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How Long Do LSAT Scores Last?

Ever wonder about the length of time your exam score is good for? Unlike a Twinkie, your LSAT score has an expiration date. This test is necessary when you apply to law school. The big question answered here is how long do LSAT scores last? Here we have the answer to that question and other important information that you will need before you take the test.

LSAT Basics

The LSAT (short for the Law School Admissions Test) is just as it sounds. Students that are wanting to pursue a career in the field of law must pass this exam to gain entry to any law schools both in the United States and Canada. According to the Law School Admission Council, this test measures basic skills needed to succeed within the first year of law school. This exam can be taken more than once, but it does have a limit. The LSAT can be taken five times within the five-year reportable window, but no more than seven times in a lifetime. So basically, you have seven chances to get the results you are wanting.

Preparing for the LSAT

Taking the LSAT is not an easy feat. In preparation for this exam, take lots of practice tests. Taking a practice exam multiple times and reviewing the various multiple-choice questions after each time can help you recognize areas of strength and weakness. There are two sections of the LSAT that include multiple selection questions as well as a written portion. LSAT prep books provide a writing sample(s) to assist you in your preparation process. Testing preparation materials are available through the LSAT portal; however, many different materials are available through other sellers and LSAT online prep courses that can help you prepare for the exam.

LSAT Test Scores

lsat score valid

You have taken your test, and now you need to know not only how to get your scores, but also, the length of time they good for? What if a major life event happened that threw you off from going to law school when you wanted to? Initially, when you take your LSAT, your score will be reported to any law schools that you listed upon registration, and you, too, will receive a notification when the result is available. Once you take the exam, the big question is, how long do LSAT scores last? Your LSAT score is valid for five years from the time you took the test.

One big bonus is if you did not get your desired score you could retake the test. The average score for a first-time test taker is around 150, with a test score range from a low of 120 to the highest LSAT score of 180. If you take the LSAT more than once, your score report will reflect a list of each score received. Law school admission is dependent on the requirement of various law schools. Certain law schools may require one score, while others might require a higher LSAT score.

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