If you’re taking the MCAT, you must have all the required documentation on test day to ensure a hassle-free experience. One of the requirements is a valid ID, so you need to know, what counts as a valid MCAT ID. With the ID, the test administrators can confirm you are indeed who you claim to be. ID fraud is one of the primary methods individuals use to cheat on entrance exams every year.

What Counts as a Valid MCAT ID?

The Association of American Medical Colleges, which administers the MCAT, outlines the following requirements for a valid MCAT ID. According to their website, the name on your ID needs to match the name on your MCAT registration exactly. Middle names aren’t required on the MCAT registration, so you can ignore this, even if it is on your ID. If you used a derivation of your name on your registration (e.g., “Jim” instead of “James”) that does not appear on your ID, you will not receive admission to the testing room.

Additionally, the AAMC requires that an ID meet all the following conditions to be valid. The ID needs to be issued by a government agency, and it needs to be valid through the date of the exam. If the ID expires before the exam date, you are responsible for obtaining a new one ahead of time. We recommend you give yourself enough time to process a new ID with your local or state government. The ID also needs to include the signature you’ll be duplicating on exam day. The signature should have no evidence of tampering, and needs to be in English. Following all these requirements will avoid any surprises or rejections on the day of the test.

By planning for these requirements ahead of time, you can ensure your test is administered and appropriately recorded, avoiding any delays in the pursuit of your medical education.