Tutoring Business Cards

Tutoring Business Cards

So, you’ve finally immersed yourself into the tutoring realm and you are now looking for a way to expand your presence? Well, tutoring business cards are an ideal way to advertise your services. These cards not only express how professional your business is but also send a positive message regarding the quality of your services. Moreover, tutoring business cards convey a concise but memorable version of what you do and offer plus information on how interested clients can reach you. Taking all this into consideration, they can be a very effective and efficient way to market your services if designed and distributed appropriately.

Designing your tutoring business card

Besides conveying what you do, the other important reason for having a tutoring business card is conveying your contact information to interested clients. Therefore, there is a need to strike a balance in the content displayed. I mean, no too little and at the same time not too much.

Other things to take into consideration:

  • Avoid using fonts that are small, hard to read, or blend with the background of the card.
  • Use your primary contact information such as your main phone number or the email that you log into daily.
  • Create a professional and relevant logo and if you have a website include it on the card.
  • Provide an address of your company and if you don’t have one include your home address and the city you are located in.
  • Provide links to your social media accounts but be careful not clutter the card with so many. 1 or 2 will be enough.

Distribute and Market your Tutoring Business Cards

After designing and printing your cards, you will need to market and distribute them to your target audience.

Leave them in Public Places

Place them in public places where your target audience regularly visit. This could include schools, cafes, colleges, town hall, and libraries.  You can also talk to shop owners and convenience store managers to see if they can distribute them for you.

Always Carry your Cards with You

By carrying a few of your tutoring business cards, you can seamlessly distribute them to friends, family and work colleagues. By so doing, you will be expanding the reach of your business since such people will hopefully refer to students in need of your tutoring services

Do Not Hold Back

Whenever it concerns marketing your tutoring services, always bear in mind the phrase “nothing ventured nothing gained”. Therefore, besides your family and friends, be sure to hand your cards to people you come across even if they are strangers. Why? Even if that particular person is not in need of your services, they might be knowing someone who is. Also, hand them 2 cards, one for themselves and another one for a friend or family member. This way, you can be sure that one of them will refer you a friend of theirs who could be needing your services.

Include Special Discounts and Offers

Everyone loves free things and you can use this to your advantage to attract clients. On your card, include offers that potential clients will hard to resist. For instance, you can offer a first free session, 10% off for the first five, or reduced rates for group lessons.

Bottom line

If you want your card to bring in the much-needed clients, go an extra mile to not only design them but also to applying the distribution and marketing tips outlined above. This will give you a competitive edge against other tutors providing similar services but have not invested the time and dedication to design, market and distribute their tutoring business cards.

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