Vooks for Teachers – How to Use Vooks in Classroom

I heard about Vooks a while ago, but only recently, I had a closer look at the app as they currently offer a one-year free subscription to all teachers.

Vooks is a subscription-based streaming service that brings children’s books with animated illustrations and read-aloud stories to life. Its purpose is to promote the love for reading at a very early age. Through read-aloud stories, children have access to information even if they can not read yet.

All books are safe for children ages between 2-8 and are add-free. They are a great way to practice the reading comprehension of any grade.

A digital library offers an ever expanding collection of popular children’s stories such as:

Giraffes Can’t Dance, Where The Wild Things Are, The Snowy Day, and books for the first day of school.

As Vooks works directly with authors worldwide, the users get new stories to the digital library regularly. The library is an excellent resource for parents and teachers who don’t have a good selection of educational stories for children to choose the books they love.

They also provide an engaging presentation of children’s books and resources to support parents and teachers.

Parents Get One Month Free Access

As educators and parents, we are often concerned about using too much technology with our children. Apps are often full of ads, and we are unsure about their safety of them. Vooks is a safe and add-free way to make our children’s screen time more purposeful. Families can enjoy Vooks on long road trips or be comfortable at home from their reading chairs. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use it from anywhere. If internet access is not available, you can download your favorite stories to read them offline.

The Fee

Parents get one free month of Vooks. After the trial, the subscription is only $4.99, which is still a great deal when you consider that there are currently nearly 100 books in the library, and they add new books regularly.

Vooks Videos

The videos are calming and educational. It is an excellent alternative to watching a movie, and you will not have to feel guilty about a little extra screen time. Just take a look at how they made this fantastic story, Sky Color, come to life.

The app is a great teaching tool, while most families have been homeschooling because of the global pandemic. It is an excellent educational resource for parents and teachers.

Vooks for Teachers

Animated storybooks as classroom activities bring fun and motivate your students to learn reading.

Because each storybook offers various teacher resources, many teachers use Vooks more and more in classrooms. It is a fun tool and a fantastic resource for teachers, not only during this time of being away from the school.

The app offers teachers and homeschool educators one year of free subscription. This offer is for a limited time only and limited to 3 personal and 30 classroom devices. You can use the app on multiple platforms, which is very handy when you use it at a school.

Kids who are not ready yet to read out loud but eager for listening will enjoy these stories. Vooks do not replace the learning of reading, but it gets kids excited about storybooks again and practice reading comprehension.

With Vooks, teachers can encourage the students the love reading by retaining all essential elements. All animated stories come with read-along pacing, which helps the children to follow the lines while listening at the same time. The visual connection between audio and text helps the children to practice reading skills.

How to Use Vooks in the Classroom

Below we listed some ideas on how to use the app during class time.

With Vooks you can improve your student’s listening and reading comprehension. The read-aloud text highlights the words, which allows the students to follow the lines. The stories are a great way to practice reading skills, not only for students who struggle with reading. Because of the audio, younger children or students who can not read yet can still engage in discussions and activities. Teachers can use the stories to engage and encourage conversations that promote oral language. Use a character from a story to deal with difficult topics.

Teachers can use the stories as part of the lesson or wind the class down. Students can make up a story on their own. Let them draw some pictures to go with the story.

Should you have any other ideas on how to use Vooks in your classroom, please message us. We would be very interested to hear how you spread the love for reading to your children.

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