Whether this is your first year of teaching or close to retiring, having a reliable bag is essential for any teacher. We have researched numerous bags to find the best teacher bags that are stylish, hold a laptop, your water bottle, books, and carry other essential items.

We considered several options for a bag to make this list:

  1. First, it had to have good customer reviews, be durable, stylish, have multiple pockets and mesh pockets, and a shoulder strap.
  2. We wanted the teacher bags to look professional as well as casual but not like a gym bag.
  3. It needed to be big enough for teachers to carry a laptop.
  4. We also included teacher bags that would be great gifts for your teacher.

Top 12 Best Bags for Teachers Reviewed

Finding the best teacher tote bags that can also hold a laptop can be time-consuming and overwhelming. However, we are confident that you will select one of the best offered if you choose any bag on this list. We know you will find a favorite (or two) as we did.

1. So’each Canvas Tote

So'each Canvas Tote with teacher Print

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This teacher tote from So’each is a perfect gift for your teacher to show appreciation. It has a high-quality zipped pocket, mobile phone, key holder, and leather straps. This teacher tote is a 60% higher density canvas than other canvas bags, making it sturdy and durable.

In our opinion, this is one of the best teacher bags if you need a teacher appreciation gift. Especially this year, we should consider appreciating our teacher’s hard work. Our teachers had to be extra flexible and skilled, and most of them had to change their teaching concepts to teach entirely online. Teachers are under high pressure from all sides, and we should say thank you.

This high-quality teacher tote allows teachers to be organized books, laptops, lunch boxes, and more. Due to the zipper closure, the items can stay in place and not fall out. Inside the teacher tote bag, you can find several pockets for more organization.

2. Teacher Appreciation Reusable Tote Bag

Teacher Appreciation Bag

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We found another excellent teacher appreciation gift on Amazon. Show your teacher how grateful you are for this end-of-year gift for teachers. This large tote bag comes with the phrase “Teaching is a Work of Heart,” printed in handwritten script on the apple’s face. The fabric is a durable material and comes with two shoulder straps.

We love this multi-functional tote bag and the simple design. It is quite spacious, and the canvas is thick and strong enough to hold teacher planners, books, and a laptop.

Compared to So’each, the design of this one is much simpler. The bag is big enough to fit a laptop and books, but the owner cannot organize the items accurately due to no inside pockets and a missing zipper.

This tote bag is excellent for shopping or if some teachers need to carry a few light things.

3. Relavel Messenger Laptop Tote Bag

Relavel Messenger Bag With Laptop

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One of the best teacher bags on this list is this Laptop messenger bag. It is a spacious bag that has a built-in portable charger, padded shoulder straps, and a hidden front zipper pocket. It can fit up to a 15.6 inch laptop. The laptop sleeve of this ultimate messenger bag allows for extra protection, so it is not damaged while being carried. The fabric is waterproof nylon, wrinkle-free, nylon, and leather material has a zipper closure, is stylish, and is offered in 5 different colors. Fifteen different pockets allow the organization inside and outside the bag.

This messenger bag is one of the most organized and professional-looking on this list. It fits a 15.6-inch laptop easily. Besides, this bag does not have a casual look like the canvas teacher bags on this list. Many different professionals could use this bag.

MONSTINA has worked to create a bag that allows the owner to be organized. The ability to hold every item in a specific pocket is useful, as it will enable you to find what you are looking for quickly. Having a zipper closure allows these items to stay in place and not fall out. The portable charger is just a port, and you need to keep a power bank to power the charger port. This is not included in the bag.

The difference between this tote and the LOVEVOOK is how many pockets it has. This bag comes with numerous little interior pockets, including one small hidden pocket on the outside, where the LOVEVOOK has several large pockets for larger items.

Although we like the number of pockets, as it is great for the organization, it doesn’t allow extra things to be carried, such as papers to grade or a grade book. If all you need to carry back and forth to school is a laptop and some toiletries, this bag is for you.

