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Magoosh GRE Review – All You Need to Know

In this article, you will find a full Magoosh GRE review and all you need to know before deciding to sign up to practice for the GRE test day. We will inform you about the pros and cons, features, fees, and more.

The Magoosh GRE prep course is online and designed to work on any device. If you wish to use it on your mobile phone, you can download the user-friendly app, which has a lovely design.

The online material is easy to understand, and the content is error-free and well written without any flamboyant language, which allows the learner to understand the context entirely. Magoosh gives expert tips, practical guides for studying, and explanations to all practice questions you may have.

There is a good reason why Magoosh GRE is ranked #1 for the best GRE prep courses. This article gives you a full review of the GRE online course, tests, and material.

Here is why: Magoosh GRE covers almost every possible GRE topic and has many practice questions and many free resources. It comes with maths formula sheets, and the material includes vocabulary flashcards and other user/friendly features. Besides, the Magoosh GRE course has excellent customer support. Another important factor is that it is affordable and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Pros of Magoosh GRE Prep Course

Magoosh offers many features that learners can not find in other GRE prep books.

pros and cons of magoosh gre

Magoosh GRE Online Course

One of the reasons we like the digital version of Magoosh is that you do not need a DVD player. Honestly, even my laptop has no CD option, so I was thrilled that the GRE digital course is online, and all I needed was the login details.

You can do the online course, including watching the videos on all devices such as on your laptop, Kindle, tablet, or mobile phone from anywhere at any time.

The Lessons

Magoosh offers 250 lessons via video in the categories Maths, Verbal, and Writing. Each video is no longer than 12 minutes. The number of your lessons depends on the study plan that you choose. For example, if you choose the beginner plan, you will not need to watch all the video lessons.

Schedule Your Study

The study schedule is customizable. You can schedule your study as long as you need it and start at any time, even at the last minute. My favorite part of the scheduling function is the checklists that you can tick off once you finished a category.

Money-Back Guarantee

Unhappy with your score? Get your money back with no issue. The money-back-guarantee is for users who are not satisfied with their scores.

You will not find such a service for many other GRE courses. Magoosh’s GRE Premium plan may be a good option if the user is not satisfied with the score.

To enter this plan, the user has to submit the score and subscribe. Magoosh guarantees a +5 point higher score than the previous score. If the student does not reach 5 points higher, the user will get a full fee refund.

They do offer a 7-day free trial before signing up for the paid version.

The Study Plans

There is no such GRE course that works for everyone. We all have different strengths and need to focus on our weaknesses to score high. Magoosh gives the learner the option to customize the course in affordable study plans.

The Subscription Plans

Below are the two Magoosh GRE prep subscription plans. If you don’t have much study time, the 1-month premium plan may be the best option for you. If you have at least 6 months of study time, go with the 6-month premium option. Both plans include the same content and features.

  • Last-minute GRE prep: $149.00 for the ‘One Month Premium’ plan, incl score predictor
  • Regular GRE prep course: $179.00 for the ‘6 Month Premium’ plan, incl score predictor
  • 7-day Free Trial: For everyone who wants to try all the platform features with no commitment.

magoosh gre fees

Smart-Review System

This system is excellent for students who are not aware of their weaknesses. The system detects the user’s progress and will send out notifications to hint at the learner’s weak areas. The system also counts down the time until the GRE test date and will tell the users which topics they have not done yet, just like a little personal tutor in the background that pushes and guides you through the GRE preparation.

The Database

Magoosh’s GRE courses offer a huge Database with GRE questions, video explanations, and tests.

There are:

  • 250 lessons
  • 1200 questions
  • full length tests to help the user to become familiar with the GRE test format
  • flashcards to help with vocabulary
  • engaging videos

Magoosh Mobile App

The mobile app is, in my eyes, one of the best features as it allows the user to practice at any time from anywhere. It is user friendly and comes with great features:

  • practice questions
  • 70 free video lessons
  • progress tracking
  • more than 200 practice sessions for students using Magoosh premium

Magoosh Quizzes

Quizzes are a quick and engaging way to test memory power. Quizzes follow each section to test your knowledge. A green light flashes when the user answers correctly to indicate that the user has passed.

Practice Tests

One of the most popular features of Magoosh GRE is the actual GRE length 3 hours 45 minute GRE practice tests, which prepare the user for the actual GRE test, so they get a better idea of what to expect while taking GRE. After sitting on a practice test, the user will get an estimated score and a full review for all answers.

Stellar Customer Support

Experts are there for the users to answer all GRE questions via email 24/7. The responding time is about two days.

Cons of Magoosh GRE Prep

Fewer GRE Practice Tests

In comparison to other GRE books, Magoosh has about 1/3 fewer practice tests.

Personal Tutoring

Magoosh is a complete self-study guide with no free personal live tutoring options. No teacher will be there for the user at all times, which requires a little self-discipline by the students.

For a fee, Magoosh offers one-on-one tutoring. The GRE study plans vary in price depending on the service. The Magoosh test prep course comes with many beneficial videos. But they are all pre-recorded, and it takes a while to go through them all. If you do not wish to spend more money on additional tutoring, this may be your only option.

No Essay Evaluation

With Magoosh, you learn how to write the essays with the help of some videos, but the users do not evaluate the essay, which can be critical as the AWA section of the real test is vital. You may want to book some additional lessons with a private tutor to go through your essays. Magoosh provides a tutoring service, which can you can book at an additional fee. Still, I would recommend looking online for cheaper tutors if you only wish to find a tutor for a couple of hours—saying that tho, the tutors on Magoosh know what they are doing and are extremely helpful. I guess it depends all on your budget.

Conclusion – Is Magoosh worth the price?

Every student has a different learning style and prefers different methods. Once you know what type of learner you are and your strengths and weaknesses, you can find the perfect way to prepare for your GRE.

Magoosh GRE course provides high-quality content, excellent customer support, and affordable material. The online video lessons and tests deliver a comprehensive learning experience.

Magoosh offers many different options of test prep material at an affordable price, such as the paper book, online lessons, videos, tests, quizzes with explanations to answers, an app, and private tutors, which is much more than their competitors can offer.

We understand why Magoosh’s GRE courses are so popular, and we highly recommend this GRE course to everyone in the process of studying for the GRE, even for last-minute learners.

All the best and good luck to all GRE students! Let us hear your experiences with Magoosh GRE courses.

GRE Prep Paper Books

When taking the official GRE, you will have to manage many different factors at the same time. Besides the online course, the GRE Prep Book by Magoosh is another affordable option and one of the best test prep materials on the market. But as with most of the prep books, if you want to pass the 80% mark, you may want to consider using at least 2-3 different GRE sources.

Learning with different authors’ prep material is always a saver to avoid a one-sided view on topics.

Magoosh’s GRE is famous for its online GRE courses with video explanations and its paper book, which provides a sample of what the online GRE course offers. The book is ideal for students who are just starting their GRE prep. It also comes in a digital format with a great Kindle version, which allows the user to make notes on words, chapters, and categories. The user can navigate through the notes afterward. If you purchase the hard copy, you will get the full online GRE version, including complete practice exams, at a 20% discounted price.

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