MyTEFL Review 2020- TEFL Certification Online and Onsite

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After becoming TEFL certified, you can go to over 40 countries teaching English to non-English speakers. We will look at how to get TEFL certified and how to find a job that will utilize that certification.

MyTEFL has a certification process that offers quite a bit of choice. Its certification process meets the standards of being a recognized and independently accredited program.

TEFL Certification Online

The first choice to be made during the certification process with MyTEFL is whether you would like to take the courses online or onsite. The online course is ideal for people who have commitments and don’t want to commute to a class. The online course offers flexibility in scheduling. This flexibility is perfect if you are already on the road traveling. If you’re going to get started right away and an affordable option, choose the online course.

MyTEFL has four package options based on how many hours you want to take. The basic package is 40 hours and comes with 24/7 tutor support, tech support, and full library access. The Basic Package is the least popular option for online learning.

In the Standard Package, the candidate will complete 60 hours of coursework,  including lessons on teaching techniques and methods. The Standard Package offers the features of the Basic Package with skills-based units added.

The Advanced Package is 80 hours of coursework that includes lessons on advanced approaches and grammar. This package consists of intensive grammar units and comprehensive phonology. These skills are added to the Basic Package skills and the Standard Package skills.

The final package offered for online coursework through MyTEFL is the Professional package. This package includes 120 hours delivered by a Master TEFL Expert Teacher. Also included in this package is lessons in curriculum development and designing testing systems. The professional package is the most popular because it meets the requirement of having 100 hours of accredited coursework.

TEFL Certification Onsite

The other option for taking the course with MyTEFL is through onsite course work. Onsite work is ideal for someone who can commit to full-time study, would like to learn overseas, requires the traditional environment to learn, wants to study with other students, wants a job where they study, or doesn’t have stable internet.

Onsite courses are available in three different locations. All locations have monthly start dates, and your guaranteed memories that will last a lifetime. Each site also includes job placement assistance. The first location is Spain. When you take the onsite course in Spain, you will work through an intensive program in just four weeks. Located in Barcelona, you will also attend a job placement workshop and receive job placement assistance. Barcelona offers a great community and location.

The second location is in Thailand. When taking Thailand onsite course, you will have 120 hours of onsite and offsite instruction and work. Included are full accommodations with cultural excursions and activities. Along with the 120 hours of coursework, you will have one week of 40 hours that is designed specifically for teaching in Thailand.

The final location available for onsite course work is in Argentina. Much like the Thailand course, you will have 120 hours of onsite and offsite instruction and training. Accommodations are included, and hands-on teaching practice will help meet your practicum requirements. MyTEFL offers a beautiful campus in Argentina.

If the travel bug has bitten you and you are ready to start traveling immediately, then the onsite coursework option is the right option for you.

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MyTEFL Internships

Many TEFL jobs require some teaching experience before you placing you in a school. MyTEFL has created an internship program to help you get experience teaching in beautiful countries around the world. These internships have a duration from one month to six months, depending on the location. To participate in the internship program, you do not have to have a degree but be working on your TEFL coursework.

Participating in the internship program will also allow you to meet new people from all over the world who are also working on their TEFL certification. Weekends and evenings are generally free time so you can be adventurous and create memories with these new people. MyTEFL takes care of all the linguistics of the internship to guarantee it is safe and straightforward. From the time you land in the beautiful country of your choice, MyTEFL’s employees will guide you. You will be picked up from the airport, have safe accommodations provided/options, and 24/7 support. Each school involved in the internship programs have been screened to ensure safety and are qualified schools.

So you might be asking, where are internships offered because you want to get started as soon as possible. MyTEFL internships take place in Thailand, Argentina, South Africa, and Myanmar. If you choose to complete the internship in Thailand, Argentina, or Myanmar, you will receive a stipend or salary to help offset costs that occurred during your internship. Accommodations vary depending on location, but MyTEFL will help you find safe accommodations if needed. If you choose to intern in Argentina, you will stay with an Argentinian family for full immersion. Also offered with many of the internships are language lessons for the local language. MyTEFL’s internships are an excellent way to get teaching experience using your TEFL certification.


Once you have completed your TEFL certification, you will be looking for a teaching job. Just like hunting for a typical job, TEFL job hunting can be quite overwhelming, maybe even more overwhelming. Many countries have different requirements if you go to teach in their country. The requirements for each school can differ as well. Once you complete your certification through MyTEFL, you will receive job placement assistance. MyTEFL even offers lifelong TEFL job assistance if you want to move from country to country. MyTEFL has done the research and can help you find an excellent pay job with a safe environment and on-ground support.

TEFL Job Placement

When working with MyTEFL for job placement, you will also receive help in creating your CV. CV is Curriculum Vitae. It is similar to a resume but more in-depth. The comprehensive document not only shows work history and education history but will also list achievements, awards, honors, and publications you have been published in. Resumes tend to be one page, not CVs. They will be longer because they are more comprehensive, and MyTEFL will help you create the perfect CV to stand out above other applicants.

