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12 Laptop Storage Cabinets and Charging Carts for Schools

Computers and tablets are now an essential tool of education in schools. If you have any of these devices in your classroom, you need some storage solution to keep these valuables safe and easily accessible for use. Laptop storage cabinets help you to keep track of each computer and will keep all devices charged.

Here are the 4 winners in 2022:



Author's Choice

Pearington Premium

Heavy-Duty Smart Charge

  • 42 ports

  • 3 External outlets

  • Pull out shelving

  • Locking cabinets

  • LED Charging Indicator lights

Best Wall Mount

Line Leader

Wall Mount Charging Station

  • Super compact!

  • Easy to organize laptops and tablets

  • No assembly required

  • Has 12 padded charging slots

Best Space Saver

Universal AC Laptop Charging Station

  • Fits on any student desk

  • Unique hidden cord management design

  • Easy for small children to use

  • Accommodates 8 laptops or tablets

  • Pre-numbered slots

Most Universal

Pearington Rolling AV Cart

  • Serves as a workspace AND charging station

  • Securely locked space for devices

  • Shelving for personalized storage

  • Drop-down leaves for additional workspace

12 Best Laptop Charging Carts at a Glance

Before we will dive deeper into the reviews of each product, here are the 12 best laptop charging carts for schools:

  1. Pearington Premium Heavy-Duty Smart Charge CartOur Choice
  2. Line Leader 16 Unit Compact Mobile Charging & Storage Cart 
  3. EnPower Mobile Laptop Storage Station
  4. Line Leader Wall Mount Charging StationBest Wall Mount
  5. Best Companions Portable Charging Cart 
  6. Pearington Rolling AV and 12 Device Charging Cart ComboMost Universal
  7. POCHAR 18-Device Chromebook Charging Cart
  8. 8-Device Universal AC Laptop Charging StationBest Space Saver
  9. Luxor WPSDD3 Wood Multimedia Workstation Cart
  10. Tripp Lite 32-Port AC Storage Station
  11. LocknCharge Carrier 15 Slot Charging Station
  12. Balt Tablet Charging Cart

Later in this article, we will give you some tips and ideas about other laptop storage organizations. Now, let’s begin with our detailed review.

Best Laptop Storage Cabinets for Schools Reviewed

1. Pearington Premium Heavy-Duty Smart Charge

Pearington Premium Heavy-Duty Smart Charge

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Among all of the various charging cards on this list, only this one received a five out of five-star rating from other Amazon verified customers. The Pearington Premium Heavy-Duty Smart Charge cart takes number one on this list because it is the mother of all laptop, tablet storage. You can easily store up to 42 electronic devices with this mobile storage cart.

There is absolutely no assembly required, so go ahead and put that screwdriver and drill away. This laptop storage cart is equipped with a two-point lock system to ensure the ultimate security of any iPads, chrome books, or laptops. Plus, the Pearington storage cart has a set of locking doors on the front and the back of the cart.

With the ease of sliding, pull-out padded drawers, you move around the adjustable dividers and arrange cords. Plus, the partitions themselves are equipped with a cable management system to ensure no twisted and tangled cords!

This cabinet also comes with 2-U hooks for connecting the entire cart by a chain to the wall for additional security. For extra safety, each cart has locking caster wheels to ensure that it doesn’t simply roll somewhere it doesn’t need to be.

Pros & Cons

  • Works for not just Chromebooks
  • Each shelf can be pulled out
  • This cart can hold up to 42 devices!
  • The cabinet is vented to avoid overheating.
  • There are additional electrical outlets on the side
  • Only Con: It is enormous and could be heavy to roll/move

2. Line Leader 16 Unit Compact Mobile Charging & Storage Cart

Line Leader Mobile Storage Cart 

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If you want less bulky and easier to move around and are concerned with ease of use, this Line Leader 16 Unit mobile storage cart is a great option for classroom devices. This cart can store 16 devices and has a durable metal frame made from alloy steel, ensuring that this will be a long-lasting product.