4. Teacher Peach Laptop Tote Bag

Teacher Peach Bag

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Teacher Peach offers many different types of bags and totes. The inspirational tote bag is categorized under commuter tote bags. A true teacher bag with an inspirational quote offers a main zipper pocket with a front velcro strap pocket. The main zipper pocket has two more compartments.

There is also a pocket to keep a water bottle, keys, and a phone organized. It is durable but not bulky. It would make a great gift as well.

Whether this is your first year of teaching or your 20th year of teaching, man or woman, this laptop bag seems to have it all.  We love the zippers on the main pouch not only because they keep the contents from falling out but because they keep moisture from dripping in.

Inside the main pouch, one side of the pocket is cushioned for the laptop, while the other is the perfect size for editions to curriculum, papers to grade, folders, or binders.

This is a great asset to this bag. If you want to carry two electronic devices, a laptop, and a tablet, this bag is ideal for you because inside the main compartment. There is a smaller pocket for a tablet next to the padded compartment for the laptop.

Similar to the Crest Design shoulder bag, it has a very casual look. Both bags have interior pockets. However, this Teacher Peach bag does not have any zip pockets inside. A good aspect of this bag, besides the size, is the two ways to carry the bag.

Also, like the Crest Design bag, it offers a longer shoulder strap that can be worn as a crossbody or two shorter straps for a shoulder carry. This bag comes with a crossbody detachable shoulder strap.

This casual, unisex bag would also make a great gift for any teacher.

5. Uptown Girl Tote Bag

Uptown Girl Striped Bag

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This teacher bag is a medium utility tote with four exterior pockets, a max capacity zipper, dual shoulder straps, and a stable bottom that allows it to stand independently. The fabric is made from an interwoven polypropylene that is strong, water-resistant, durable, and easily cleaned. It has a fold-flat design that is collapsible for easy storage.

We love the patterns offered for this bag. This bag can be purchased in many patterns. We find it a bit noisy while walking. Much like the Teacher Peach bag, it has no inner zipper pockets.

The large pocket does not have a protected area for a laptop or tablet, just like the personalized teacher bag below. It is spacious, like the MONSTINA, which allows for numerous items teachers need to keep with them.

6. Personalized Teacher Tote Bag

Personalizes Teacher Bags Pink

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The Personalized tote bag is your ideal teacher tote. It has a huge main pocket that zips closed. Two web shoulder handles are sewn into the polyester canvas bag.

This tote is heavy-duty and will last. Along with the large main pocket, there are two smaller pockets on the end of the bag that is perfect for keeping a water bottle, keys, your phone, or pens separate.

The casual look of this bag is very different from the MONSTINA bag or the LOVEVOOK bag. This canvas tote bag is the smallest bag on the list.

Much like the Inspirational Teacher Tote, this bag is a great bag for teachers. It is large enough for you to transport papers, notebooks, teacher editions, and even laptops. Although this bag lacks pockets for organization, it makes up for it in space.

You could easily use a pencil bag to give yourself some more organization in this tote. It is the best quality bag for the money. We love the ability to customize this bag, and with this ability to customize, it could be given as a gift for teachers.

Although this bag would fit a laptop, there is no pocket to protect the laptop. You will need to have a laptop slip pocket in addition to this bag if you carry a laptop often.

The external slip pockets do not have zippers. We love the heavy-duty canvas that will last for years. This canvas is flexible enough to fold for easy storage when it is not being used.

7. Large Teacher Bag

Teacher Bags with Quote and Long Handle

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This bag has two options, basic and premium. The premium bag is offered in two designs with multiple color options.

The first premium design option has a screen print logo that says, “Best Teacher Ever.” The second design option is also screen printed and says, “Teacher life is the best life.”

A large, zippered pocket contains a three-compartment organizer on one side of the bag and a zippered pocket on the other side. The tote has two small zippered pockets and one large zipper compartment. Dual shoulder-length handles measure at 28″.

