10 Best Classroom Speakers for Teachers in 2023

Ready to get pumping with some new classroom speakers? My students have always loved the ability to listen to coursebook audio and music in class.

Speakers are a great tool to have when showing that movie that went with a book you read in class. Having a set of speakers for your classroom with good sound quality is one of the best things you can do for your class and motivates your students to learn.

While most students carry around a set of their own headphones or earbuds, kids always like to hear their song requests come over our classroom computer speakers.

Typical classroom projector speakers can come across as too quiet for anyone to hear what is happening in the movie, making that compare and contrast assignment difficult later. Whatever reason you are using or needing speakers for your class, we’ve got you covered.

The 10 Best Classroom Speakers at a Glance

If you are want to surround your class with the best sound quality or want something small, keep going! Below is our list of the top ten classroom speakers found on Amazon.

  1. Bose Companion Multimedia Speakers
  2. MusiBaby Bluetooth Speaker
  3. JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Pyle Portable Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker
  5. Creative Pebble Desktop Speakers
  6. AmazonBasics Computer Speakers
  7. Polk Audio Signa TV Sound Bar
  8. Echo 3rd Generation Smart Speaker
  9. Cyber Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers
  10. Sanyun Computer Speakers

If you want something smaller, something that you can carry with you wherever you go, you may be interested in voice amplifiers.

Best Classroom Speakers for Teachers in 2023 Reviewed

1. Bose Companion Multimedia Speakers

Bose Speakers

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When talking about classroom speakers, it makes sense to begin at the top with one of the best. Bose Companion has always been known as a leader in the business of high-quality speakers.

Having the Bose Companion Multimedia Speakers in the classroom is awesome because these two speakers can provide clear sound quality that doesn’t dissipate when the volume goes up. Connect these two speakers easily to your computer or tablet with the auxiliary cord. This is not a wireless speaker and it needs to be plugged into a power source for it to work.

Don’t want the whole class to hear what you’re playing? Just plug your headphones into the front or turn the volume down with the adjustable knob. The Bose Companion scores a 4.6 out of 5-stars rating out of over eight thousand customers on Amazon! That is definitely something to take into consideration when looking for a system that will last a while.

Our Thoughts

With these Bose speakers connecting to your computer, students throughout the classroom will surely be able to hear whatever movie, short video, documentary, or music that you play.

I have found that these speakers’ audio quality provides powerful and clear sound quality to use in your class or for personal use. This speaker system does limit your mobility because it needs a power source.

2. MusiBaby Bluetooth Speakers

MusiBaby New Model 2022


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If you want a lot of bang for your buck, this speaker certainly has one of the best price points on Amazon! This easy-to-use portable speaker by MusiBaby boasts a great bass sound system and can connect (and stay connected) to your device under difficult conditions.

These speakers received a 4.3 out of 5-stars rating from more than two thousand customers. Moreover, this wireless speaker is waterproof, so don’t worry about those spills.

Need a little more sound in different places? Connect two of these devices wirelessly for great sound from one side of the classroom to the other. This little device is a little under five inches in length and can last for up to twenty-five hours on a single charge! Charging takes only about two hours, not a lot for a ton of great playtime.

Lastly, get all you need to use these little speakers; however, you need to. This device comes with a charging cord, an auxiliary cord, and a hanging cord.

Our Thoughts

Because this item is so compact, it is easy to transport to and from school if you also want to use this at home. Connecting these speakers to your phone makes it easy to take music outside with your class for a field day or take it home to use. Even better is the ability to pair two speakers together!

Any teacher will love to place these in different areas and play music during class or show a documentary.

3. JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth Speakers


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JBL speaker products are well known for their name in sound quality for long-lasting and quality speakers. This portable speaker has many great features that will make you want this device for your classroom.

With an astounding 4.8 out of 5-stars rating from over fourteen thousand customers on Amazon, you can be sure you will have the best experience! This JBL comes in fourteen different colors and can play music for up to twenty hours on a four-hour charge.

The JBL sound quality is one of the best on the market and at a price that anyone can grasp. Control your music volume easily from the speaker or your device. On and off controls are on the actual device.

Our Thoughts

If you want the best quality sound system speaker, then search no further. The volume on this Bluetooth speaker gets a lot louder than expected, so other classrooms may potentially be able to hear your background music or video if you turn this all the way up!

These Bluetooth speakers may also make the other classrooms jealous when they hear the amazing sound quality from the jams being played!

4. Pyle Portable Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker

Pyle loudspeaker

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Need something to sound enough for a small field of kids to hear? Look no further than this 400W loudspeaker. The Portable Bluetooth speaker is sure to be approved by your principal because the price is too good to be true.

