If anyone needs comfortable and stylish shoes for all-day walking, it’s a teacher! There are so many different styles to choose from, and sometimes it is hard to choose between something that looks business professional and something comfortable.

However, the times have changed, and there are now all kinds of different shoes available to those on their feet for hours and hours at a time.

Comfortable Shoes for Teachers

Teacher shoes need to meet three primary statutes. They need to be:

  1. comfortable
  2. improve your posture
  3. last a long time
  4. stylish

As a teacher and the stereotypical female, I love shoes! As I was making this list, I took all of these factors into consideration. Also, I asked fellow teachers what shoes they found to be the most comfortable and which were the most versatile.

Scroll down to find the best shoes for female teachers, shoes for male teachers, and the best shoes for overweight teachers. All shoes are versatile and available in the one place where almost anything can be found, Amazon!

8 Best Shoes for Female Teachers

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  1. BOBS Skechers Women’s Plush-Peace and Love Flats
  2. Crocs Women’s Leigh II Wedge Comfort Sandal
  3. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21
  4. Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers
  5. KOLI Women’s Ballet Flats
  6. Sperry’s Women’s Saltwater Rain Boot
  7. Lucky Brand Women’s Basel Ankle Bootie
  8. Athlefit Women’s Wedge Sneakers Platform Sneakers

1. Skechers Women’s Plush-Peace and Love Flat

bobs sketchers flats for teachers

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You will LOVE these BOBS Skechers shoes! There are over thirty different colors and prints to choose from in this comfortable flat. I love these slip-on shoes with a memory foam insole, and they are an extremely comfortable shoe that looks great with almost any outfit!

I wear these comfy shoes with jeans, a blazer, and a white t-shirt. One additional recommendation is that you purchase these LAISOR Cotton No Show Sock! Wearing these shoes without any socks will leave you, ultimately, with a really gross smelling shoe.

Any type of casual shoes that I can easily dress up and look professional with is an absolute necessity in any teacher’s wardrobe.

Pros & Cons

  • These can get smelly if you do not wear them with socks.
  • Canvas material can get dirty very quickly.
  • Not a good shoe to wear in rainy or cold weather.
  • This shoe has a rubber sole. However, there is a fuzzy bottom, and you can slip easily.
  • Machine washable

2. Crocs Women’s Leigh II Wedge Comfort Sandal

crocs wedges for teachers

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This particular shoe is my absolute favorite in the warmer month of school and one that I am happy to wear both inside and outside the classroom.

Crocs for years have had a bad rap of making “ugly shoes.” However, anytime I have worn these sandals, I get nothing but compliments, and I am happy to say, “Yea! These are Crocs”. I am only 5’2,” and I love that the wedge gives me just enough height.

The ankle strap is super comfortable and doesn’t dig in. I can honestly be standing and walking in these for a solid eight hours and never feel like my feet are tired or hurting. These are genuinely some of the most comfortable teacher shoes in my entire closet.

Also, I need to point out that I have had my pair of Croc wedge sandals for over eight years, and they still look like new!

Pros & Cons

  • Not the shoe you would want to wear in the fall or winter
  • Incredibly comfortable synthetic sole
  • All-day wear
  • Comfortable ankle strap
  • Price is worth the time they last
  • Wear inside and outside the classroom
  • NO CONS!

3. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21

brooks sneackers for teachers

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As a runner, Brooks is my go-to shoe for any kind of athletic event at school, or if I know I will have a long day of excessive moving on my feet! I’ve used Brooks Adrenaline shoes since the 17 models, so I am 100% sure you will love these also.

This tennis shoe features twenty-seven different colors and patterns to fit your personality. The Brooke Adrenaline is a lightweight shoe that won’t make your legs feel tired after all-day wear. Even better, the cushioned footbed and superior shock absorption are great to reduce foot fatigue.

Pros & Cons

  • It can easily be cleaned in the washing machine
  • Great shock absorption
  • These shoes will last you a long time.
  • Roomy toe box for walking or running
  • These shoes have a soft insole
  • Breathable upper is excellent for hot weather

4. Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

teacher sock sneakers

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Like most females, I like to have several different kinds of shoes to choose from in my closet. These work shoes have over thirty different color options from which to choose!