The Line Leader cart is slightly different from the Pearington cart, as it does not have locking doors or an enclosure. Further, the padded shelving allows for the durability of each computer, ensuring that no damage will come from the cart itself.

This open concept storage cart can carry about seventy-five pounds and includes a ten-foot power cord with a surge protector.

Worried about cords getting messed up and tangled? One of the best accessories on this cart is that it includes cable management clips to prevent bundling. This storage solution also has locking casters and is short enough to slide under a table to save precious classroom space easily.

Pros & Cons

  • 5-star rating on Amazon
  • Wheels are removable for tabletop use.
  • Durable metal material
  • Wheels can be taken off to become desktop computer storage
  • Comes is a 16 outlet power strip with surge protection
  • Great for compact storage (21″ tall and 27″ wide)
  • Doesn’t have doors or a locking capability
  • No bottom shelf for storage

3. EnPower Mobile Charging Cart & Storage Station

EnPower Mobile Charging Cart

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While this cart is not as big as the Pearington heavy-duty smart charge, there is a reason it has landed in the top three. With the ability to hold 32 Chromebooks, tablets, or even laptops, this storage system is an excellent choice for your classroom.

This laptop storage cart is fully equipped with a built-in cooling fan; this laptop storage cart will ensure that no overheating occurs that could potentially damage your essential technology. This cart is a metal frame made of durable alloy steel accompanied by rubber casters to ensure no floor marring occurs.

I love that this cart can keep my devices secure at all times. The key lock on the front panel of these cabinets and the built-in cooling fan allow these doors to be shut and locked in between and during classes.

One other cool feature is rounded corners, which is excellent for those moments you accidentally bump into the cart! Lastly, this item comes fully assembled so that you can save that valuable time and energy on other things.

Pros & Cons

  • This item is hefty and weighs 160 lbs.
  • Product description leaves some things up for questions (i.e., is there an attached cord?)
  • Works with other devices aside from Chromebooks
  • Surge protection and USB

4. Line Leader Wall Mount Charging Station

Line Leader Wall Mount Charging Station

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There is no better way to conserve valuable classroom floor space while keeping your laptops safe and stored than this Line Leader wall-mounted charging station.

This compact wall mount does not only have excellent laptop storage but is also compatible with other devices (i.e., Ipads or other tablets). Coming fully assembled, choose a space on your classroom wall that would ease access and have your maintenance crew install.

There are 12 outlets built into this system with one power cord (10 feet in length) that comes out of the bottom. Further, device cords within the unit are kept neat with the cord management system inside the wall-mounted laptop/tablet storage system.

Each charging station is titled with hole cutouts to provide proper ventilation for each laptop (devices). It appears that within this charging unit, there are PVC coated dividers to ensure no scratching of the various devices within. Lastly, you can keep laptops secure with the attached key lock system.

Pros & Cons

  • Internal powerstrip offers surge protection for internal devices.
  • It can only hold 12 devices at a time.
  • Easy to use cable management system
  • Long power cord for easy placement
  • Adapter for tablet chargers sold separately (i.e., USB charging)
  • Side panels only come out from the wall seven inches!
  • Has a sixty-pound load capacity for devices

5. Best Companions Portable Charging Cart

Best Companions Portable Charging Cart

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When it comes to easy storage with a reasonable price tag, this portable charging cabinet is an excellent option for keeping up to 12 tablets and laptops safe and secure.

The Best Companions charging station is equipped with a locking key system and is made of a durable metal material. Further, laptop/tablet storage has never been easier to monitor as this is small enough to sit on desk space. Cord clips located on the inside allow for easy organization of charging cords.

Some charging carts do not come with padded shelving or rubber-coated dividers, resulting in scratched and dented laptops.

One of the best features of the Best Companions portable charging station is that this is made to provide protective guards to ensure that you do not have dented and scratched laptops. Your classroom devices will be looking new for years to come!

