Writers Work Review 2020: Legit or Not?

August 6, 2019

Writers Work Review 2020: Legit or Not?


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Important Update May 2020

The reason why you came across my article may be that you want to know whether writers.work is legit or not. 

To give you a quick answer, the company is not a scam.

But I do understand why people are questioning the company. In 2019 writers.work was a controversial service. Many people were concerned about whether the company was legit or not. The company advertised a signup fee for just USD 47.00, and the user struggles to get a refund. After some time and many bad reviews, the company finally responded to the people’s complaints and solved the refund issue.

Is writer.work $47.00 worth it?

Yes! And no, the fee has not changed. And the advertising is as strange as before. Either the early bird fee never changes, or a 50% discount from USD 94.00 is supposed to make the signup fee for attempting.

Either way, the signup fee is always USD 47.00. To be honest, I do not care what they do to get people signing up as long as I get what I am after for USD 47.00.

The platform does offer a lot, but it also takes some time to get your head around it. So don’t give up quickly. Give it a chance and find out what they have to offer. If it is not for you, don’t worry. They do have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and so far, there were no complaints anymore about refund-issues.


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As a freelancer and a person who frequently receives a torrent of emails from wannabe freelance writers, I was exceptionally intrigued upon stumbling on writers.work. Nevertheless, I had more questions than answers. Likewise, if you are an aspiring freelancer trying to land some writing gigs or perhaps a veteran trying to cast your net into deeper waters, you could be wondering, is writers.work legit?

Will it land you more and better-paying writing gigs? How does it work? And why is very different from other freelance writing platforms? Well, I am glad that you are trying to establish the truth. I mean, with so many scams masquerading the web nowadays, you can never be too careful to avoid being robbed of your hard-earned cash. So, is this all-new writer’s work, the missing link between you and your financial freedom? Well, let’s find out in this Writers Work review.


What is Writers Work?

It is not a company that hires or provides work to writers directly, but they do have a catalog of publications that are looking for content. It is first a holistic online platform that offers services to writers, such as training materials for new and experienced writers, job listings, an array of tools and features designed to streamline writing from developing content.

Writers can find live listings of writing gigs. Writers Work offers a personal project management system to help freelancers organize tasks, which I find very helpful.

The fees

Writers Work does not offer a free trial. A lifetime payment of $47.00 is the only payment option, which is fair, once you know that the system is useful for you. They do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Writers Work Features

Job Listings

My favorite feature as a freelance writer is the job listing. The system filters the type of job, source, and pay. The user can save searches, and writers get notified regularly for any job offers that come up.

Although I am impressed by how the functionality of the job listings feature works, I do not like how the filtering system only shows a few jobs and not a full range of job offers.

Nevertheless, this is no deal-breaker. You can subscribe to have to get notifications whenever new jobs are posted, which is a great feature.

Submissions Section

When I tested the submission section on Writers Work, I received many opportunities where I could submit my articles for a payment. I got the instructions of what the publications were looking for, how much it pays, and how to submit my work. I submitted one of my articles and got paid 80 dollars. This is a handy feature for freelance writers to build up a regular income eventually.

Project Management System

I have tried a few different management systems, and I have to say that I still prefer my old system that I am used to. Writers.work project-management system feature is excellent for people who have never used such a system before, but it does distract from the actual writing work. The interface is simple but only useful if the writer uses the system regularly. I guess it depends on the writer’s personality, whether the system can be helpful to or stressful.

Text Editor

The text editor updates the writer’s work in real-time. It is a bit like Google Docs and comes with a readability grade level and score that automatically updates as you write. Small features such as a character and sentence counter and a word checker hyperlinks and formatting are quite handy.

Different from other text editors, you get a light bulb feature that illuminates whenever you highlight a word that links to synonyms or dictionary definitions. The user can activate a background sounds that mimic Hogwarts library and outdoor serenity.


Especially for entry-level freelancers, creating a portfolio of their work can be significant. The portfolio feature on Writers Work is fundamental, but I love it because of that. You can add a profile image, a cover image, your title and description plus the freedom to include as many portfolio clips as you deem necessary. This feature saves writers a lot of time and teaches starters how to build a good portfolio.

I spend a little bit of time on this feature since I was always too lazy to build a proper portfolio, and I loved it! It was so much fun putting together all my work.


The “University” feature offers materials that cover subjects such as pitching and copy-writing. If you are planning to do writing to your main income, this can come in handy to help. You will get a small but structured course where you what you’ve covered and how you are progressing. And though there isn’t a lot of content here, you will get all you need to get started if you are a greenhorn.

My conclusion

We can’t deny that for less than 47 bucks, you get a lot of resources to kick start or advance your writing career.

I am not sure if I use this platform lifelong, but I do like the job listing feature, which provides a wide range of jobs. Finding jobs this way helps me immensely and saves me a lot of time, which I can spend with doing my actual job, writing. I also like the text editor, which automatically updates and refines my work in a lifetime.

None of the features is new or in any way different to other platforms, but it is a compelling package for freelance writers who are dipping their toes into the arena for the first time.

All in all, this Writers Work review can say that 47 dollars is not a lot of money to invest in a different freelance career, particularly given that this fundamentally comes with an inbuilt freelance writing.


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