This shoe’s breathable lining and extra cushioning make you feel like you are walking on air all day long. I would consider this particular teacher’s shoe to be a fashion sneaker. These teaching shoes can certainly be dressed up or down and provide you with excellent foot support to ensure no painful end of the school day.

Pros & Cons

  • TONS of different colors to choose from
  • The sole of the shoe is wear-resistant
  • These shoes have a non-slip sole
  • Air-cushioned insole made these suitable for all-day wear

5. KOLILI Women’s Ballet Flats

ballet flats

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Sometimes, a timeless pair of ballet flats are just what you need with a pair of dress pants.

I like these KOLILI Women’s ballet flats because they have the look of genuine leather (but they are faux!), are water-resistant for those rainy school days, and have good airflow to avoid that dreaded foot stink that can all too often ruin a pair of shoes.

Plus, the price of these cute and comfortable shoes is exceptionally reasonable! Another thing I like about these shoes is that they are not entirely flat to the ground and have just a slight heel.

Sometimes, wearing flats can make your feet hurt if you don’t have good quality shoes. However, I have worn these shoes during standardized testing, where walking for hours and creeping is necessary, and my feet felt just fine.

Pros & Cons

  • Breathable and soft lining
  • Maybe not the greatest for someone with flat feet
  • Faux leather may not last as long as genuine leather
  • These shoes are water-resistant. No squishy feeling walking from the parking lot to the classroom.
  • There are four different neutral tones to choose from.
  • Overall, super cute teacher shoes!

6. Sperry Women’s Saltwater Rain Boot

rain boots shoes for teachers

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Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how very much I love these rain boots. I live in an area wherein the fall and winter can get very wet, cold, snowy, and so on.

These Sperry Saltwater boots are not only trendy amongst many, but they are also worth the splurge with a price. Coming in almost thirty different colors and patterns, these slip-resistant shoes are made for all-day wear in any climate. Plus, they look great with a cute pair of skinny jeans and a baggy sweater!

These boots would be classified as ankle boots, and however, they do come up a bit over the ankle.

Pros & Cons

  • This shoe is a bit heavier than your typical ankle boot
  • Rubber soles make these shoes safe to wear on any surface
  • Lots of cute styles to choose from
  • There is not a lot of arch support in these boots
  • Price is higher than your typical boots, BUT they last forever!

7. Lucky Brand Women’s Basel Ankle Bootie

comfortable ankle boots

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Lucky Brand clothing products, in general, are known to be quality items. The price range for any Lucky brand products usually is a little on the higher end. However, if a product costs a bit more and will last me a few school years, it is certainly worth the extra.

I have owned Lucky brand boots such as these for over five years, and I figure I will be able to wear them for another three or four. These boots are great for someone that doesn’t necessarily want to wear super high heels.

Moreover, these quality shoes are 100% percent genuine leather. The rubber, the slip-resistant sole makes these shoes suitable for any type of weather.

Pros & Cons

  • Just enough of a heel to give a little bit of height
  • Looks great with dresses or jeans
  • The soft leather will withstand many years of use
  • The rubber sole makes these boots great for any surface
  • Order a half size up! These run a bit small.

Athlefit Women’s Wedge Sneakers Platform Sneakers

platform sneakers wedge

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I have worn the heck out of these shoes! The Athlefit wedge sneakers are the perfect solution for teachers who need a little height, want a supportive shoe, and simply want something a bit different than just a boot or heels. When it comes to the best shoes for teachers, these are a serious contender.

This comfortable shoe can be worn all day long and feel more like a tennis shoe than some type of wedge boot. There are several different colors and styles you can choose from, i.e., slip-on shoes vs. ones with a zipper.

Lastly, the rubber sole has a grain tread to keep you from slipping.

Pros & Cons

  • Overall, these are incredibly comfortable shoes
  • Extremely versatile with outfits
  • There is comfortable fabric lining inside the shoe
  • Non-slip sole grips various surfaces
  • Extremely reasonable priced
  • These shoes wear out a little faster than the higher-priced versions.

