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Best Shackets for Women to Wear at School

Have you heard of the “shacket”? While this is a new term, I know what they look like, and I see them everywhere. That said, after some review, I had to buy some for myself! When we say this is the new “teacher cardigan,” this is absolutely a reason to toss out the old and bring in the new!

A “shacket” is a term that mixes the two words, shirt, and jacket. While the silly name might induce a laugh, this item of clothing is the perfect in-style solution to cold building or fall-type weather!

While I love going out and looking at different stores, I don’t always love the high price of in-style items! For this reason (and I don’t have to drive somewhere), I like to shop on Amazon. Lucky for you (and me!), there are a TON of great shackets to choose from on Amazon for under $50!

Shackets Are the New Teacher Cardigan

Gacaky Casual Plaid Wool Blend Shacket

Soft and comfortable to wear in or outdoors, this wool-blend shacket is the perfect addition to your closet this fall/winter season. You will love the look and feel of this women’s plaid shacket. You can easily throw this on with a pair of jeans and some boots for a stylish and cozy look. Plus, I like anything easy to pair with what is already in my closet.

This brand comes with three different plaid color styles to choose from, and all can be worn as a jacket or a thick shirt. One more thing I appreciate about this shacket is that it can be thrown into the washing machine! One less thing to iron! This shacket hem sits right at the waistline.

GRACE KARIN Women’s Fleece Shacket

If you aren’t a fan of the mainly plaid shackets, you will adore this option. You can easily choose between the rust-red and the brown colors in place of the more used plaid option. This cozy jacket is warm, has soft fleece, and features a button-down closure and front pockets. Pair this shacket jacket with a pair of black leggings and boots for a cute fall look or jeans and block-heel ankle boots for a night out. Either way, this shacket can be used to dress up or down while staying comfy no matter what.

Gihuo Cropped Shacket

This particular shacket/jacket is perfect for the fall season. The cropped length of this Gihuo shacket is a bit shorter than the Hongqizo Flannel Shacket. However, it is just as cozy and is a great buy. Pair this beige shacket with a pair of fitted black jeans, or go with the 90’s style that is so popular right now and go with a pair of wide-leg. Even a simple pair of black leggings (which go with everything) will work with this super cute shacket.

Coming in beautiful colors such as tan, cornflower blue, black, grey, camel, and more, you may even want to buy more than one for your wardrobe!

Dokotoo Button Down Shacket

If you want a shacket jacket to wear with leggings that land past your rump, this shacket features an oversized fit and is an excellent option. This particular shacket is perfect to wear as a shirt or over a jacket for extra layering. I adore wearing oversized sweaters and shirts with my black leggings in the fall. This comfy option is one that I can move around with easily all day long.

You can choose from six different plaid shacket styles. Personally, I would recommend ordering a size larger than you usually would if you want that oversized baggy look that is in style right now.

Hongqizo Women’s Flannel Shackets

When it comes to the length of your shacket, if you prefer more of a cropped look, then this shirt jacket combo is the one for you. This shirt comes with two breast pockets, button-down closure, and a buttoned wrist, and it is loose-fitting. You will find this super cute buy on Amazon in five different colors. Throw this on for a cozy, casual look any day of the week.

The material of this shacket is 100% polyester, which means it is an easy-care clothing item. Simply throw this into the wash on cold water and tumble dry on low. If you want something with not a lot of fluff but will keep you warm on those slightly cooler days, this shacket is for you.

Dokotoo Contrast Patchwork Jacket

This shacket piece is different from any of the other items on this list, making this jacket something to bring compliments. Like the other Dokotoo women’s shacket, you will find the button-down closure and an oversized fit through shoulders and sleeves. However, this shacket is a bit lighter than the others on this list and is worn as more of a shirt (even though it is classified as a shacket). I adore the beautiful navy blue corduroy fabric with the Native American style print on the sleeves and front pocket.

If you aren’t a fan of this particular oversized shacket but enjoy the look and feel of the corduroy, there are almost twenty different options to choose from! So buy away and fall in love with this shacket!

Springrain Extra Long Shacket

This trench coat style shacket is extra-long and provides additional warmth on those cooler nights. Reaching close to the ankles, this shirt jacket is the perfect option to wear over a black fitted dress with some ankle boots, still keeping you warm and cozy while looking sleek and stylish. This shacket is also made entirely of polyester and is simple to wash and dry.

The style of this Springrain shacket features dropped shoulders, a button-down closure, two breast pockets, and buttoned wrist cuffs. With the extra length, you could even use this shacket as a blanket if you needed it!

Billabong Shacket Fairbanks Fleece Jacket

Last but certainly, not least is the Billabong Fairbanks Women’s shacket. This shacket is extra fluffy and cozy to stay warm on those cold and crisp fall days. There are four different colors/patterns to choose from and love. Buy one, or buy them all for cozy additions to your closet!

Final Thoughts on Women’s Shackets

Should you decide to buy any of the best shackets listed, you will NOT be disappointed. Each of these shackets is a great buy and will match many different teacher outfits: from a regular pair of jeans to black tights or leggings. This closet staple will be something you can use season after season.

Trying to broaden your teacher wardrobe with more ideas? Check out the other fashion deals on our page for a great buy and in-style teacher clothes!

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