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Best Whiteboard Eraser for the Classroom in 2024

Thankfully, chalkboards are becoming a thing of the past – they are dusty, difficult to clean, and hard to write on. They’ve been replaced in most modern classes with whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, and smartboards, which are way more fun to work with. Many whiteboards are of high quality, have different color dry erase markers, and can be easily cleaned, with or without cleaners. That’s where the best whiteboard erasers come in!

This handy product will help you erase your whiteboard without soap and water, cleaning it simply by swiping back and forth. They are easy to use, fit in the palm of your hand, and can be made of felt, soft pile, or foam for maximum cleaning. Different features make some types of whiteboard erasers better than others, and we’ll explore that and more below.

If you’d prefer to skip to the good part, here’s a shortlist of the best whiteboard erasers out there, and best of all, they are available on Amazon – making it even more convenient for you to get to work on your shiny new dry erase board!

The Top 5 Whiteboard Erasers at a Glance

  1. Most Popular: Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Marker Set
  2. Best Overall: 3M Whiteboard Eraser
  3. Best Hold: AmazonBasics Dry Erase Whiteboard Eraser
  4. Fair Value: BingBing Dry Erase Erasers
  5. Fun Design: Hibery 8 Pack Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

Whatever you choose will be the best whiteboard eraser for you! You know what cleaners and type of eraser will work best for your job, and keep in mind how you will use it, including the size of the surface boards. Small erasers are good for small surfaces, while larger erasers do a better job with bigger surfaces. They come in different price ranges, but no matter what you get, all erasers will do a good job cleaning markers off all surfaces in school, home, and office settings.

Top Picks for Best Whiteboard Erasers

There are thousands of options out there, so it may be hard to choose the best whiteboard eraser to use for your needs. We wanted to share with you some of our best picks whiteboard erasers to help save you some time so you can get back to what you do best – teaching the next generation of brilliant minds! Let’s take a look at some of the best products out there to use and clean off markers from all surfaces and boards.

1. Most Popular: Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Market Set

This expo blockboard eraser comes in a kit, making it the best value. In addition to an expo block eraser, you get a spray to help tackle tough, dried-on markers in a fast and easy way. The Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Marker Set includes a whiteboard eraser, spray cleaner, and five dry erase markers to help you get started on any surface.

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The price is right with this high-quality set, which is the number 1 best seller on Amazon and from one of the most well-trusted brands. The expo block eraser set will remove markers from non-porous surfaces in the home, school, and office. It is made of a soft pile, and when you need to clean it, use soap and water and let it dry! It’s ideal for removing dry eraser markers on any surface, especially on whiteboards and dry erase lap boards, and the soft pile design will prevent scratching on any surface.

And bonus, if this expo kit isn’t for you – there are other kits you can choose from. Each set includes the whiteboard eraser, but other expo kits can come with a magnetic clip, with or without the cleaner, or with varying numbers of markers. You can also choose the marker style to be sure you are writing clear and visible for students, even in the back row.

Overall, this is a great price and value for your money. You get a great quality whiteboard eraser, in addition to markers, and a cleaner to help get rid of the toughest writing. It is easy to get the job done on all boards with this handy kit. However, the expo block eraser does not have a magnet, so you’ll need a traditional ledge to make sure you can keep track of it!

2. Best Overall: 3M Whiteboard Eraser

The 3M whiteboard eraser is fantastic overall. It comes in a two-pack and can even get rid of permanent markers fast and easy, just in case of any accidents in your classroom! The 3M Whiteboard Eraser comes with two products in a white and blue design. It is an excellent solution for cleaning ink and marker off dry erase boards and other surfaces without any additional sprays or cleaners. And, it’s actually able to tackle permanent marker ink and residual stains, too, making it one of the top products on this list. To start these harder jobs, all you need to do is add water, and you should get the look back to normal.

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It is a good item that you can use for homeschool, at school, or in the office, and the eraser is made by one of the top, most well-respected brands, so you won’t have to worry about its quality! These erasers are made of a durable foam material that won’t break down after multiple uses, and you can wash the foam with soap and water to clean it. Once the board eraser starts to look a little dirty, get it back to normal. Customers report that the 3m whiteboard eraser leaves little to no smudges when used, even without a cleaner.

Most of the more than 700 reviews are four or five stars, meaning there are hundreds of happy customers who have shared their positive experiences using this board eraser, making it one of the best whiteboard erasers on the market. These are not magnetic, but they make up for that in their ability to get off the toughest stains on your board.

3. Best Hold: AmazonBasics Dry Erase Whiteboard Eraser

The Amazon whiteboard eraser is easy to hold because of its plastic backing. The eraser feels the most secure in your hand to use, which is important no matter how big or small the job is! The whiteboard eraser comes in a four-pack and has a one-year warranty. The AmazonBasics Dry Erase Whiteboard Eraser comes in a set of 4 or 8, and they have a plastic handle that fits comfortably and cooly in your hand. The eraser is made of a cotton pad with a soft pile that will prevent scratches.

