Writers Work Review: Legit or Not?

As a freelancer and a person who frequently receives a torrent of emails from wannabe freelance writers, I was exceptionally intrigued upon stumbling on writers work. Nevertheless, I had more questions than answers. Likewise, if you are an aspiring freelancer trying to land some writing gigs or perhaps a veteran trying to cast your net into deeper waters, you could be wondering, is Writers Work legit? Will it land you more and better-paying writing gigs? How does it work? And why is very different from other freelance writing platforms? Well, I am glad that you are trying to establish the truth. I mean, with so many scams masquerading the web nowadays, you can never be too careful to avoid being robbed of your hard-earned cash. So, is this all-new writer’s work, the missing link between you and your financial freedom? Well, let’s find out in this Writers Work review.

What is Writers Work?

This is a holistic online platform offering a one-stop destination for writers with services such as training materials, job listings, an array of tools and features designed to streamline writing from developing content to sharing it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t directly provide work to writers regardless of what their catchy and creative adverts might seem to suggest. More on this latter.   However, there are a plethora of features optimized to help you take your writing endeavors to the next level. These include:

  • Curated live listings of writing gigs fro a wide array of online platforms.
  • A personal project management system to help you organize tasks, documents, and writing work.
  • A catalog of publications looking for content plus details on how to submit it.
  • online portfolio where you can submit your work
  • Training materials for new writers
  • A web-hosted writing editor Review: Pricing

The pricing is very straightforward, with no hidden charges. You’ve got an option to make a lifetime payment of $47 though it is expected to rise to 94 dollars or pay monthly fees of 15 dollars a month. It doesn’t come with a trial period, but you get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the service isn’t what you are looking for.

Writers Work Features

Job Listings

What makes this feature exceptional is its filtering functionality. You can filter listings depending on the type of job, source, and pay. You can also save your search preference and subscribe to get notified daily, weekly, or monthly for any job offers that come up. Instant notifications are very valuable, considering that the platform is very completive. I mean, if you can make an application before anyone else, there are better chances for you to land the job.

Though I am impressed by how the filter functionality works, I still have my dose of criticism. For instance, it would be better if listings can be derived from more sources since selecting a bunch of filters only produces a few jobs. It would also benefit from a feature that will help freelancers organize the tasks based on how old they are. After all, it makes no sense for a situation that was posted three weeks ago to appear on the top of a list. Nevertheless, this is no deal-breaker. You can subscribe to have to get notifications whenever new jobs are posted.

Submissions Section

Though several online resources provide a list of publications that pay you to submit articles, the whole thing is different with Writers Work in that they give dozens of curated such opportunities where you can submit your article and get paid. In this case, you get instructions of what the publications are looking for, how much it pays, and how to submit your work. Though the catalog itself is that big, decent opportunities are ranging from entry-level publications paying 50-100 dollars per article to big names paying up to a dollar a word. Moreover, you can search using different criteria.

This feature gives you as a freelance article an opportunity and place to pitch prospects and if they can manage to keep it stocked, it can turn out to be a steady flow of opportunities and cross the line to become very useful.

Project Management System

Writers Work is not just a platform with job listings. It is also an avenue where you can manage your work. The effectiveness of this feature will depend on the flow of your work. With it, you can list your tasks, link documents, and track time spent on them. Besides, the interface is user-friendly.

Text Editor

The most striking feature is perhaps the web-based text editor which updates your work live as you work on it making it a better alternative to Word. It comes with a readability grade level and score that automatically updates as you write. There is also a character and sentence counter plus a word checker and live word.

A dig around the feature unearths the capacity to incorporate header tags, hyperlinks, and formatting. You also get a light bulb feature which illuminates whenever you highlight a word that links to synonyms or dictionary definitions. In addition, you can activate background noise functions with sounds that mimic Hogwarts library and outdoor serenity.  Last but not the least, this editor seamlessly links to other features in such a way that you can link it to other documents or track time spent working on it.


With writers work, you will also get the chance to create a portfolio of your work. And though it is basic, you get to add a profile image, a cover image, your title and description plus the freedom to include as many portfolio clips as you deem necessary. It is a useful feature, especially if you are getting started though it lacks the tenacity as seen on contently.


The materials cover subjects such as pitching and copywriting, and if used the right ways, they will come in handy to help anyone who is trying to learn the trade of writing. You will get a small but structured course where you what you’ve covered and how you are progressing. And though there isn’t a lot of content here, you will get all you need to get started if you are a greenhorn.

Other Features

Like I previously stated, you can track the time spent on your work on this platform, which will help you and your clients with billing. You can also set your own writing goals and get rid of the pressure of writing x words in a single day. You will also get statistics that will help you gauge your work. For instance, you get to know how many words you can write in a minute through the web-based editor.

The Verdict

Although some aspects of writers work feel shallow and misguided, it is only fair to call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. I mean, we can’t deny that for less than 50 bucks, which is the one-time life payment plan – you get a lot of resources to kick start or advance your writing career. The monthly plan might seem expensive, but it is an excellent way to kill two birds with a single stone. In that, you get test waters for very little money, and if it offers what you are looking, you can go ahead and make a lifetime subscription. Moreover, some of its features are well thought out. For instance, the job listing which provides a wide range of jobs from a wide array of platforms and the text editor, which automatically updates and refines your work life as you work on it.

Oddly, there isn’t a single feature of this platform that would justify you to buy a subscription, but when put together, it is a compelling package more so novices who are dipping their toes into the arena for the first time.

Inescapably, some prospective buyers might want to factor in the exaggerated promises the initiators of made with their other restatement, as they appear to have fallen for the enticement of making related promises again. Understandably, some individuals will be put off by these, which is the reason I have clarified them clearly in the segment above.

All in all, this Writers Work review can say that 47 dollars is not a lot of money to invest in a different freelance career, particularly given that this fundamentally comes with an inbuilt freelance writing. Nevertheless, if you are going to purchase its essential to know that you are obtaining a tool that will possibly help you to found a freelance writing occupation if you have the drive, skills, and determination, the corporation’s advertisements might propose it is easier than that – but it’s not.

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