Suppose you’re ever on the go or in a rush to get to work, school, or university; having the ability to heat your food while en route to your destination is invaluable. Normal food containers are great for supporting a cold meal or chips, but last night’s leftovers are out of the question. With an electric lunch box heater, you avoid that early morning rush out the door. An electric heating lunch box can heat your food and get you ready for the day.

When picking an electric lunch box for you, it is important to understand where you will be using it. Electric lunch boxes from COROTC, Eocolz, and Toursion provide the most versatility as you can plug them both into your car’s 12V power source outlet or at any workplace that comes with a 110V power source available. On the other hand, electric heated lunch boxes from YOHOOLYO can only be used at home or workplace, where you can access 110V power source outlets.

You see, finding the best electric lunch box can be difficult as there are plenty of options available. Our buyers guide can help you make a decision and explain what to look for in an electric heating lunch box that keeps your lunch hot.

3 Things You Should Pay Attention to When Buying an Electric Lunch Box

1. Transport

You are most likely on the go if you are looking for an electric heating lunch box, so you don’t want a clunky product and difficult to carry. Compact electric lunch boxes are great because they can store a full meal and are easy to hide away while at the office or school. The heated lunch boxes are smaller, making it easier when you are looking for a lunch box for a car.

2. Easy to clean

We do not recommend electric lunch containers that are difficult to clean or stain easily. The best electric lunch box or food heater that is simple to clean and won’t leave memories of the last lunch you stored. 304 stainless steel electric heated lunch boxes are the best when it comes to cleaning.

3. Good storage

Finding the perfect match of a compact and an electric heated lunch box that can store a decent meal can be difficult. Many lunch boxes achieve this with removable containers – others heated lunch boxes make space by removing extra features.

These are the features that we kept an eye out for during our review process of the best-heated lunch boxes and should help pave the way for you to find a high-quality heated lunchbox for you. Every box on our list comes with these features.

The 5 Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes at a Glance

  1. Our Choice: COROTC Car Electric Lunch Box
  2. YOHOOLYO Electric Lunch Box Food Heater
  3. Eocolz 2-in-1 Electric Lunch Box
  4. Toursion Portable Lunch Box Food Heater 2-in-1
  5. Electric Bento Lunch Box (Biggest Item on The List)

We created a list of our five favorite electric heating lunch boxes in 2021 so that you will not be lost searching through features and best reviews. Every lunch box on our list will warm your food and keep your lunch hot while on the go. Say goodbye to waiting for the microwave or limiting yourself to a cold lunch – electric lunch boxes are here to help. Should you only have cold lunches, you may be interested in insulated lunch boxes.

The 5 Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes Reviewed

1. COROTC Car Electric Lunch Box

The COROTC Car lunch box is one of the best electric heated lunch boxes on our list. The box is made out of 304 stainless steel and PP plastic, both easy to clean and heat resistant. This package includes two different types of plugs so that you can heat your food on the road and at home. An indicator light helps alert you when your food is done heating and is ready to be consumed. With a 30-50-minute-long heating time, it strives to consume less power and be more energy-efficient.

Our Honest Review

This is the best electric heated lunch box for the car we’ve encountered. It’s a high-quality and energy-efficient heated lunch box that is easy to use almost anywhere and keeps your food hot while you’re out. The materials of this product keep your food safe as you store it. The food-grade PP plastic is approved for handling food, and the stainless steel won’t rust.

With the food-grade pp stainless steel container, this product is one of the easiest electric heated lunch boxes to wash. Remove the steel and place it in the dishwasher. We love how easy it is to clean this box. Though part of the electric heated lunch box is made out of plastic, this box is resistant to heat, so no compromise is likely.

Although this is the best heated electric lunch box, there is a minor issue with this lunch box, doubled as a positive feature. This box has a heating time of 30-50 minutes before your lunch is hot. And the best, for anyone using this electric lunch box to warm up a meal on the road, you do not need to deplete your car battery after extended use, so the lower power consumption is a great addition for you.

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2. YOHOOLYO Electric Lunch Box and Food Heater

The YOHOOLYO lunch box comprises high-quality food-grade material designed for compartmental use as the box employs three separate compartments. The 110V power source is perfect for a quick cook in the home kitchen or office if you’re on the go. The electric heated lunch box’s curved hood allows for vertical storage, which offers more capacity for your lunch. This lunch box’s interior is made of eco-friendly PP stainless steel, which is easy to remove and quick to clean. The insulated interior keeps food hot long after the electric heating of your lunch is done.

Our Honest Review

We fell in love with this box rather quickly once the lunch began heating. It’s one of the quickest electric heating lunch boxes as the voltage can support lower heating times. The three-compartment design is unique and quite useful with this food warmer. Most heating lunch boxes only come with one food container, which can support a few options, whereas this one is better for multiple snacks and meals.