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These erasers work best on a whiteboard, porcelain, and melamine surface, cleaning most dry erase boards in a single swipe. The erasers are durable, but an Amazon Basics limited one-year warranty backs them. Because it is Amazon’s private label brand, it is Amazon’s Choice product and has thousands of positive ratings. The plastic handle will feel more secure in your hand when you are cleaning as opposed to some of the others on this list, but they aren’t magnetic.

4. Best Value: BingBing Dry Erase Erasers

The BingBing eraser is a great felt product and value for your money, with a pack of 36, different color options, and magnetic adhesives for added convenience. These erasers are small and better for use on small whiteboards and in kids’ hands! The BingBing Dry Erase Erasers are the best value item on this list, with 36 in a single pack. The blue color will pop on your whiteboard. But if that’s not your style, you can pick from different colors or get a variety pack – and bonus, it’s magnetic so that it will stick to your boards too!

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These are smaller than other erasers, less than 2 x 2, so you won’t want to use these for large erase jobs, but there are so many that it won’t matter if you lose any or loan them out! They are made of both foam and felt. When they get dirty, wash them with soap and water and let them air dry.

You can use these on whiteboards and blackboards; dry erase sheets, ceramic tile, melamine, porcelain, and glass. You may need to press down to effectively clean, and if you are unhappy with the product, it carries a 60-day money-back guarantee.

5. Best Fun Design: Hibery Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

These felt whiteboard erasers are smaller than others, but they make up for size with a great design sure to catch your students’ and kids’ attention. These products are good on all types of boards – whiteboards and blackboards- to rinse them frequently. The Hibery 8 pack magnetic whiteboard erasers are fun for any classroom. With popular emojis that stick to the dry erase board because they are magnetic, these erasers are sure to hit your students.

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You’ll get two of each design made with high-quality EVA and a high density felt bottom, which will absorb the marker quickly and easily. These are smaller than some others on this list, so that it may increase your erasing time depending on your whiteboard size.

You can use it both on blackboards and whiteboards, and when it gets too dirty, you’ll need to rinse it off. Because of the size, it may not be the most practical solution, but it is a fun pop of color and design to catch your students’ eyes – you can even use different ones based on your mood!

Buying Guide

person cleaning whiteboard with eraser

When you are looking to buy the best whiteboard eraser, there are some key features you’ll want to keep in mind for the eraser. All of the whiteboard erasers are available on Amazon com and are highly rated. While similar, there are key differentiators that make the best whiteboard eraser stand out among its competitors.


Consider your board’s size when you think about what size whiteboard erasers will work the best for you. You can get away with a small eraser when you have a smaller board. If you have a full wall-sized whiteboard, you will want a standard-to-large size whiteboard eraser unless you want to take twice the time to clean it!


The material of your whiteboard eraser will make a difference in how the eraser cleans and how it feels in your hand. Two of the most common materials used for an eraser are a soft pile, felt, and foam. You will need to figure out what type of eraser works best for your board and go from there.


If your dry erase board is magnetic, having a magnetic whiteboard eraser will be critical. It will help you keep track of your eraser because it will simply stick to your board. You will never lose your eraser again! If the whiteboard isn’t magnetic, this feature is less important to you as you will still be placing it on a ledge.


If you have a classroom aesthetic, this may be important to you! The standard whiteboard erasers come in black, but there are many color options for an eraser, even emoji patterned erasers. Just be careful – a fun design eraser may not be clean, and some tried and true brands.


How do you want to use the whiteboard eraser? Is it for only whiteboards? Or do you have a teacher easel, chalkboard, or a blackboard in your room that you’d like to use the eraser on? Some of the erasers on this list are multi-functional, so keep your use case scenario in mind as you choose which one is best for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many options out there, and you may still have questions about the best whiteboard eraser, what products are best for dry erase boards, and more. We’ll explore some of the lingering questions below, which will help you choose the best whiteboard erasers for your classroom.

What is the Best Whiteboard Eraser?

It depends! The best whiteboard eraser varies based on your board. Expo is a very well-trusted brand, and there are different options to choose from if you decide to get an Expo eraser kit. 3M is another brand that comes with decades of experience to recommend their product. But there are plenty of other newer brands out there. Check out the list of recommendations above and customer reviews on Amazon to help you decide the best whiteboard eraser.

Can I Use a Magic Eraser on a Whiteboard?

We do not recommend it. Magic Erasers may get rid of the finish on your whiteboard, causing damage to your dry erase board. Plus, it will break down faster than a whiteboard eraser created to do just that – remove dry erase makers from a whiteboard.

How Do I Clean My Erasers?

You can wash most erasers with soap and water and left to air dry. Be sure to check your package for the best way to clean your product. For example, a magnetic eraser may not be washable.

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