How to Choose a Microphone for Online Teaching

During our review of the best microphones for online teaching, we wanted to touch upon all of the aspects of what makes one device the best microphone for online teaching jobs. In our experience, there are three things you want to consider before choosing a microphone for your online classes.

1. Price Point

When you search “best microphones for online teaching,” you’re going to find a whole host of options when it comes to pricing. Some will be ridiculously low, others exorbitantly high. There are many premium options to choose from, but that’s not what you need for online teaching. Instead, go for something more in the middle. You can quickly get a quality microphone for teaching without spending more than USD 50.00, especially if you want a simple USB plug-and-play device.

2. Usability

We believe that online teaching is hard enough as it is; let’s not complicate things with a microphone that requires driver installation or software. Always go with a plug-and-play device that can easily connect to your laptop or computer via a USB port. A microphone like this will work straight out of the box; all you have to do is toy with your audio options.

3. Overall Size

Let’s face it; you’re not a professional Twitch streamer; you’re an educator. You probably don’t have an entire room dedicated to your online teaching or multiple desks with several monitors. With that said, opt for a microphone that is relatively small and portable while still producing high-quality audio. You don’t need a floor stand mic or something that takes up an entire room to garner clear, concise audio. All you need is about a foot of desk space and the right device.

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