6 Best Shoes for Male Teachers

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  1. Adidas Men’s CF Life Racer Byd
  2. Chopben Men’s Running Shoes
  3. Jousen Men’s Oxford Suede Dress Shoes
  4. Clarks Men’s Touareg Vibe Oxford
  5. Skechers Men’s Dorton Boot
  6. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline 21

1. Adidas Men’s CF Lite Racer Byd

adidas male sneakers

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Guys, you won’t go wrong with these Adidas CF Lite Racers. These shoes are made of a synthetic sole for long-lasting wear and are equipped with textile lining for superior breathability for your feet. Further, the mesh allows for more flexibility for those with wide feet.

The Adidas branded memory foam insole (named “Cloudfoam”) makes you feel like you are walking on air all day long. Because of the design of this shoe to be a running shoe, you will have good arch support.

Don’t just take it from me; Amazon has thousands of positive reviews attesting to the supreme comfort of these shoes.

Pros & Cons

  • Memory foam footbed (also called “Cloudfoam”)
  • Looks excellent with athletic clothing or nice blue jeans
  • Not so great for wet weather
  • Slip-resistant

2. Chopben Men’s Running Shoes

running shoes male

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Here is yet another pair of running shoes. I have noticed that many of the male teachers in my school have more pairs of tennis shoes to mitigate through than most women own entirely.

The Chopben running shoes are some of the best shoes for teachers simply because the elastic blade rubber sole with its unique design allows for ultimate shock absorption. Further, the cushioned insole will ensure that your legs and feet won’t feel like you have been on them all day long.

Pros & Cons

  • Cool sole design
  • Breathable material
  • Supportive heel with cushioned insole
  • Elastic lacing allows for better-personalized fit
  • Six different sleek color designs

3. Jousen Men’s Oxford Suede Business Casual Dress Shoes

Oxford Suede Business Casual Dress Shoes

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Look sophisticated and stylish with these Jousen Men’s Oxford dress shoes. These shoes can most easily be dressed up with slacks and a button-down shirt or with blue jeans.

There are several different colors to choose from to fit any personal style. I love the intricate stitching on the side of the shoe and the classic look that it holds.

The material on these shoes is 100% synthetic and is made to be a long-lasting outfit staple in your closet.

Pros & Cons

  • Seven different color styles to choose from.
  • Super durable rubber sole
  • Flat shoes are suitable for all-day walking
  • Breathable leather look
  • Look great for any occasion

4. Clarks Men’s Touareg Vibe Oxford

clarks shoes for male teachers

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I like the different styles of this particular Oxford teacher shoes. The look is just a bit different than the Jousen Oxfords noted above.

Clarks have long been known for their quality and durability, so it is no surprise to me that these shoes receive stellar reviews from over two thousand verified purchasers. No matter whether you have slim or wide feet, these Oxfords can accommodate you.

Each size comes in a wide version to allow for the most comfortable of wearing experiences. These shoes are 100% genuine leather and have a non-marking synthetic sole.

Further, these shoes have an almost memory foam feel with Clark’s Ortholite padding. Lastly, if you want something to wear both inside and outside the school building, these shoes are the answer.

Pros & Cons

  • 100% leather shoes
  • Super comfortable padding
  • Classic men’s style that will accommodate almost all foot sizes
  • Extremely reasonably priced for a 100% leather shoe
  • Only two different styles/colors to choose from

5. Skechers Men’s Relaxed Fit Segment – Dorton Boot

dorton boots male teachers

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When it comes to having good-looking teacher shoes, these are a great option to have in your closet to switch up your look.

The sole of this Sketchers shoe is a patented air-cooled memory foam that provides breathability for comfortable feet. Also, if you are on the shorter side, these boots add about an inch of height without looking like they are adding height.

I like the embossing and stitching on this shoe and the design on the bottom of the shoe. The sole appears to grip any kind of surface and seems like it would last a long time.

I feel like the look of these boots would go well with certain types of dress pants and most definitely with a good-looking pair of jeans.

Pros & Cons

  • These boots are not waterproof.
  • Air-cooled memory foam interior for breathability and support
  • Tons of great reviews from other Amazon customers
  • Great versatility for outfits

6. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21

Brooks Men's Adrenaline

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As previously mentioned in the section for women’s shoes, the Brooks Adrenalines are a fantastic shoe to wear on those days you know you will be moving around a lot!

