How Much Does the TEFL Cost – Is It Worth It?

In this article, we will talk about the most common question about the TEFL certification: How much does the TEFL cost, and how long does the TEFL certification last.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a certification that teachers hold to teach English in a foreign country. Some may know it as the Teaching English to Students of Other Languages, or TESOL certification. The terms are interchangeably. Teachers who want to make a change in their life and work overseas consider the TEFL certification. Hence they ask themselves, “how much does the TEFL cost, and is it worth it?”. Let us answer these questions one at a time.

TEFL Certification Cost

The TEFL certification is typically a 120-hour course. The course can be online via a self-paced curriculum or in a classroom. It is available from any number of accredited TESOL providers in the world. An online certification course from a reputable institution will usually cost between $200 and $500. In comparison, a classroom course will be costlier – anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000.

See any course that is below this price range with caution and skepticism. A TEFL course is only as good as the reputation of the agency that stands behind it. Therefore, we do not recommend TEFL courses at huge discounts on budget sites.

Is TEFL Worth It?

As to the question of whether a TEFL certification is worth it, the answer is a resounding “yes.”. TEFL is the industry standard in English teaching today, and most employers will require it for potential candidates. For the cost of $200-$500 and 120 hours of study time, you can add a badge of approval to your resume from a highly reputable accreditation institution and open doors to the best teaching jobs abroad and online. What’s more, there is no expiration on a TEFL certification. The cost is a one-time thing, and many TEFL providers will offer job placement assistance upon your completion of the course.

A TEFL certification from MyTefl will enable you to find unique and exciting teaching opportunities across the globe and is extremely versatile, allowing you to work with children or adults, be they beginners or advanced speakers. You can even teach at the university level, provided you meet their other requirements for employment.

Increasing Need for English Teachers

The demand for English teachers is growing and will continue to do so. According to the British Council’s 2020 report on The Effect of English, it is estimated that the number of English speakers worldwide will hit 2 billion. Learning the English language helps individuals from small, rural, or faraway countries participate globally with English as the primary language. This means that English teachers with TEFL or TESOL certifications will continue to be in-demand for years to come.

The relatively low cost of TEFL certification and the value of English in improving global citizens’ lives is showing that TEFL is indeed worth it.

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