Many K-12 schools offer courses in Spanish as a second language, but online Spanish classes for kids have lots of extra advantages! More fun, more flexible, and more affordable than ever, online Spanish classes are offered in many formats, but perhaps the most effective is a small group tutoring session. Before we dive into the benefits of online learning, let’s explore the many reasons why children should study Spanish in the first place.

The Benefits of Learning Spanish for Kids

Every student is required to take specific courses like math, science, social studies, etc. But why is it so important to take second (or foreign) language classes? Does it really matter, especially for young children? The answer is yes, it matters, and the soon you can get them started, the better! Here’s why:

Boosted Brain and Memory Function

It’s not just learning Spanish that’s useful. Actually, one of the biggest reasons for studying a language other than one’s native tongue is because it exercises the brain. The very process of becoming bilingual is proven to help improve brain function and memory.

Students not only learn new words and new rules of grammar, but they’re also training their brains to organize and retain information better. These more robust, faster brains can draw new connections between ideas, helping to promote creativity and “out of the box” thinking. This leads us to the next benefit we’ve got to cover!

More Creative Thinking

That ability to think “differently” can assist students in other areas of academic study, as well as in their future careers. Spanish learning for kids is an excellent way to build that ability. Indeed, learning any new language literally changes the learners’ brains in so many beneficial ways, it’s hard to quantify them all!

Being Able to Communicate with Spanish Speakers

A more measurable and practical benefit to Spanish lessons for kids is, of course, that they learn how to communicate in that new language. This skill opens an endless array of opportunities, even if your child never leaves the US.

As a highly diverse nation filled with citizens from around the world, being bilingual can help young people better understand and relate to peers in multicultural environments. Spanish happens to be especially useful because of the abundance of speakers! As Pew Research shows, it is “by far” the second most commonly spoken language in the United States. So students will be able to understand and converse with people who speak the language they’re learning.

More Friendships

The more languages a person can speak, the more people they can get to know. In other words, more friends! In the early stages, of course, this flow of communication will be a bit rocky as the learner practices their new language skills. But this still opens up opportunities to establish new friendships. Most people are eager to empathize with and help new language learners. They love to encourage students who are picking up new words and figuring out new grammar rules.

How Tutoring Helps Students Become Effective Public Speakers

Learning a new language is undoubtedly a challenge, but it can be a very fun and rewarding one, providing a lifetime of benefits. Perhaps the best Spanish program for kids is one that leaves most of the boring “academic” work behind and focuses on live practice.

Small group tutoring sessions offered online are the perfect way to access such classes because of their flexible non-threatening format. Studies have shown that the only natural way to build language proficiency is through live practice, but live practice is precisely what most young students fear!

We all get nervous when facing peers in a live environment where we’re afraid of being judged. The “distance” element of distance learning helps alleviate much of that physical nervousness, freeing students to relax and take more chances.

Another unbeatable advantage of online Spanish classes is that the tutors can create a tighter, more immersive environment. Just as students can get immersed into the fictional world of their favorite TV show, they can also be drawn into the immersive digital world of a Spanish session if a skilled, experienced instructor teaches it!

Monster Education has done the hard part for you by finding the most qualified native-Spanish-speaking accredited teachers to teach your little learners. Offered once a week for eight weeks, the exciting 40-minute sessions are geared towards building fluency at the level you select (Complete Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced). Using an interactive method known as Total Body Response, the curriculum combines effective teaching styles with fascinating cultural and historical knowledge to provide a well-rounded educational experience for K-7 students.

Prepare your child to be part of the international community by empowering them with Spanish language skills in the comfort of your own home!