A teacher needs to look stylish but professional. For a complete style, a teacher should match teacher clothing with a suitable bag, shoes for teachers, and newly added to the shopping list: teacher face masks. As you’re searching for the perfect teacher bag, you’ll want to consider certain aspects of the bag. As each teacher likes different bags, we believe these are highly important when choosing a bag. But what is the best kind of teacher bag?

Three Things to Consider When Buying a Teacher Bag

1. Pockets

The number of pockets a bag consists of gives you the idea of what kind of space the bag will have. More pockets in a bag mean less space but more ability to organize. Usually, substitute teacher bags have more pockets, as they often take numerous little items with them. The size of the pockets is also essential. Depending on what you plan to carry, determine what size pockets you need. If you don’t intend to take papers, books, binders, or folders back and forth to school, then smaller pockets are what you need. If you plan to carry a laptop or tablet, then you will want a padded pouch. Keeping in mind what you plan to bring will help determine what pockets you will need.

2. Water Protection

It is likely that at some point, you will carry your bag in the rain, snow, sleet, or other precipitation. Having a bag that has some water protection is ideal. Water repellent means it will repel water, but water will eventually enter the bag. Waterproof means water and moisture will not enter the bag.  Depending on where you live or how far you have to walk outside, water repellent may be enough.

3. Laptop/Device Protection

As you know, technology in education becomes more and more important, requiring teachers to use a computer in some way. Many schools provide laptops for teachers to use because grade books, teacher editions, and programs must be used on these devices.  Having some laptop/device protection is essential when transporting it day after day.

Many teacher backpacks offer a separate laptop compartment, but some don’t. Be sure to decide if you need laptop/device protection in the form of a padded compartment. If the bag you desire does not have a padded pocket, you could purchase a separate padded laptop sleeve that would fit into the bag for that protection.

If you carry many heavy supplies with you back and forth between school and home, rolling totes for teachers might be a good option.