No need to buy extra power strips as this device comes with a power strip with 16 outlets to accommodate a few extra cords. Even better, this laptop/tablet storage has a highly reasonable price tag compared to larger mobile charging carts.

Pros & Cons

  • A cleat system is an optional kit that is sold separately for wall mounting.
  • When mounted to the wall, this laptop/tablet storage station can hold up to 90 lbs.
  • Assembly of this product is required.
  • Doesn’t take up much space. However, this does stick out a lot from the wall.
  • Had a padded interior for safe laptop/tablet storage
  • Rubber-coated dividers off additional cosmetic protection
  • Only charges 12 devices at a time.

6. Pearington Rolling AV Cart and 12 Device Charging

earington Charging Cart Combo

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If you need a charging cart that is not only laptop/tablet storage but also functions as a podium or mobile shelving unit, this AV cart is for you!

Equipped with two shelves (top and middle), you can easily place your computer on top for a mobile workspace. The Pearington AV cart even has a pull-out keyboard shelf if you use a traditional monitor and keyboard! The bottom shelf is secure laptop/tablet storage, equipped with all of the necessary accessories for ensuring proper access to classroom devices.

If you’re a teacher that has to move from classroom to classroom, this is easy to maneuver because the caster wheels adhere to the bottom. Also, it is the perfect size to slide through any classroom door easily.

This laptop/tablet storage on wheels has various design options; for example, choose for your cart to have shelving, a cart with a locking cabinet (not a charging section), or a rolling cart with fold-down arms.

Finally, while the laptop-tablet storage isn’t ample in this cabinet, holding only twelve laptops, this is a great storage option for your classroom.

Pros & Cons

  • Doesn’t take up a whole bunch of space
  • It could easily be used as a desk
  • 48″ in height; 24″ in width
  • The charging cart section can hold up to 12 devices
  • Comes with easy charging access with included power strip
  • Storage shelves are adjustable
  • Easy to transfer from one room to the next
  • Only a six-month warranty

7. POCHAR 18-Device Chromebook Charging Cart

POCHAR Heavy Duty Charging Cart

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You will love this laptop/tablet storage cabinet! The POCHAR 18-device cabinet has all the features of a standard cabinet, plus some! One of the most excellent features is that the door on this computer storage has a keypad lock instead of a traditional key locking system.

As a teacher, I feel like I have to keep track of keys for everything, so one more minor key to keep track of seems small but is a significant plus. I like the cable management system because it has guiding cord clips all along the top of each divider, rather than one clip to hold a cord.

This zig-zag cord management design allows the chargers not to be pushed to the back when laptops or tablets are placed back into their sections. Plus, their cord management is inside the cabinets, but there is also a separate management system on the backside for the remaining length of the cord that plugs into the surge protectors.

Three power strips are connected to the back of this cart, so no need to go and purchase more. All three of these are designed to connect, and you only need to plug one cord into the wall.

The laptop/tablet storage sections in these cabinets are slightly larger to accommodate larger computer devices. Shelves, doors, walls, and dividers in these cabinets are all vented to allow airflow throughout and prevent overheating during charging.

Lastly, this entire storage cabinet, empty, weighs less than ninety pounds but can accommodate four hundred pounds of weight!

Pros & Cons

  • Keypad locking system
  • Compact design to reserve classroom floor space
  • Larger laptop/storage space between plastic dividers
  • Price is higher than some of the other compact storage cabinets
  • Unsurpassed cord management system inside and out
  • Product dimensions are 20.5 x 20 x 39 inches, which is a floor space saver
  • The attractive blue color brightens up the classroom
  • The cart has enough outlets for all devices
  • The open door range provides easy access to devices

8. 8-Device Universal AC Laptop Charging Station

Chromebook Organizer for Classroom

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If you want something compact enough to fit within the top of a typical classroom desk, then this is a great solution. This mini-sized eight-device charging station can fit up to a 15″ laptop computer and has extra-wide slots to accommodate laptops with protective covers on them.

