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Tutor Management Software for Small Tutoring Businesses

ATutor is a tutor management software for private tutors who run a small tutoring business with one or more students. ATutor allows tutors to manage bookings, payments, student and group details, and even offers tutors to create a profile to share with others.

For most people having a job and keeping on top of a schedule can be strenuous at times. However, it can make life a little bit more complicated when you are a tutor because there are so many moving parts. Being a tutor and running your own tutoring business means that you have to keep track of your various appointments, how you’re getting paid, student information, and more. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a system that will work exactly how you needed to simplify being a tutor. I am so happy I found this great new tutor management software called ATutor.

Not only am I a certified teacher, but I also do a lot of ACT review and tutoring in the off months. I also do a lot of online tutoring. Sometimes, keeping track of everyone and all of their appointments and payments was difficult until I started using ATutor. Furthermore, this tutor management app is a great resource for schools, small tutoring companies, a small private tutoring business like mine, or other non-profit organizations that don’t necessarily have a lot of funding for an expensive program to manage tutors.

What is ATutor?

Business Management Software

ATutor is a tutor management software for tutors and mentors to manage students online. This app has the resources at hand to create a successful tutoring business while keeping a record of all of your details and programs. As a tutor, I love that this program is so elementary to use. The whole purpose is to simplify my business and my life, which is done successfully. Many times, many apps will come out claiming that they will do just that. But in reality, they are difficult to use and time-consuming to set up, which is not the case with ATutor.

What Can ATutor Do, Exactly?

Okay, I’ve talked this up enough, and now you want to know exactly what it can do. The ATutor app has a ton of really cool features that allow you to do everything from scheduling your classes to sending invoices to each one of your students. Why is all this important? Because if this is your side business, then you need to make sure you’re keeping an eye on your income and expenses for your financial records. Plus, ATutor keeps a record of all of your schedules and students.

Scheduling Classes on ATutor

Keeping up with your scheduled classes can be one of the most difficult things about being a tutor. You can’t be late or miss any of your sessions otherwise;, you may lose a customer. Plus, there are so many different devices now keeping account of different schedules it can be difficult to figure out which appointment to put where. With ATutor, you don’t have to worry about your personal schedule getting mixed up with your tutoring business one.

Booking Students Calendar

Within the tutor bug, click on the calendar icon to easily add different appointments for each one of your students. Keeping everything in one place has never been so easy! Also, your admin dashboard allows you to manage your tutoring availability that students can see from the viewer side.

Since I work in public schools and mentoring and tutoring on the side, I can most certainly see the benefit of using this app as a scheduling platform for schools when conducting a peer tutoring or student development program. Any school could even use the ATutor platform to schedule an important test or mentor session.

ATutor Invoices for Tutoring 

Even though I’m providing a valuable tutoring or mentoring service, sometimes, when it is time to accept payment, things can be a bit awkward. I love that this tutor management software allows me to transmit an invoice to the customer directly. Once you are in the ATutor app (and you have your students set up), click on the “Invoices” tab, select “Send New Invoice,” then follow the prompts from that point! Here you will be allowed to put in how much the session was, give a title for your session, and even add a little description for the person receiving the invoice.

Create Tutoring Invoices

I love the invoices section because there is no digging to figure out who has paid and who hasn’t. The ATutor app allows you to view your invoices board who has paid their balance and who still owes a balance.

Manage Students Payments

Once you create an invoice and select a student, ATutor sends it directly to their email. So if, for some reason, your invoice didn’t get across, you can always dispatch it again.

Tutor Profile on ATutor

When setting up your ATutor account, you have the ability to set up your online tutor profile and choose whether or not you want to add an “About Me” section to your public website for anyone to view. The app section allows you to list your charge rate, what subjects you teach, and explain your expert record. Further, you can discuss the different mentoring or tutoring programs that you offer and resources for students.

Create Teacher Profile

This ATutor profile platform is a great way for tutoring companies to manage their different tutors and create a space that is easy for students to view who they are. ATutor connects students to your direct tutor profile with your own URL personalized with your own design.

Adding Student Information & Creating Groups on ATutor

The tutor management platform allows you as the tutor to add students individually to your roster or create specific groups of students. First, you can add students by easily clicking the “Students” section on the toolbar. From here, you click “Add Students” and begin putting in their information. Here you can add a student name, phone number, and email address. You can add additional fields and have them labeled for whatever specific subjects will help you categorize that student better.

For schools, this is a great way to create a team of mentors and group them with the ATutor online platform. When you create your student groups/organizations through ATutor, you can email groups as a whole to communicate important information. Being able to do all of these things at once will help you manage your students much easier.

Communication with Students on ATutor

I briefly touched base on the communication portion of the ATutor platform in the previous subsection. However, the communication portion is not simply being able to relay emails. All of the different things that this tutoring development platform offers help mentors/tutors keep in touch with their students. When I consider how many junk email pieces I receive a day, it would be effortless for any student’s messages to get lost. It is so much easier to manage all of my communication with my students through ATutor.

How to Sign Up on ATutor

Signing up for ATutor was the easiest process ever! I am 100% real here. ATutor does not ask for your credit card information. You do not need to give a ridiculous amount of personal information to have free access to this platform. You go to the website, click “Try For Free,” enter your basic information, and that’s it. ATutor doesn’t require your credit card details or to do anything else to access this tutoring management platform.

Another really cool thing is that tutors can view everything that ATutor offers with their free trial. Just like in all of the infomercials, I want to say, “wait…there’s more!”…because there is. Most programs that offer a free trial offer three days, five days, and maybe two weeks if you’re fortunate. However, ATutor offers tutors/mentors the ability to use this program free for an entire month. After that, they can decide whether they want to sign up for a permanent subscription. There is literally no better deal available for schools or tutors to manage students or a team in such an expert way than ATutor.

Final Thoughts on ATutor

Because we are all so swamped in our daily lives, it may almost seem like an impossible task to regularly manage a team or group of people who have individual learning sessions. Ideally, we want everything in our lives to be completely streamlined, but that can’t happen. However, apps like ATutor allow tutors to view everything from one space to provide the best tutoring experience available.

Furthermore, for schools or tutoring companies that do not have an unlimited amount of financial resources but have a lot going on, ATutor allows for streamlined tutoring to be possible. With all this being said, give this tutor management software a try and see how much easier it can make your tutoring business.

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