Best Fall Classroom Decoration Ideas

Creating those autumnal vibes when your students walk through the classroom door is easy. Below, we’ll outline our favorite fall classroom decoration ideas. From interesting fall bulletin board ideas to autumnal lights that create just the right ambiance, we’ll help you bring that sense of fall right into your classroom and school hallway, wherever possible. School may look a bit different this year doesn’t mean you can’t go all-in on some much-needed fall decor.

As kids head back to school, many teachers look for creative ways to cozy up the classroom and bring a sense of normalcy back to in-person and online classes. Classroom and door decorations not only liven up the traditionally bland walls of the ordinary classroom but can also prove an exciting fall backdrop for online classrooms and virtual learning.

Here Are Our Favorite Fall  Decoration Ideas for Your Classroom

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

One of our favorite ways to bring a touch of fall into the classroom is through a fall bulletin board. Not only do bulletin boards meet the cleaning restrictions put into place by many districts, but they provide a cozy and exciting backdrop for students. With bright autumnal colors and just a few touches of texture, you can bring the outside in and invite in the new season with charm. What do you need to craft the perfect fall bulletin board? Let’s talk about essentials. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

1. Burlap Bulletin Board Roll

Ordinary paper bulletin board roll is fine. But this Textured Burlap Board Roll option brings some visual interest to the table. It also screams “fall!” The neutral color proves a great starting point for whatever you’d like to layer over the top. It can easily be reused repeatedly, as it won’t rip like paper.

2. Pumpkin/Acorn Bulletin Board Border

All great fall bulletin board ideas need interesting borders around the whiteboard, your student’s lapboards, or even the classroom bookshelf. This Pumpkin Acorn Bulletin Board option will be appropriate the whole season up until Thanksgiving. It is bright and fun but neutral enough that it won’t get in the way of whatever you want to post on the bulletin board itself.

3. Fall Bulletin Board Picture Set

Don’t feel like fussing with cutouts or Cricut machines? This Fall Bulletin Board Picture Set has all of the items you need to bring in the fall season. You can decorate the perfect fall environment with scarecrows, squirrels, sunflowers, pumpkins, and brightly colored letters.

A bulletin board is just one easy way to add a touch of autumn to your classroom. It is not the only way. Let’s touch on a few more ways to set up a more inviting autumn space. One such method we enjoy is by decorating the blackboard and the front of the teacher’s desk.

Blackboard/Desk and Door Fall Decor Ideas

Fall bulletin boards work great, but sometimes you want a bit more than just an autumnal backdrop. Students learn best when they love the environment they’re in. Try to create a vibe that is equal parts cozy and interesting. One way to accomplish this in the classroom is to decorate your blackboard. While you can choose to use leftover pictures from your bulletin board or even a bit of border, there are other options on the table. Start with these fun options to get started:

4. Buffalo Check Plaid Banner

This rustic Buffalo Check Plaid Fall Banner was made for draping across the top of a blackboard or even the front of a teacher’s desk. Buy two or three and craft your unique spin on a garland. It adds visual interest but doesn’t take away from what’s going on in actual teaching. These would also work well on windows, at the door, or even above a special reading area.

5. Fall Hanging Fans Decoration Ideas

Paper Fall Hanging Fans are a great inexpensive way to add a bit of fall whimsy and visual interest to your classroom or at the classroom door. Hang these on the corners of blackboards, near doorways, or in the room corners. At the end of the season, fold the fans back up and store them away for next year.

6. Fall Leaf Cutouts

Nothing says autumn like the changing leaves. Bring the outdoors in with these large Fall Leaf Cutouts that can easily be affixed to the front of a teacher’s desk, the ends of a blackboard, scattered throughout the room, or be used as door decorations. These are a perfect way to bring in those fall vibes without being too cutesy or pandering.

7. Desk and Door Bunting for Fall and Halloween

Aside from adding some small pumpkins to your desktop, a Fall Desk Bunting that goes across the front of your classroom desk or as classroom door decorations is an easy and inexpensive way to add some great fall or Halloween vibes to the classroom.


The goal of using fall decorations in classrooms and at the classroom door is to get an engaging and inviting space for students to learn as soon as they walk through the classroom door. Classes this year can be in-classroom or online. While each has its unique challenges, you can certainly use your judgment to create a space that nurtures learning while still maintaining a bit of visual interest. It is paramount to ditch the white walls and sterile environments in favor of something that brings a sense of home to the classroom or virtual space in times like these.

Whatever fall decor ideas you have, know that you’re helping design a fun and engaging environment. It may be a bit of extra work and require some planning. But at the end of the day, you’ll get a space both you and your students can enjoy the entire season.

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