My initial look at this product was; “Does this thing even charge devices?” and “Where do the cords go?”. I have to say; I was pretty impressed with the compact ingenuity of this tabletop charging station! Disconnect the top storage section from the rest of the station, and beneath is a hidden section to store each charging cord.

The back of this unit reveals an attached power strip with surge protection. If using these are desk charging stations for groups within your classroom, arrange your group so that you are near an outlet.

One other little perk to this compact storage station is that each section is labeled number one through eight to keep better tabs on each device. These stations are so light (weighing only eight pounds), they can easily be transported from room to room if needed.

Pros & Cons

  • lightweight and compact
  • Surprisingly innovative cord storage design
  • Charging ability for eight devices
  • Price seems a little high compared to other compact desktop charging cabinets or stations
  • It can easily fit on top of a small table, desk, or even a shelf
  • Item can accommodate larger devices
  • No assembly required

9. Luxor WPSDD3 Wood Multimedia Workstation Cart

Luxor WPSDD3 Multimedia Workstation Cart

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Like the Pearington AV cart with the bottom cabinet storage, this Luxor multimedia cart provides all of the same benefits as the Pearington cart but with more security and item privacy.

I like that these cabinets automatically come with drop-leaf side tables to accommodate additional teaching tools, i.e., a small projector, grade book, speakers, or my laptop. Also, this workstation includes a slide-out laptop table for additional space.

The four caster wheels allow this portable workstation to go anywhere in the room you need to go, without having to carry around any of your needed items. I find myself many times walking around my classroom, laptop in hand, to take notes. So the idea that this is compact and easy to roll around is appealing.

A small drawer is lockable to accommodate the safe storage of my personal belongings or even my computer. The second section of this mobile workstation is another locking cabinet with two shelves to accommodate classroom laptops, other devices, tablets, or whatever you need to lock up.

Since this is not “technically” a charging station, there are no cords, no power strips, nothing to charge. This cart is secure laptop/tablet storage.

Pros & Cons

  • No dividers for devices
  • Has two different locking sections
  • Assembly is required…so get out your tools!
  • This is only for laptop/tablet storage, not charging
  • Internal shelves allow for personalized organization

10. Tripp Lite 32-Port AC Charging Cart Storage Station

Tripp Lite Storage Station for Chromebooks

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The Tripp Lite charging cart and storage station is a great option for long-lasting laptop/tablet storage. Unlike some other laptop storage carts on this list, this particular storage station has much of its cord management system in a separate compartment that separates the two shelves.

This middle section has a removable cover that allows you to conceal all of the various computer cords. There are dedicated outlets for each laptop within the cart. This power station supports over 1400 watts of energy, which translates to fast charging for your laptops or tablets.

Unlike any of the other laptop tablet storage carts, this particular one is compatible with wireless syncing. All sides of this cabinet perforated to allow ultimate airflow. This entire station is made of steel and has a solid top for additional desktop working space if needed.

When cool, the distinctive feature about this 32-device laptop storage cart is that there are rubber grommets for each cord to keep them organized and two to keep them from being damaged.

Pros & Cons

  • Most extended warranty of all products; 2 years.
  • Lots of size options (31, 42, 45, 46, 48 outlets/devices)
  • Option to order a cart with all USB outlets instead of AV
  • Dual doors for easy access
  • Lots of airflow with the ventilation design
  • Not necessarily a floor space saver
  • Superior cord protection
  • Dividers are removable

11. LocknCharge Carrier 15 Slot Charging Station

LocknCharge Carrier

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While this charging station is smaller, it could efficiently serve its purpose in the classroom to easily store tablets. While the LocknCharge Carrier descriptions state that this station can accommodate chrome books, it appears that it would be a little tight.

I genuinely feel that this particular charging station is better served for up to 15 tablets. Further, this particular device also should not be placed on the floor, but rather, it should serve as either a wall unit or place on a desktop. Cord organization appears to be suitable as three sections of grouped chords hang down for vertical charging.

