Fun Fall Decoration for Online Classes

Whether your school made the transition to online learning or you’re only taking your skills virtual doesn’t mean you have to go without exciting fall decoration for online classes. While many students are accustomed to seeing their teachers in front of bare white walls or a virtual classroom background, creating a bit of fall ambiance behind your computer camera is a great way to create visual interest for online learners. By simply creating an engaging space behind you, students may be more likely to stay focused on you and less on other distractions.

Best Fall Decoration for Online Classes at a Glance

Of course, utilizing items for fall decorations for online classes at home is a bit trickier without the large bulletin boards and blackboards that a physical classroom or school hallway can bring. With that said, it isn’t impossible. All you need is either a wall or window as a proper backdrop and some fundamental fall decoration essentials. Remember, it is all about creating that perfect autumn feeling without being too distracting on the webcam.

The Best Fall Decoration Ideas for Virtual Class Background

Creating an Online Classroom Backdrop

Not every teacher has the space to create an entire room that can be used for online teaching. However, most have a proper wall or a beautiful window that can be used as a backdrop on all video calls. Utilizing those spaces with fall classroom decor is critical. If you have a particular wall that you often use as a backdrop, start with these basics:

1. A Rustic Fall Banner

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a blank wall on video calls and welcome in the new season is through a Rustic Fall Banner. It is simple, and fun yet gives off those homey vibes you want to create. This unique Autumn Banner is also a great option if you have a larger wall space to fill.

2. Fall Bulletin Board Cut-Outs

Treat your blank wall as you would a bulletin board. Using sticky tack, add Fall Cutouts here beneath your banner. These are a simple way to bring a bit of interest to the wall and add a nice autumn touch.

3. Fall Hanging Swirl Decorations

If you have slightly smaller wall space, Fall Hanging Swirl Decorations are a glittering and autumnal touch that adds great interest to any video call. They catch the light and provide a bit of texture.

4. Fall Paper Fans and Garland Set

Want to punch up your space? Fall Paper Lanterns and Garland prove an interesting backdrop that shows up well on camera. With all of the key fall colors and a bit of texture, you can bring the excitement of in-class learning right to your virtual classroom.

Do you have your desk positioned in front of a window? Don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to introduce fall classroom decoration items to your space. In fact, in this instance, your window can be the best backdrop of all. Decorating a fall window is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t require quite as many bells and whistles as filling a wall. Let’s take a look at some interesting ways to create the perfect window backdrop for online courses.

5. LED Leaf Garland

Draping a strand or two of LED Leaf Garland around your window is a whimsical and cozy touch that will help illuminate those long days of virtual learning. They look great on camera, help light your face, and can even be used on a fireplace or mantle if your environment should change.

6. Fall Window Clings

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to introduce a bit of autumn decor for virtual class backgrounds is your window space. Position your computer so that you, the webcam, face the window. They add a nice pop of color, easily adhere to any window, and create a fun backdrop that all ages and grade levels will enjoy. You can also change the clings out based on holidays, utilizing Halloween Window Clings or Thanksgiving Window Clings.

7. Fall Leaf Valance

An easy and classy way to dress up your online backdrop for fall includes a Fall Window Valance With Leaves. These work well with window clings and block out a bit of light if your space is too illuminated or casting a weird glow.


Virtual learning and creating an online classroom can be challenging. But with the right decor items, you can bring the best of in-person learning right to your space. Approach your backdrop as you would if you were teaching in person. It is all about creating visual interest that celebrates the season without providing too many distractions for learners.

If you’re teaching younger children or elementary school students, be playful with your fall decoration. Go with cute pumpkins and fun scarecrows. Whatever will put a smile on their little faces. If you teach older children or teenagers, go for fall decor that’s a bit more mature. Regardless of how you choose to decorate your online class background for fall, merely putting in the extra time and effort will go a long way with students.

If you teach online on Halloween, dress up in a funny teacher Halloween costume. This will grab your student’s attention for sure.

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