides a bit of protection for the pages that a flexible cover cannot necessarily also provide. The elastic band adds a support level for the academic planner’s pages, keeping it closed in your bag.

This planner has a pocket inside for storing papers. The elastic band also serves to maintain the papers inside this folder. The monthly tabs are coated for protection. Besides, there is a slim column to the right of each of the 12 months for notes. Each week is a 2-page spread.

Overall, this academic planner is simple and ready to use. The characteristics that make this one stand out are its hardcover and elastic band. The hardcover of this planner makes it easy to open to a single page, and with the elastic band, the academic planner will stay open to the current or new day to keep you on track and your daily goals in mind!

3. Lemome Planner (Vegan Leather)

Lemome monthly and weekly Planner

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Lemome Planner offers a simple vegan leather cover, an elastic band along the spine to hold a pen, an elastic band, and two ribbons to bookmark. Off-white weekly planning pages come in two sizes: those who prefer smaller college student planners to fit in a variety of bags and those who like a larger academic planner with more space to write.


This stylish planner will bring your college life in order. It comes with colorful monthly calendar stickers. A preview of what’s to come on your monthly pages and sticker tabs to easily find the beginning of each month. The sticker tabs help to protrude from the rest of the pages, so you can utilize them to get to the page you’re looking for easily. This one is bound like a book, which prevents its edges from being caught on zippers or any clothing in the bag.

On the cover is a pocket the length of the academic planner where you can keep stickers. The design of the pocket does not allow for much expansion or effortless access. Still, it does offer storage that is quite secure since the top and bottom of the pouch are closed, with the opening pointing toward the binding of the pages.

This student planner’s back is a collection of 88 additional lined note pages, making it convenient to carry to meetings requiring note-taking. The small band on the planner’s spine will ensure that you always have a pen available when you need it.

Ultimately, like the previously reviewed planners, this one is ready-to-use with a bit of a different feel and look to it. Perhaps a bit more sophisticated with its faux leather and bookbinding, it makes a great companion for the transition from college student to young professional.

4. Tullofa Academic Planner

Tuloffa 2022-2023 Academic Planner

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The Tullofa Planners are one of the best planners for college students yet. They combine many of the details of previously mentioned planners and add a pop of color that will draw many to it! With a few different options for covers that vary in more ways than just a solid color switch, this college planner will appeal to many as the covers and pages are likely to inspire creativity for its users!


This ultimate planner is small, so the ability to fit in a variety of bags remains. It has hard covers, twin wire bindings, and an elastic band. There is a pocket on the back’s inside, and the coated tabs protrude from the pages. Next to each monthly calendar, there is a slim-lined space for making notes.

There is a small box at the top of each weekly planner page to list the week’s priorities. Another small but noticeable detail in each spread is the inclusion of a small at-a-glance monthly calendar with that week highlighted.

Another perk of this academic planner is that Saturday and Sunday each have their section equal in size to every other day. Most planners, especially those smaller in size, split Saturday and Sunday into two columns in the last lined part of the weekly spread, providing less space for those days. However, this planner accounts for the fact that students will have workloads and social events on the weekends comparable to the rest of their days.

Finally, this type of academic planner does come in a larger size that provides similar organizational planner features with a built-in “To-Do Lists” area for each day in the weekly spread. Small boxes are provided in the right half of each day’s section so that tasks can be checked off as they are completed, adding an extra bit of organizational flair!

This is appealing for its aesthetic and combination of features from the options above. Unlike other academic planners for college students, this planner wraps up the others’ best parts and can help you keep you organized and your planner pages protected!

5. GoGirl Planner and Organizer

GoGirl Planner for students

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The GoGirls Planner is great for students to stay organized, focused, and aimed at self-improvement.  This entire planner is undated, both months and weeks, so they are incredibly customizable. The 12 months calendars are together, and so are the weekly spreads, which are fundamentally different from other students planners.

GoGirl has a hardcover with an animal-friendly leather covering. This academic planner includes a pocket to store papers and three thin ribbon bookmarks, each in color, to mark your place in the monthly calendars, the weekly pages, and the dot grid notes section.


The GoGirl planner has sections for pretty much everything we can think might be important to students. This academic planner can help you to keep track of your habits and personal goal setting. This planner doubles as a life planner. It includes extra pages to curate a vision of your college life and write down goals in 7 specific areas of life.

The next two-page spread encourages deeper personal reflection and further planning, providing a space for you to strategize about skills to acquire, bad habits you want to break, and people you want to see more or less. Writing this information down will encourage you to follow through with these. On the adjacent page is a place for you to record your morning and evening routines, the things you are consistently grateful for, and the affirmations that inspire and motivate you. Additionally, incorporating a resource like ExamCollection, which offers practice exams, can help you plan and prepare for any upcoming certification tests as part of your personal and professional development goals.

Each monthly calendar includes a slim space for notes and sections on the bottom for monthly goals. The weekly spreads place the days of the week on the left page. The right space provides designated areas for weekly priorities, to-do lists, habit trackers, and notes or doodles.

GoGirl is great for busy students who want to keep the class schedule in mind. And the best part of this student planner is, that you can purchase it at any point throughout the academic year and use it without wasting any pages. In this way, it can be a great tool to get you on track at any point throughout the college year!

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