I like this particular charging station because it comes with everything you need to fix to the wall, and no additional hardware needs to be purchased.

Another desirable thing about this station is that you can either install traditional dividers as in the other carts or come with three baskets that you can use to store tablets (or laptops).

Also, I think it is very convenient that this whole unit also comes with numbered stickers for your devices and velcro to organize your cords.

Pros & Cons

  • Padlock locking system makes for a slight inconvenience
  • It can be a desktop station or wall mounted
  • Can accommodate laptops and tablets
  • Cord organization is not as advanced as some other charging stations
  • Choice and how you divide items.

12. Balt Tablet Charging Cart

Balt Tablet Charging Cart

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Last but certainly not least on this list of laptop storage cabinets is the Balt tablet charging cart. This particular cart is equipped with eight different internal shelves.

Each shelf can accommodate two tablets for charging, 16 in total. While this charging card says it is specifically for tablets I believe that each shelf could accommodate two small laptops.

One thing to me that is appealing about this charging car is that it looks incredibly organized when you open it up. There aren’t all of these different crazy dividers and cord management systems that can take up a whole lot of time and energy.

It’s a very simple concept design that serves the purpose of simply laying the tablet in and charging it.

Pros & Cons

  • Super simply storage and charging
  • Neat and organized design
  • Comes with a power strip
  • Has a locking mechanism
  • Enough outlets for each tablet

Some “Sold Separately” Computer Storage Options to Consider

Wall Mounting Hardware

Some of the items on this list could easily be made into a wall-mounted charging station with the correct hardware. Pay close attention to ensure that you have the correct hardware to accommodate the type of wall you are mounting the unit to. For example, some classrooms have cinderblock walls, and others may be your typical sheetrock. Regardless, you want to ensure you have the mounting hardware that will accommodate.

Surge Protector Power Strips

When in the classroom, you have to anticipate the worst-case scenario not to get thrown off your lessons. Sometimes it’s helpful to purchase additional surge protector power strips if the ones that come with the charging stations do not work. There is always also the possibility that one will go out at some point in time. Luckily, power strips are relatively inexpensive, and it never hurts to have a few on hand in the classroom anyway.

Cord Velcro

There is nothing more annoying than having to sort out three different laptop charging cords. If you wind up with a charging cart lacking in the cord organization department, basic cord velcro will be your new best friend. Someday, laptop/tablet storage will be completely wireless, and how glorious that will be! But until then, save yourself the headache and do the cord organization on the front end.

Tips for Laptop Storage Organization

Anytime I start the school year, I do a few basic things to ensure that each laptop in my classroom is kept in good condition and does not go missing. Further, if there is a device that goes missing or is damaged, I can narrow down what happened. Below are just a few tips for ensuring an accountability system in your classroom for these devices.

  1. Label all of your devices with a number.
  2. Label all shelves or spaces with the correlating number.
  3. Assign each of your students a specific number.
  4. Have a “damage report” paper ready to go.
  5. Encourage your students to report any issues with laptops or tablets immediately.

Final Thoughts on Laptop Storage Cabinets

There are so many different things to consider when choosing which type of laptop or tablet storage you want for your classroom. Consider if you want your cabinet to serve as an additional table in your classroom; maybe you need it as an extra shelf or simply need something wall-mounted to conserve floor space.

Additionally, consider whether or not you need the shelves to slide out for ease of access. One major thing to consider whenever you’re looking at these different cabinets is the age of the students you are teaching. For example, you may want something more open and accessible for younger students to access their laptops versus being in a high school classroom where the security of devices may be more of a concern.

Regardless, every cart on this list was put here to accommodate any need you may have within your classroom. I know we’re looking through these, and thinking about my classroom full of high school students, I thought about all of the different functions and purposes that my chrome book cart needs to have.

I truly hope you found everything you could need and use this article to make the best decision for your classroom.

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