MyTEFL’s job placement also includes profile matching and secure interviews. After graduation, each grad’s placement will depend on where the grad would like to travel and what interested employers.  Once the grad decides where he/she would like to go, MyTEFL will help conduct secure interviews. MyTEFL only works with vetted, safe, and reliable employers to ensure the graduate is not taken advantage of and safe.

There are several other advantages of finding a job with MyTEFL assistance. They will help you with pre-departure preparation and help once you land in your new country. This post departure assistance consists of help with opening bank accounts, finding living accommodations, providing SIM cards, and other needs.

OnSite Placement

MyTEFL places graduates in 12 different locations. These locations include Costa Rica, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, and Indonesia. Each of the requirements is different for each location. Don’t know where you’d like to work? Go to and complete a quiz that will tell you your perfect teaching destination.

Location Benefits and Requirements

We are going to take a minute and look at the top three locations for TEFL with MyTEFL. We will examine the location’s benefits and the requirements to teach in each place.

Costa Rica

Considered the traveler’s paradise, Costa Rica has every landscape anyone would want to visit. They have mountains and lakes, lush jungles and volcanoes, coastal beaches, and small islands. The teacher benefit package in Costa Rica includes a salary of $750-$1100 USD a month. Because of the low cost of living in Costa Rica, teachers can live a great lifestyle. Included in the package is housing assistance, national health insurance, work permit sponsorship, a four-week vacation, and you will only be teaching 17-26 hours/week.

The requirements to teach in Costa Rica are pretty basic. You must have the MyTEFL certificate of 120 hours, be a native speaker from the IR, NZ, AU, CA, UK, or the US, have a bachelor’s degree, three personal references, and sign a 12-month contract. Costa Rica is one of the top destinations for TEFL teachers from all over the world. If you want to teach in a place of varied landscapes and the possibility of excursions, Costa Rica is for you!


Singapore isn’t one of the top travel destinations, but it should be one of the top teaching destinations. The most accessible place to do business, Singapore is a city/state with extravagant gardens and outdoor recreation spaces. One out of six people in Singapore is millionaires. Singaporeans have high values in honesty, diversity, and kindness. Besides a rich cultural experience, TEFL teachers receive a very beneficial benefit package. The average teacher salary is $3300/month, with only 33/hours a week of teaching and a minimum of two days off a week. You also receive 20 paid days of leave and paid public holidays. After a probationary period, teachers will receive health insurance. When the 24-month contract is complete, teachers will receive a bonus of up to $5500 and airfare reimbursement.

The requirements for teaching in Singapore are more in-depth than teaching in Costa Rica. You still must have the 120 hours TEFL certification, but you must also have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in education, teaching, or early development. You must have experience in childhood studies, English language, or English literature or linguistics. If you’re from the deep south in the US or Boston, MA, you might want to look at a different destination as you must have a neutral accent. Because values are so crucial to Singaporeans, they want teachers who have strong values such as a reliable and positive work ethic and an enthusiasm for teaching young children. You must back a national background check and sign a 24-month contract. If you want an urban destination with the possibility of becoming a millionaire, Singapore is the destination for you.


Myanmar is an exotic and unexpected place, with Buddhism being the dominant religion. It has recently opened its borders to tourism and is somewhat uncharted by the traveling world. People in Myanmar rarely see foreigners, which makes them exciting and new. Myanmar is only open to teachers who have graduated from MyTEFL. The benefits package in the middle of the road. You can expect $1500-$1800/month of salary for 25 hours of teaching a week. There are additional monthly bonuses available and airfare reimbursement. The benefits package includes accommodations, ten days of paid leave, and paid public holidays. Myanmar wants teaching done their way so that they will pay you for hands-on training. Health insurance is part of the package, and a $1600 bonus is given upon completion of the 12-month contract.

The requirements are basic and similar to Costa Rica. You must have the 120-hour MyTEFL certification and have a bachelor’s degree. A clean background check and a love of working with children is a must. English native speakers and UK, AU, CA, US, IRE, SA, and NZ passport holders are encouraged to apply. If astrology and fortune telling inspire you, have a love for rubies, and want an exotic atmosphere, then Myanmar is the perfect teaching destination for you. They even drive on the right side of the road!

Online Placements

MyTEFL does help their graduates with online job placements as well. These jobs would be ideal for someone who is looking to make an extra income or try teaching English to non-native speakers without leaving the comfort of their home. MyTEFL offers free training and orientation for online teachers. The salary is anywhere from $15-$23. You get to set your availability, have ongoing support, development, and raises. Other benefits include significant holidays off, and you only have to commit to 10 hours/week. A bachelor’s degree is preferred, but access to Windows 7 or higher is required. You must have the MyTEFL 120 hour certificate and hold a passport in the US, CA, ZA, AU, UK, IR, or NZ.


TEFL certification and teaching is a great way to travel and shape young minds. You get to change lives while experience different cultures and geographies. MyTEFL is just one company that can help you get TEFL certified and place you in a position to create life long memories. At PrepScholar, you can start a free trial course.

If you have a passion for travel, teaching, and changing lives, TEFL is the right job for you.

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