Anyone who has taken an assessment before is aware that time can be the worst enemy. The GRE is not as hard as some other tests. Most of the GRE prep books have full-length practice tests, which will give you a good idea of what to expect. But time management is still a crucial factor. The GRE is 3 hours and 45 minutes long.

how long is the gre

There are six GRE sections total to complete within this time. This also includes your break times.  Each break is one minute long. You get one 10-minute break during the second half of the multiple-choice section. Each section lasts about 30 minutes, except for the quantitative reasoning, which is approximately 35 minutes. Thirty minutes may not seem like enough time for the challenging levels of these subjects, but with a few tips, you can complete these sections on time successfully.


The first tip that can help you make sure you can get every question done on time is practice. Magoosh offers GRE prep courses online, and several other websites such as Kaplan GRE prep courses that allow you to practice as many times as possible. With these practice tests, you can see which sections you take the most time on and need the most practice on the actual GRE test day.

Speed Does Not Equal Correct

Before you speed through your answers to make sure you make the time, know that you are increasing your chances of getting a low score for that section and the overall test. Give yourself time to look over and comprehend every question. It is easy to misread a question that is meant to trick you by speeding through. It is important to slow down and focus on what you do know. Don’t be distracted by the clock!

Move On If You’re Stuck

When you do get stuck on a question-answer, move on. If you are on one of the multiple-choice sections, the elimination method is always the best method to rule out what would be the right answer and move on.