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Is Magoosh Harder Than the Actual GRE?

When studying for a standardized exam like the GRE, it is crucial to have adequate study materials. If you plan to use a prep course, you don’t want an overly challenging course as it could be detrimental. You want to take practice tests that are going to be like the original exam. As an online test prep program, Magoosh is an excellent resource for studying for the GRE test. But, how does Magoosh compare, and is it actually harder than the real GRE?

Math Section

To help compare the two, we are going to look at each subject independently. To start, we will look into the math portion of the quantitative section. Magoosh math presents its practice questions in three levels. First, you have easy, and then you have medium. These GRE practice problems are very similar to problems you will see on the GRE math questions.

The difference comes when you get to the hard GRE questions. Magoosh math tends to combine multiple topics into one problem. The math videos presented on Magoosh even admit they are a bit harder compared to the actual test. Using Magoosh for GRE prep will help your GRE score improve, especially if you are acing the more difficult questions.

Verbal Section

The other section is the verbal section. The verbal section is a perfect comparison to the exam. As you work through your study plan, you will see the level of questions get more complicated. This is true on the real test as well. If you work through these different levels, the GRE questions should be easier to do well on.

Magoosh Verbal Section helps you with a variety of skills needed to score well.


When you sign up for the GRE through the Educational Testing Service (ETS), you receive access to two different official ETS practice tests to help you with your GRE prep. Each practice test allows you to simulate the actual exam. These two tests grant you access to the test friendly design features like the arrows to move through the questions. You will also see the on-screen calculator that will be available to you on test day. Using this exam will allow you to know what to expect on the day of the GRE. Since ETS writes the exam, it is best to use their practice exam at least one month before taking it. Using Magoosh in conjunction with the ETS prep will be very beneficial for you.

A Final Word

To recap, Magoosh provides excellent resources to help you prepare for the GRE. The verbal section on Magoosh is very similar to the authentic exam. However, the challenging level of quantitative questions is more complicated than the original exam. This is beneficial for test-takers. If they master the challenging level of problems, then they will score well on the quantitative section. Using Magoosh alongside ETS’s GRE prep is also beneficial.

Magoosh is an excellent resource for raising your score on the GRE.

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