The eco-friendly stainless steel is about as easy to clean as you might hope it to be. It’s a simple procedure to remove and wash, which encourages you to do so after every use. It’s dishwasher safe, which offers you a hands-off washing process. When the insulation works properly, it keeps your lunch hot for the duration of the workday.

However, we noticed that some issues arise with the insulation as it can easily become compromised, which cools off your lunch before you might intend to. The high voltage also makes it so heating your meal in your vehicle and on your commute isn’t possible. Overall, the Yohoolyo electric lunch box deserves a spot on our list of our favorite electric heated lunchboxes in 2021 that support office and work use and will keep your food hot for hours.

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3. Eocolz 2-in-1 Electric Lunch Box

The Eocolz 2-in-1 lunch box is one of our list’s larger options, coming in at 1.5L capacity. The lunch box is made of safe food-grade material. The bento box is made of food-grade plastic and comes with a 304 stainless steel container. The interior supports easy cleaning and food-safe storage. The PTC interior energy-saving components prevent overheating and will keep your food warm for hours after the heating process is complete. There are two voltage settings – one for the home kitchen (110V) and one for the vehicle (12V). It uses a waterproof design to keep it safe while washing.

Our Honest Review

This is a fantastic electric heating lunch box. It comes with some of the best features we look for in electrically heated lunch boxes as you can plug it into a 12V power source of a car/truck and is easy to clean with the stainless steel interior. When using this lunch box, we fell in love with the meal space it provided. Other products we reviewed were much smaller and could only support a few items, whereas it has 1.5L of capacity.

The speed at which this food warmer can heat the lunch is amazing. It only takes 30-40 minutes to heat the lunch while others need almost an hour. The insulation is strong enough to keep your food warm throughout the office or school day, even when you turn the electric lunch box off. Having the PTC energy-saving aspect helps guarantee your food won’t be overheated.

The product was the durability of it. It works great for the first few times we used it, but problems began to arise after a few uses. The plastic shell that this electrically heated lunch box uses isn’t the strongest and could begin to falter after a while. Overall, this is a fantastic electric heated lunch box that will keep your lunch warm for the entire day.

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4. Toursion Portable Food Heater 2-in-1

The Toursion portable electric lunch box food heater employs three different voltage settings to allow you to use it almost anywhere you need. If you’re in the car, you need to plug it into a 12V power source and switch the button, trucks use 24V, and homes use 110V. This enables you to keep your food warm in the office, at home, or on the go. There is a removable stainless steel tray in the food container that allows you to separate your lunch and promote easier cleaning. This electric lunch box food heater is made of food-grade PP plastic and comes with an insulator to keep your lunch warm after heating.

Our Honest Review

Our favorite aspect of this electric heated lunch box was the ability to warm and go. If you’re in a hurry, you can heat up quickly at home or plug it into your vehicle while en route to your destination. It might take a decent amount of time to heat the lunch when compared to other electric lunch boxes on our list, but being able to take it with you proved to be invaluable.

Toursion container includes a removable stainless steel tray that supports food separation if you need more than one item in your lunch box. The container is admittedly smaller than those of the YOHOOLYO, but the ability to remove allows for easier cleaning. Having different energy settings makes this device safe to use and eco-friendly.

When we compared this product to other heating lunch boxes, this portable food warmer did take a decent amount of time to warm up the food, and sometimes, possibly due to insulation leaks, it didn’t warm up that well. Overall, this product is a fantastic electrically heated lunch box.

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5. Electric Lunch Box, Bento Lunch Box, and Container Rice Cooker

The Electric Bento Lunch Box utilizes three removable stainless steel containers that can help separate your lunch and makes the device easier to clean. The package includes a steamed egg rack and a measuring cup.
Unlike the other electric lunch boxes on our list, this product can cook rice and heat food.
You can even cook egg custard or boil eggs or steam dumplings, steamed buns, buns, corn, sweet potatoes, and other coarse grains.

This is a 20W power source device that supports at-home and in-office use – not usable in vehicles. The size of the lunch box is 2L in total (1.0L+0.7L+0.3L).

Our Honest Review

This is a great electric lunchbox and is with 2L capacity, the biggest one on our list. It is simple to comprehend and easy to use. The container holds about a big meal’s worth of lunch and offers a relatively quick heating process. We found this product to be dependable and great to keep your lunch warm or even steam and boil some food. The insulation is sturdy and will hold the interior temperature for hours post-heating.

This electrically heated lunch box comes with three stainless steel containers, which support heating and easy cleaning. The easy-carry handles function well and provide you the transportable nature you’re looking for in a lunch box. With only the 110V power source setting, this food warmer does not support vehicular use, which you can find in similar products. There are no insulation issues that we have found in other electric lunch boxes.

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