My husband and I wear these shoes (of course, I get a few more miles on mine!), and they are durable and comfortable for him. These shoes have a cushioned footbed for ultimate shock absorption and have a soft interior for ultimate comfort.

With the average tennis shoe, you can expect to be able to put in around 300 miles worth of wear on your shoe. As a runner and a teacher, I keep track of miles and pacing and can say these shoes will last around 500 miles worth of walking and running.

Pros & Cons

  • More expensive than a typical tennis shoe
  • Lasts longer than your typical tennis shoe
  • Mesh upper makes these breathable and comfortable
  • Great teacher shoes for days where you will be walking around a lot (i.e., standardized testing!)
  • Fantastic arch support

3 Best Shoes for Overweight Teachers

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  1. Crocs Unisex Classic Clog
  2. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Sync Oxford
  3. Birkenstock Professional Slip Resistant Shoe

1. Crocs Unisex-Adult Men’s and Women’s Classic Clog

crocs Classic Clog

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There is NO BETTER SHOE for comfortable all-day wear than the Crocs Classic Clog. This unisex style shoe is the perfect option for someone who may need some additional support due to weight throughout the day.

Plus, I believe this is the first time I have ever seen a shoe on Amazon that has almost a 5-star rating from over a quarter of a MILLION people! That alone is super impressive and makes you want to give these clogs a go around.

These Crocs are super lightweight and provide comfortable breathability with the ventilation design of the shoe. One major perk is that you don’t have to hunch over tying any laces! Simply put on your favorite pair of socks (or no socks) and slip these on for an all-day comfortable walking experience.

Pros & Cons

  • Slip-on design makes these easy to put on.
  • Roomy fit allows for additional room for swelling throughout the day
  • The synthetic material and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole makes for ultimate all-day comfort
  • Crocs will last you YEARS
  • These can easily be washed with soap and water

2. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Sync Oxford

Dr Scholl overweight teacher shoes

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These Dr. Scholl’s Oxfords make for great teaching shoes because of the support they offer. Also, I chose this shoe because even teachers that might be overweight need something more than a slip-on shoe for comfort.

I like that these Dr. Scholl’s shoes provide all the comfort anyone needs without sacrificing the style you deserve. This shoe comes in six different styles/designs to choose from, and they all would look great with dress pants or a nice pair of jeans.

These oxfords feature a faux leather upper and waxed shoes laces. The interior sole of this shoe is designed with a dense foam heal to support the three most weighed on portions of the foot.

Pros & Cons

  • These shoes are classified as men’s shoes, BUT Dr. Scholl’s has TONS of great options for women!
  • The Oxford is a classic look that can be worn in and out of the classroom
  • These shoes are highly reasonable prices
  • Dr. Scholl’s men’s Oxford has fantastic customer reviews.

3. Birkenstock Professional Unisex Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Birkenstock Professional overweight work shoes

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The Birkenstock Unisex work shoe is similar to the Crocs listed, but they are from another reliable brand with a different look.

Made from Alpro-foam all the way through, these shoes are made to be worn all day long and to provide support to those who need them the most. The slip-on/off style makes getting ready in the morning and resting in the evening much more effortless.

These shoes were designed and manufactured in Germany to provide you with the two-hundred-year-old reliability that Birkenstock continues to offer. Further, this particular material is made to mold precisely to your feet as you walk for a truly personalized fit and give you support in the places you may need it the most.

Pros & Cons

  • A bit more expensive than the Crocs listed.
  • No holes in the style, which allows for more versatile wear
  • Ultimate personalized support
  • The quality comfort and reliability
  • No ventilation in the shoe

Final Thoughts on Shoes for Teachers

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I LOVE to buy myself a good pair of shoes! As a teacher, I want to be sure that whatever I purchase will be something that has ultimate versatility, style, class, and most of all, comfort.

My budget does not need to be stretched to the max when it comes to having a teaching wardrobe. Everything I have chosen on this list is meant to provide you with that outfit versatility both inside and outside the class while still providing you with ultimate comfort.

I hope that you find some great ideas here! Happy shopping!

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