Whenever Halloween comes around, there are dozens of classic costumes to pick from. While your teachers are desperate to find the best Halloween costume for your school party, wouldn’t it be funny to dress up as your teacher?

Done by many and loved by all, the teacher costume is a surefire way to make Halloween fun and incredibly easy to create. You probably even have the pieces for this costume hanging in your closet right now! Let’s get to it; we have some great ideas.

Dress Up Like a Bookworm Teacher

The bookworm teacher look is one of the most comfortable teacher costumes to recreate. Start this look with a pair of black pants or skinny jeans, and throw on a serious-looking white button-up shirt. This look is only truly completed when you add suspenders.

Accessories for this costume include a pair of nerdy thick-rimmed glasses with white sports tape right in the center to insinuate that the frames have been repaired. Add a pocket protector with two squares of pasteboard and cover them with duct tape. Your hair need not be elaborately done — a slightly messy style is perfect. Carry other essentials like rulers, chalk, pens, textbooks, and notebooks. You may add a clipboard and whistle for extra spark.

The Bad Bad Teacher


If you would like to channel your inner Cameron Diaz with an unforgettable bad teacher costume, this one will knock your socks off! To start this look, you need very little material. Find yourself a nice, fitted knee-length skirt (take some inches off if you feel daring), a button-up shirt, and a pair of librarian-style glasses. Pull your hair up into a messy bun adorned with a pencil right in the center and roll up your shirt sleeves. You could also opt for low pigtails or a ponytail according to your preference.

Complete this look with a pair of risque high heels and accessorize with a riding crop. You can fashion the riding crop out of a long enough dowel rod with a square piece of leather glued to one end of the rod. The only problem here is: this costume is most certainly not safe for school!

Dress Up Like a Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten teachers spend most of their day teaching and catering to young children. Dressing the part is almost too easy. Modesty without appearing too serious is key. You could either opt for a pair of trousers or a nice patterned skirt coupled with a button-up shirt underneath a cardigan.

To make the costume even more believable, accessorize with the most childish knickknacks you could possibly find — an adorable necklace made of macaroni, a flower brooch made of tissue paper, or a hand fan made of tissue paper. Add a shiny red apple — real or otherwise — to pull the whale look together.

Dress Up Like an Art Teacher

The art teacher is fun, creative, and eccentric. This look can be created with nearly any item in your wardrobe. Opt for a floral-patterned dress or a pair of pants with a patterned shirt. If you hope to be a little more daring, sacrifice a dress or shirt by splattering some paint in vibrant colors on it.

Smear your face artistically with some colorful paint and hold up your hair in a messy bun with a paintbrush or two, just like you would do on Wacky Wednesdays!

Accessories may include an easel, a drawing book or a drawing board, several pencils, and a fashionably styled beret. When you want to dress up like a teacher, the possibilities are endless.

After all, Halloween is a time to get creative. Do just that!