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How to Clean a Smartboard Without Using Bleach

The official recommendation from SMART themselves is to clean your interactive board using a non-abrasive cloth and distilled water. The only other bleach-free cleaning liquid that the technology giant has approved is isopropyl alcohol, with a concentration of 70-90%. In either case, you should be using a spray bottle for applying the cleaning solutions. Then, with the cloth slightly dampened, gently wipe the surface of the smartboard clean. Never spray liquid directly onto the SMART Board.

SMART Board Cleaning Instructions

You will need distilled water or cleaning solution and two non-linting, non-abrasive cloths. You’ll also require a spray bottle for applying your chosen cleaning liquid to the cloth.

Before you clean the entire surface of the smartboard, it’s wise to start with a small test area as a precautionary step. This way, if damage does occur, it affects only a tiny portion of the overall screen and should not affect the general efficacy of the product.

Switch Off and Disconnect Devices

Begin by completely disconnecting your SMART Board from any wires and electricity sources. Remove the USB and power cables, and ensure that the SMART Board display is turned off. Any connected computers will also need to be turned off.

Dry-Wipe With a Lint-free Non-abrasive Cloth

Lint-free Non-abrasive Cloth

Use a dry cloth to get rid of any dust from the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard’s surface. Doing this at the time of day when the board is exposed to strong and natural light will allow you to see any dirt or debris much more easily.

Dampen and Wipe With the Second Lint-free Non-abrasive Cloth

Use the bottle to lightly moisten the cloth. Clean your SMART Board screen from top to bottom with a soft wiping motion. Take care not to use too much cleaning liquid. Any excess could seep into and damage the infrared transmitters and sensors found in between the board’s frame and the display.

Clean the Touchable SMARTBoard Surfaces

Wipe down any smart accessories such as pens, stamps, and microphones, and finish by wiping the frame of the interactive board.

Tried and Tested by SMART

There are three ways in which you can clean your SMART equipment:

  1. Diluted bleach solution using standard household bleach
  2. 70-90% concentrated isopropyl alcohol
  3. Distilled water – being the most recommended

It’s vital to not use any other products, as they could completely ruin the anti-glare coating on the display screen and vastly reduce its performance.

Important SMART Board Cleaning Notes

Use Only Approved Cleaning Chemicals and Materials

To avoid the risk of discoloration or damage to your SMART Board, never spray liquid like glass cleaners or any other unapproved cleaning products on the screen. Use only one of the three options mentioned above.

Never use any kind of rough material on your SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard: don’t use any pre-moistened wipes, like baby wipes or wet wipes. A dry, lint-free microfibre cloth is the ideal cleaning tool.

Do Not Use Dry-erase Markers or Other Pens

Dry-erase markers, permanent markers, and any other kind of pens that are not designed for use with this product will stain the screen. Act quickly, and remove any ink from the screen with a dampened cloth. Do not apply excessive pressure and do not use an abrasive sponge or towel in this scenario.

Treat the Screen With Care

The entire surface of the board is delicate and should not be subjected to excessive pressure or rough use. Where possible, using a spray bottle. Gently spray distilled water onto your microfibre cloth and clean whenever the smartboard is in use. We prefer to use only a cloth and water over the alternative chemical cleaning routines.

You should also be very cautious when cleaning the edges of the display. Take care not to touch the protective plastic strip that sits between the frame and screen. You should use only a dry, clean, soft, and lint-free material on this plastic as it covers very delicate infrared (IR) transmitters and sensors.

This information helps teachers and SMART technology users understand how to clean SMART Board surfaces in a way that is safe and will prolong the life of the equipment. Further information, including instructions for the many different models in use, can be found at SMART Technology Inc’s support site.

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