LSATMax Review – With Useful LSAT Study Tips

Before you sign up for an LSAT prep course, read our full LSATMax review. We added some useful LSAT study tips at the end of this article. But before we get into the details of how LSATMax works and its features come, let’s find out what LSATMax is and what it has to offer.

What is LSATMax?

Harvard alumni developed LSATMax. It is designed to address the inefficiencies that exist in the established LSATMax courses on the market today. The program does do a few things differently right off the bat. LSATMax offers more practice tests, lifetime access to all material, and a high score guarantee.

First of all, it is very user-friendly. LSATMax has a free mobile app available for both Android and iPhone. Users can easily access digital LSAT information at any time. Also, unlike other test prep courses where you pay for access for a specific time frame, with LSATMax, users get lifetime access. All of the prep course information is available on-demand, whether the user has current wifi access or not.

LSATMax is a self-paced program. Unlike other test prep courses, there are no live classroom lectures. In addition to the digital LSAT Max materials online and on the mobile app, users are provided hard copy versions of the LSATMax program.

The LSATMax program includes 80 + hours of LSAT Max video lessons with whiteboard lessons for a real classroom learning environment. You can access the whiteboard lessons and videos at any time. You will get many different exercises that include: daily drills, logic games, and reading comprehension.

A full-length LSAT practice exam is included in the program. After you submit the exercises, you will receive analytic feedback on performance, which will help you get better. It also helps to understand your strengths and weaknesses better.

Part of the program is also the access to instructors and other LSAT users. This is quite a handy feature because sometimes studying can be very lonely, and you may want to exchange highlights or problems during study time with other students.

What Is LSAT (The Law School Admissions Test)

The LSAT is a requirement for any student interested in going to study law. It is a standardized, proctored exam that is administered several times each year. The test evaluates reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and writing. The LSAT has six parts, five 35-minute multiple-choice sections, four of which are scored, with one experimental section. The final section, also unscored, is the written portion, analyzing overall writing skills.

LSAT scores range from 120 – 180, with 153 being about the average. To gain admission to any of the top law schools in the US, a top 10th percentile score is critical (164-180). A top 25% score of 160 or above is an absolute must for law school applicants to stay competitive.

LSATMax LSAT prep programs are nearly as competitive as law school. To be successful in the marketplace, they must help their students obtain a higher score on the LSAT. LSATMax has received a lot of positive feedback since entering the market. Let’s take a closer look at the program and how it works.

Who Should Take the LSAT?

Anyone interested in studying law knows that the LSAT is critical. A student’s score on the LSAT can make all the difference in getting into their first choice of schools or even getting in at all. Most schools report that the LSAT score is the most critical factor when making admission recommendations, followed closely by the Undergraduate GPA.

Therefore, to get an edge on the competition, many students choose to take an LSAT prep course and do some LSAT prep tests. However, with countless prep courses available, all promising to raise LSAT, a higher score guarantees as much as 15 points or more; how does anyone know which LSAT course is the best choice? We will look at one of the most popular LSAT prep courses on the market today, the LSATMax.

LSATMax is a relatively new prep course on the market compared to some other educational companies, such as Kaplan or Blueprint. However, LSATMax has impacted their mobile app-friendly LSATMax prep programs in the past few years.

We hope to be able to help you with your decision with our honest LSATMax review below. Before we talk about the LSATMax review, let’s talk a little bit about the LSAT and why the LSAT score is so important.

Our Honest LSATMax Review

LSAT Prep Lessons

The key component of any LSAT program is the lessons. LSATMax uses its lessons to break down key concepts into easily understandable lessons using familiar ideas. As users complete the individual lessons, they do homework to reinforce what they learned and diagnostic exams that track overall progress through the program.

Daily Drills and Exercises

Unlike other LSAT courses, LSATMax uses daily exercises, such as drills, logic games, reading comprehension exercises, to support the lessons, and provide students with the necessary skills to answer LSAT questions correctly.

The daily drills include a series of  5 LSAT questions. The questions are strategically selected to build each skill set necessary to take the LSAT successfully. Every day, you will get access to four logic games and a series of 4 paragraphs with accompanying questions to test reading comprehension.

Up to 87 Full-Length Practice Exams

LSATMax also provides full-length practice exams with LSAT questions taken directly from previous LSAT tests. LSATMax Intensive and LSATMax Premium users have access to 87 full-length prep tests for their premium products. For the LSATMax Pro or their monthly subscription service, aptly LSATMax Pro monthly, users are given 16 practice exams access.

LSAT Provides Analytical Feedback

The LSAT program provides excellent analytical feedback to users through the lessons, homework, and diagnostic exams. The program tracks users’ specific strengths and weaknesses. The LSAT program also provides this feedback and specific areas of focus that will assist the student in raising a higher score. This is different from the one-size-fits-all approach that some LSAT test prep courses use and is one of the keys to the program’s overall success.

Communication via Message Board

Finally, users have access to LSAT message boards. The message board allows users to communicate with other users and instructors on any program component.

Money-Back Guarantee

LSATMax also provides a full money-back guarantee for users if they cannot raise a higher score and provides financial aid for those who need it.

LSATMax features

Pros and Cons about the LSATMax Program


Mobile app access is, by far, the biggest Plus for users. Lifetime access on mobile devices makes it easy and convenient to study at any time from anywhere. We also like the excellent Analytics that the LSATMax program offers. The program used by LSATMax analyzes every student’s performance, which is an excellent feature and a big help when you want to see your progress. The program provides clear video lessons, a written explanation of what areas users should focus on after each diagnostic test, and why.

The instructors are responsive via the message board. Since there are video lessons and no LSAT live lessons, students need to have a reliable way to talk with instructors. The message boards work well, and instructors and students use them regularly to create a community.

Another great advantage of this program is the lifetime access to LSAT study materials. Aside from the monthly plan, users have lifetime access to all information online, including video lessons and hard copy format.


Not a con for everyone but some students like to learn with live classes. The LSATMax program offers no live classes. This self-paced program is much more difficult for students who learn better in a classroom setting with other students.

The program offers no detailed study plan. While LSATMax provides all the material necessary, they do not provide a detailed study plan. Some students may find it difficult to know if they are on track or working too slowly without a study plan. Users cited that having a list of all covered study materials would allow them to better track where they were in terms of the program lessons as a whole.

Helpful Tips to Master the LSAT

Knowing basic forms of logic will help to understand some of the LSAT questions a little bit easier. Also, becoming familiar with transitional phrases like therefore, although, and despite will help understand argumentative questions. This comes in handy when they consist of jargon-filled words.

A helpful tip is that the analytical reasoning section doesn’t have much to do with the law. It tests your logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. When students take the practice tests, they find this section a little bit easier. The hardest part of the test is the reading comprehension because you have to read the information quickly and understand it enough to answer the question.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can improve all tests by taking prep tests multiple times before taking the actual LSAT exam. The LSAT prep courses such as LSATMax or Blueprint and LSAT practice tests will help you become familiar with what the schedule will look like and help you figure out which strategies help you understand each question type better and faster.

You can make the test less difficult by creating a study schedule that you can do consistently. We recommend that you start studying for the LSAT at least 3-6 months ahead of time. It will help you think less about how hard the LSAT exam is and how confident you will pass it.


Overall, LSATMax is a comprehensive program to help improve overall LSAT scores. It has all the components that a student needs. The tools, mobile app, and materials are easily accessible. For individuals with limited schedules who cannot commit to a classroom setting or those who work better in a self-paced environment, LSATMax is a great delivery system for test preparation. If you give yourself enough LSAT study time, you will be well prepared for the LSAT test day.

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