Whether you need a bag for yourself or as a gift, this bag is a winner. The cute logos on the bag will make the carrier of this tote bag proud. The durable canvas material guarantees a long life, much like the Personalized Canvas Tote Bag by all about my company.

Although this bag does not have a padded laptop sleeve, it is large enough to fit a laptop in a protective sleeve. The front slash pocket is large enough to fit a 10inch tablet, which is very useful for those teachers that carry multiple electronic devices.

Brooks & Jess Designs takes pride in their work and uses the negative feedback to upgrade their products to even greater products.

This bag has been on the market for just over a year, and they have already upgraded it. The inner zipper pouch, three-compartment organizer, and liner all came about because of customer reviews. The large teacher bag is their best-selling product.

8. Waterproof Multi-Pocket Tote

Large Teacher Bags With Rope Handle and Quote

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If you like big teacher bags with a rope handle, this tote bag is for you. The rope handle makes this one of the best teacher bags for summer. The Ultimate Teacher Waterproof Multi-Pocket Tote is a stylish, versatile, durable tote that is 22 inches long, making it the largest bag on this list. It has a total of five interior pockets and is offered in just one color, black. The fabric is flexible, waterproof, and high-quality for a low price.

Almost twice as long as a usual laptop backpack for teachers, this teacher’s tote is huge. We love the flexible fabric that allows for storage when it is not being used. We love the versatility it has to match any outfit. The number of pockets is just the right amount.

The hidden pockets offer a place to store valuable items securely. The inspirational quote represents the pride of being a teacher.

It does not have a padded laptop pocket like the Large Teacher Bags by Peach or the charger port like the MONSTINA Laptop Tote Bags. However, it offers space for more items to be carried like papers, folders, binders, laptops, tablets, textbooks, and more.

If we needed to pick the least favorite feature, it would be the rope handles. Although they are stylish and durable, comfort is an issue. Carrying them by the hands or wearing them on the shoulders becomes uncomfortable the longer the bag is carried at one time.  Although the rope is soft, it can be difficult to carry if you have small hands.

Our favorite part of this bag for teachers is the pockets. The large main pocket offers a zipper closure with a tiny pocket on the inside that could be for a key card required to enter many school buildings.

The two-end pockets are great for keeping car keys, cell phones, a water bottle, or pens safe. The back two pockets offer a sense of security. If you carry multiple bags (lunch bag, purse, school bag, etc.), this bag is for you. It is large enough you can put all of those bags into one.

9. Crest Design Laptop Shoulder Bag

Grey Crest Design Laptop Shoulder Bag With Front Pockets

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The Nylon Shoulder bag by Crest Design offers a more casual approach to teacher bags. It has one large front zipper pocket and two small zipper pockets. Instead of leather or faux leather, they used nylon. It is water-resistant, has heavy-duty hardware and a padded laptop compartment.

With a total of nine pockets (2 inners, five exterior pockets, one back slip pocket, and one little mesh pocket for a water bottle), versatility is a highlight. The shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable.  It also has dual carrying handles with room for a laptop, notebooks, and a pencil case.


Although this bag for teachers appears to be casual, it has a very professional purpose for teachers.  If you are a substitute teacher looking for a substitute teacher bag with lots of pockets, this might be the one. The two inner pockets are large enough to keep a grade book and several stacks of papers organized. This bag is lined with polyester fabric, making cleaning up a breeze.

The bottom allows the bag to stand on its own. Like MONSTINA, Crest Design takes care of its customers. They offer a 12-month worry-free guarantee for quality assurance.

Using customer reviews, this company updated its zippers in the last year to make them more durable. The casual approach is comparable to the Teacher Peach Inspirational Teacher Tote. The numerous pockets are an organizer’s dream.

The difference between this tote and the LOVEVOOK Laptop Bag is the quality of the straps. The straps give options on how to carry. It can be carried as a crossbody or with dual carrying handles, which outlast the other parts.

The feature we love of this bag is the outer pockets. These pockets allow for the organization of smaller objects like pens, chargers, and personal items.