Why spend a ton of money on sound systems when you can save some money to spend where it matters? This wireless speaker is rechargeable and comes with remote control.

This device is powerful and has the best audio quality for the price, and you can be sure you will hear your music bumping from classrooms away. Volume control on this product can be found on the remote or on the device itself. The remote control for these speakers isn’t just for the music.

Light up the room with the LED lights that comes from these speakers. Customize your sounds by controlling the sound and bass from the speaker.

Our Thoughts

This loudspeaker is truly a good choice if you have any classroom game type outside or if your classroom is in the gym. Kids will love your new speaker because they can listen to music when you take them out of the room and outside for some fun activities. One speaker can be shared amongst several classrooms, or a better option, maybe to have one for your classroom alone.

5. Creative Pebble Desktop Speakers

Creative Pebble Classroom Speakers for Desk

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The name of these little speakers is just as cute and compact as how they sound! Connect to your desktop computer with a simple USB.

These Creative Pebble speakers are easy to use as they are also powered by USB, which will make the need to find a wall outlet unnecessary. These computer audio speakers are small and would work best with limited space or in a small classroom.

This product is at the top of its game in the world of Amazon computer speakers with a 4.6 out of 5-stars rating from over twenty-six thousand (that’s right) customers.

Our Thoughts

This product may not look like much, but they have great sound quality that may not be expected from smaller speakers.

The downside, this is not a Bluetooth speaker, and it is the type that needs to be connected to an outlet and computer at all times. So if your prerogative is to have speakers that can move around the room, this may not be the best option for you.

6. AmazonBasics Computer Speakers 

AmazonBasics Classroom Speakers

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With free delivery through Amazon, why look any further. Like anything that comes with the Amazon branding, you can expect that this product has high-quality sound for a desktop computer or laptop for teachers.

These computer audio speakers will be used by either plugging in your headphones to the 3.5mm audio input or directing sound straight from the computer.

Our Thoughts

These speakers are easy to use and are a good choice if you want basic computer speakers that don’t take a lot of time. Desktop speakers, such as these, are a perfect option if want a good audio sound to listen to music either through your headphones or just loud enough for the class to hear.

If you want compelling audio from a set of computer speakers, this may not be the best option. Don’t get me wrong; these are outstanding speakers. However, they are truly geared toward providing audio quality in a small area.

7. Polk Audio Sound Bar and Subwoofer Speaker 

Polk Audio

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The Polk speaker system would certainly be a great addition for anyone wanting a home theater speaker system. These speakers are easy to use and have a high-quality sound for filling your rooms with music and sound.

These speakers are a good choice for a home theater system with minimal wires. The best part is this subwoofer is wireless. And what’s better is that this speaker product comes with new HDMI cables and optical cables for easy setup.

Even more importantly, these systems received a 4.5 out of 5-stars rating out of over five thousand consumers on Amazon. So if you want something that will show well in your home, is powerful, has great sound, and will add the feeling go being in a movie theater, this is the system for you!

Need some more bass? Turn up the sound as high as you want on these speakers to add that bass bump to your room. Well…maybe not as high as you want!

Our Thoughts

You will be sure to surround sound with any audio or music you play through this system. These surround sound speakers may make the other classrooms jealous when you show your next movie.

The wireless subwoofer will provide better surround coverage than that of just the soundbar alone. More so, even if you don’t use this in your classroom and you have it for your home, you will certainly be enjoying movie night!

8. Echo 3rd Generation Smart Speaker

Echo Classroom Smart Speaker

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With the Echo 3rd Generation Smart Speaker, experience the awesome capability of voice control. Being one of Amazon’s top products time and time again, these speakers are in high demand.

The high-quality audio from these devices is perfect for a small classroom. The Amazon Echo allows you to voice control your music from anywhere in the classroom. You can also control music and change songs by syncing your phone with the device.

Because of these speakers’ round shapes, the audio projection is sure to surround all classroom parts evenly. Furthermore, the fact that this device isn’t just a speaker. It’s a smart device that has the potential to connect to so many different things.

Our Thoughts

These are the BEST classroom speakers when it comes to getting your students engaged! Time and time again, you will get students listening quickly by simply asking Alexa to play a favorite song. Maybe establish something fun in your classroom by asking Alexa for the joke of the day? Or, create classroom-specific music playlists and let the kids ask Alexa to play them. Your students will want to talk to this audio device every day…if you let them!

As mentioned above, this device is smart, which means, at some point should you choose to pair this with light bulbs in your class, you can. Imagine saying, “Alexa, turn the back corner, light blue.” How awesome would that be?

One downfall (from personal experience)…students can ask Alexa to order pizza, no joke. So you may need to hit that microphone mute button! Also, this may not be the best option for someone who is wanting something wireless.

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