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How Is the LSAT Scored and What Is the Average LSAT Score?

The LSAT is an assessment test that determines whether or not you will be getting into law school, so the scores needed are a crucial determining factor. The LSAT scores range from 120 to 180, with 180 being the highest and 150 the average. All of the LSAT questions hold the same weight. One score is not worth more than the other. So, how is the LSAT scored? There are approximately 100 LSAT questions for test-takers to answer, and to understand the scoring of your 100 questions, there are two methods you need to understand: the raw score and the scaled score.

average LSAT score

The Raw Score

All of the questions you answer correctly out of all 100 questions on the exam will accumulate to your raw score. If you get 70 questions right out of 100, your raw score will be 70.

The Scaled Score

The Law School Admissions council takes your raw score and creates a scaled score based on that. The scaled score ranges from 120 to 180 and with 150 being the average. It is challenging to get a 180 on the LSAT. But with the right LSAT prep book or LSAT online prep course, it is not impossible.

The LSAC bases the scaled score on the difficulty level of the question on the exam. The test taker wouldn’t be able to figure out the scaled score. The LSAC solely does it.

Receiving Your Scores

Before taking your LSAT test, you have to pay for a law school report for each school you wish to apply to. After taking the test, the school you requested must ask the LSAC for your report, including your raw score, scaled score, and percentile rank. If you want to see the scores yourself personally, you will receive the scores simultaneously that the schools you requested receive them. The LSAC will send an email when you can view your score.

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