10. LOVEBOOK Laptop Bag

LOVEBOOK Laptop Teacher Bags

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This leather tote bag is water-resistant, has an adjustable handle, fits up to a 15.6-inch laptop, has metal feet, a key leash, and multiple compartments.  The laptop pocket is padded to keep it protected.  It has a zipper closure and is offered in 12 different colors. This is a brilliant-looking bag and can be used for more than just a bag.

LOVEVOOK kept teachers and professionals in mind. It would be great to travel with this leather tote bag as it is small enough to fit under an airplane seat.

Not only does this bag have a laptop compartment, but it also has a portfolio/binder compartment that would be great to keep papers protected while carrying them back and forth to school. However, it is not big enough for a teacher’s edition or multiple binders.

Teachers who carry two devices as there is a tablet pocket in the large zippered pocket are ideal for teachers.

The large zipper pocket is good for personal items or laptop chargers as well. Compared to the MONSTINA, this bag is more basic. It does not come with a charging port and one small zip and one large zip pocket inside the main compartment.

A good feature is the metal feet. The metal feet keep the bag standing on its own without falling over.  This is important for packing and unpacking the bag.

The double carrying handles are adjustable from 9″ to 14.” If you carry your laptop back and forth to work and a few other things, this bag is for you. If you feel like you bring home your whole classroom at the end of each day, this bag is too small for you.

11. Lekesky Leather Laptop Backpack

Lekesky Leather Laptop Backpack With Large Zipper

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This waterproof laptop backpack by Lekebaby is a lightweight bag, has durable PU leather, and is unisex. Offered in four different colors, it is waterproof and scratchproof. Complete with an abundance of pockets, it has space for work documents like papers to grade, workbooks, and folders. The laptop compartment is padded for extra protection and has side pockets both inside and external pockets.

At first, this laptop backpack looks amazing. The large, wide pocket gives plenty of room to pack everything you need inside. However, you must pack meticulously to get everything in. The laptop must be packed first. If you pack the inner side pockets, the outer side pockets are useless.

If you pack the outer side pockets, the inner side pockets are useless. The wide opening does stay open when unzipped, which is convenient when packing or unpacking.

Designed with safety in mind, it has an anti-theft zipper, a top handle, a reflective shoulder strap, and a hidden back pocket for valuables. Lekebaby took comfort in mind when designing the straps and rucksack as they consist of extra padding.

Lekebaby backs its product with a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason and a 180-day warranty guarantee for quality issues.

12. Ladies Damask Rolling Bag

Ladies Damask Rolling Teacher Bags

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If carrying a bag on your shoulders or back is not an option, here is a rolling bag for you. This rolling laptop bag by ecWorld provides extra storage for papers and other items for teachers. The fabric is a heavy-duty polyester with a fully padded main compartment.  It is water-resistant and can be rolled through shallow puddles without damaging the contents inside the bag.

An adjustable, adjustable shoulder strap allows you to carry it or roll it on two inline wheels. A telescopic handle provides a way to roll the case. Rolling totes for teachers can be very handy if you carry around heavier supplies.

This protective-designed bag is perfect for those who take school work home with them and who prefer to roll into the school. The large main compartment is ideal to hold a laptop and folders, grade books, and even textbooks that teachers carry between home and school. There are places for pens and charging cables that allow the organization.

We like the fact that there are two ways to carry this bag. The rolling feature is a positive aspect, but so is the carry strap. It is nice it is removable when rolling the bag as it won’t get in the way if it is not attached.  The waterproof fabric is useful if anything is spilled; it is easily cleaned.

Apart from all the positives, one negative aspect of this bag is the wheels. The wheels are not designed for outdoor use.


Considering what you carry back and forth to school will help you understand what pockets you need and whether you need laptop protection. From the smallest bag, the personalized canvas tote bag by all about me company, to the largest bag, the ultimate waterproof multi-pocket tote by KEHO, there is a bag for everyone on this list. Finding the best bag teacher bags is easy and can be done today!